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  1. Hello Ive worked for a company until the end of Feb. They had a bonus scheme in place, that when we achieved certain targets we were getting paid a bonus. Bonus was being paid for a month behind. So if we hit target in Feb, we were getting paid bonus for that month in march wages. I have worked for them until the last day of Feb, so I was there when targets were reached and bonus was achieved. So I assumed I will have that bonus paid after I left. Now they refuse to pay it. I'm not sure where I stand legally on this so thought I would ask here. Thanks
  2. after 8 lovely years dealing with this - defaults have been removed from my credit file thanks to everybody that ever helped me here ! RESULT !
  3. Hello. Posting this on behalf of my friend. Sadly, a few weeks ago, his wife died due to cancer. They were a married couple. During the marriage, she took a loan from barclays and had a ISA with them too (roughly about 5 grand savings in there). My friend phoned them up to ask about what's going to happen with the loan after she passed. They said he will not have to pay this loan, but it turns out they've used the money from ISA account to settle some of it. My question is - is this a legal process ? Thanks in advance for your help guys.
  4. Hello. Writing this on behalf of my missus. She had a problem for a while with one of her teeth. We're claiming tax credits so are exempt from NHS charges and work was carried free. She needed root canal treatment. After a while things didn't get any better as it turned out that apparently the treatment was done wrong without properly cleaning the root canal. So she went again and had the same thing done. Couple of months later same problem happened and she had an infection and was given antibiotics. Then another root canal work was done. She went for a checkup today and doctor says
  5. Right. He got on the phone with experian that did the HPI check and it turns out it actually was a mistake by the insurance company. They put a wrong VIN number... Oh, well. Thanks for your help guys.
  6. he was on the phone to DVLA and they're saying he would need to contact the insurance company that wrote it off.
  7. she does, that was one of a first pictures she took. a couple of years ago.
  8. Writing this on behalf of my missus. She runs a newborn/wedding photography service and has a facebook page to advertise it. https://www.facebook.com/AG-Photography-201381183294753/ She only recently noticed that, the profile pictures she uses on this page, appeared on several pages (used 'image search' in Chrome). This is understandable as she also has a Pinterest page and most of the results are pinterest pins etc. But the problem is that there is a few pages that offer various services like E-cards, phone covers and even a resort in Portugal, that use her photo on their pages
  9. yes, that's what I was thinking actually. I have no experience on stuff like that so not sure how to move this forward and even what are the actual options here.
  10. Thanks for the reply BankFodder. Will the garage give info on the previous owner though ? It looks like on the day of sale the car wasn't listed as category D, as the HPI came back with the 19th of March 2015 date for the category (car was bought 31st of Dec 2014) - i find it weird that cat D turned up 3 months later.
  11. Writing this on behalf of my friend looking for advice. He bought a car in December 2014 from a garage, with Barclays finance. A couple of days ago he decided to check the car value on Autotrader and did the HPI check - turns out that car had a category D and was written off. The date for this is 19th of March 2015. He contacted the garage and they told him all cars are HPI checked and the finance wouldn't go through if the car was written off - which could be fine, as the category was recorded 3 months later. he tried to contact DVLA, but as this is cat D - there's nothing on V5 and th
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