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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies! So here's what's happened so far. I will no longer be in contact with the Armstrong recovery people. I have decided to get in touch straight with the finance company instead. They've sent me a questionnaire via email to complete and return within one week - which is a bit ridiculous cause it's going to take me some time to gather up all the receipts, proofs and etc. I've visited webuyanycar and they've quoted me the same figure for the car that I paid. I'll be visiting an authorised Volkswagen service center and getting it service
  2. Is the recovery company trying to meet me in person in an attempt to get me to bring my car with me?
  3. The reason I found the car to be cheap was because of all the repairs that were required on it. I didn't think of the back story - which is completely my fault ;( I have a bank transfer to the owner of the vehicle and a voice recording of us discussing the car. I tried emailing the previous owner a receipt to fill out, but he has ignored my requests. What should I do about the recovery agency?
  4. Hi there oddjobbob, Thank you for your reply. I purchased the car for about 60% of it's usual value. The repairs have so far taken a few hundred pounds. I still need to repair the huge damages done to the side of the car which would cost around 500. I did a check on RAC and the Agreement Type listed under the Outstanding Finance section is a Conditional Sale. Would that entitle me to the same act? Thanks!
  5. Hello, First time posting here - really need your guys help! About 2 months ago I saw an ad on Gumtree pertaining to a sale of a car. After questioning the individual selling the car - I was told there was nothing wrong with the car. He gave me the new keeper's form and assured me he just wanted to sell the car for the cash. My brother at the time was with me for it's sale. The car has damages that need repairing as it has a few dents (one pretty severe) and a couple of scratches to take care of. I purchased the car via a bank transfer directly to that individual's acc
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