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  1. That's alright, no biggie. The email was very brief. I explained that I went for a blood test and couldn't find any place, as I was running late I placed the car in there as I had no other option. If they do it as a gesture of goodwill then great, otherwise I'm not too worried, my health comes first Thanks anyway!
  2. I don't mind paying it now, I just think that if I paid for the parking, displayed the voucher correctly and considering that most of the road was closed for parking because of road works, they would be more lenient and rethink the charge, after all it's not like I parked fully on double yellows, I made an effort to fit the car into a bay which shows that I didn't mean to take the mickey... But alas, I sent them an email explaining, I bet they won't accept it but you never know. Thank you for replying.
  3. In a nutshell, do you mean that there's no way to contest this and I should pay?
  4. Hi everyone. Today I parked on the bay shown in image 1 (from google maps). There was no other spaces on the street except the end of this bay, I parked my car in there but some of the back of my car went over the yellow lines as shown in image 5 and image 6 (taken with my mobile). The reason why there were no other spaces was because on the other spaces up the street, as shown on image 3 (google maps) and image 4 (mobile), there were cones and notices stating that those spaces were out of use for roadworks. The cones were only on the other side of the str
  5. Hey guys, I received a letter from ParkieLie confirming that there is no amount outstanding as their invoice has been cancelled. Great. At least I didn't have to bother with court stuff but I know if it got to that I would have won with your help, y'all are so knowledgeable! Thanks very much for your time and help and have a great day
  6. I love this site because of people like yourselves. You're right, so many drivers get burned by this... it's just ridiculous.
  7. renegadeimp Well, you see, I have fun doing other things LOL Not judging you at all, you do whatever floats your boat but I hate having to deal with problems when it's easier to avoid them in the first place. To me, sending a letter and spending time on appeals costs more than opening my mouth and uttering a few words to the CS rep on the front counter, especially when I don't spend over 2 hours at the store all the time, it was only on this occasion.
  8. Hmm, this is interesting about not needing to tell CS. But to be honest, I would tell CS just to avoid all the hassle of dealing with Parking Lie. armadilllo, basically the email says that the store has problems with people parking there to go to other businesses and that the store (they use "we" in the email) operates this "time restriction" and it is "notified in signs around the car park". I'm copying some parts of the email verbatim here: "we operate an implemented time restriction and this is notified on signs around the car park" "As you have kindly explained the cir
  9. Okay ladies and gentleman, I sent a complaint through Morrisons' website for the attention of the CEO, his PA replied and asked me to wait a few days while she investigated. She replied back today and advised me that the matter is now resolved as she will request Parking Lie to cancel the invoice. I sent the registered letter of appeal to Parking Lie already, so I expect them to actually lose out as they have to pay to get a POPLA reference LOL... The PA advised me that if I'm going to take more than 2hrs in the store I should tell the customer service desk and they will make sure that I don't
  10. Update: morrisons email servers probably take the day off on weekends. I got bounce messages for all the emails addresses I tried. I used their website contact form and submitted to the customer services For the Attention of CEO. Let's see... I'm also submitting the appeal message as above, a copy of the charge and will use registered mail. Also included an extract of my bank statement with the other transactions blurred.
  11. Thank you very much! I believe that the one ending in morrisons-corporate dot com has worked because my message was not bounced with an error like the other addresses. Let's see what happens now... Hopefully I won't even have to deal with PE.
  12. Thank you. Will send this and keep this thread updated. Will also be checking every day for any other suggestions.
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