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  1. Hi. I got into financial difficulties so asked Marbles to have a payment plan. 3 month ago they said I could pay a monthly amount. I have been paying it. Today marbles have sent me a Default Notice in the post. The letter says.... While we are happy you are making regular payments on your account as arranged we have decided to terminate your account. Before we do this we are required to send you a default notice. I owe them £3000 and the letter states To remedy this breach you must pay £205 by 12th May. So what I was wondering is... Is this default now registered on my
  2. Oh really. Ok I'll fill it in now and post it. Thank you.
  3. Thanks. I am not planning to defend this. I phoned lowells who have extended it for 6 months so I will pay 6 payments to pay it off and will not receive a ccj. I did cheekily ask if I could have a 50% off deal or something but that was declined. Glad I won't be receiving a ccj.
  4. Received a court summons today from lowells from a debt I had with a catalogue that was defaulted in 2013. Is it too late to phone them to make an offer etc? Really do not want a ccj as I'm just getting over all my bad debt and have had this default for 4 years. Don't want to add another 6 years on. Thanks
  5. Thanks. I'll go and take some pictures today and upload them.
  6. Hi. Hope you can help my mum. She always parks in a car park opposite her work that has 3 units in it (an open pet store, an empty unit and a vets). Signs had gone up in early March about clamping or fines etc. My mum has received a fine today through the post for £100 from national parking management as she was parked in the car park at 7.10pm on 17th April and she has to pay it. They have sent a picture of my mums car parked there. My mum was parked outside the empty unit. You can see the 'to let' signs in the window of the until she is parked infront of. It doesn'
  7. Thanks for the advice everyone. I received a letter from Cov council two days ago saying they believe my timeline of events from the day and have cancelled both tickets. Nothing else. The week before I received these tickets I had bought a new car and the garage took my old car, I wonder if the new owner or the garage has been getting any tickets. If they are or do I hope they have better luck with the police than I have had with this. They literally didnt want to know.
  8. Just off the phone to the police for the 3rd time. First time they were not interested and said as above. Today I called Leicestershire police (as thats the county I live in) and they were not interested and said i'd have to contact Northamptonshire police (I live right on the border of Leicestershire and Northamptonshire and its Northants police who look after my area) again they were not interested at all and only because I forced the issue they agreed to give me a crime number but basically said its up to Coventry Council to investigate it not the police. Not very happy about the police
  9. The first ticket was offence date 06/01/17 date issued 03/02/17 - Date of service 06/02/17 The one I have just received today is offence date 06/01/17 Date issued 06/02/17 - Date of service 08/02/17
  10. Postman has just been...... with another PCN - 10 minutes after the first offence. Can see the car better in this one, its the same make and colour as my car!!!!
  11. I did buy something in Marks and Spencer at just after 5pm in Northamptonshire. I didn't keep my receipt but if it comes to it I am sure they will have it on their system so hopefully they will print it off for me. I did phone Marks to see if they can print off a picture from their CCTV of me and the wife at the till as it was after 5pm and wouldn't have been able to get from there to Coventry in 75 Minutes. They said they only store it for 28 days and I didn't get issued the ticket until 28 days after the offence so didn't receive it in the post until 30 days has passed so Marks didn't hav
  12. Contacted police who said I've to write to coventry council with the appeal and they will investigate to see if my real car has pinged off cameras in another county. Luckily I remember this day in detail as it was my stock take at work in Bedfordshire then I went back to Leicestershire to takemy wife to a late term pregnancy appointment in Northamptonshire. Then we drove to the town 8 miles away to collect our son from nursery and got home at 6pm, I've wrote all that in the letter to Coventrt council. The police said I've to call them back once its been proven my plate was copied and they
  13. Today I have received a PCN from Coventry Council for driving in a bus lane. I do not live in Coventry and have not been there for years and years. The picture shows it was definitely my number plate so I assume it has been cloned?? I will report this to the police when I get home from work. I am obviously going to dispute this but surely the council and receive disputes all day long saying it wasn't me I have not been to Coventry for over 6 years, so surely they are not just going to say 'yep ok no problem we will scrap it'. Unfortunately it happened at 6.15pm so it was dark
  14. I just went on my own. Just got called in, asked to say I would tell the truth and then the read out the 'offence' then the magistrate asked me if I had anything to say. I said yes it was me (I dont know that it was but didnt want to argue that) and I did not receive the letters. If I had received them I would have definitely admitted it straight away. they spoke to each other for all 30 seconds and said, ok its quashed and will revert to 3 points and the £100 fine (which is what you get for speeding anyway) and I also have to pay £85 court costs.
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