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  1. Hi All I arrived back from a work trip last night to a council tax summons, with the hearing date marked as 23d September, but having received it on September 27th I am now worried. I originally fell behind due to being out of work. But I have already have a payment plan set up starting October 1st, so I am confused as to why this has happened. Could anybody advise on how to proceed? (The council is Lewisham). Many thanks
  2. Hi All I had a under 18s account with Abbey in 2004 which was then upgraded to a basic account when I was 18 in 2006. I then stopped using the account around 2010. Recently I checked my credit file and noticed a default from Santander for £55. I called to enquire as I assumed these accounts were now dormant due to them not being used in so many years. I was told that they were defaulted in 23/3/2012 (I don't recall recieveing a notice of default) and that it was due to an unpaid DD on my basic account and another on the Under 18 account. Neither had credit or overdraft
  3. Hi All I opened an current account and cash card account with Metro bank in February 2013. The bank then chose to close the account without warning in summer 2014. I then had a refund from a retailer go back into that account around a month later so they opened up the account in order for me to have them transfer the refund to my account which they did with no problems. The account I assume would then have been closed again, as thats what the customer service rep told me. When checking my credit file, Metro bank is still showing - is this correct or should it b
  4. Thank you for responding. Im going to get a SAR sent out tomorrow I will go back on experian once I get home to see what the balance is exactly and get back to you. It is Cheque Centre contacting me directly themselves
  5. Hi All I heard that Cheque Centre had gone out of business? I had a payday loan with them a few years ago (xmas 2013) for about £300 that then became over £500 with their added interest. They took £200 from my account before I contacted my bank to prevent them from being able to take anymore money. I then stopped hearing from them for a few years, however they started contacting me a few months ago demanding the outstanding balance. My experian credit report is showing the debt as settled and not defaulted - I did say this to them when they called but apparent
  6. Good News! I receieved a call from the Credit Builder department asking me about this situation, long story short they said that they will escalate this in order to get not only the default removed from my account but also the actual credit builder record completely! I asked for her to put this in writing and a few days later I received confirmation of this in writing. A few days ago I received an letter from "Milena" at Cashplus/Credit builder team confirming that they will be removing the credit builder record (listed as APS FINANCIAL as a Loan!) from my credi
  7. Thanks for the feeback guys. Yes the intention is to cancel the card, once this has all been resolved. To be honest as it is not used I forgot that I had to top it up with £5 each month. But yes I shall be following your advice and writing to the CEO.
  8. Hi CAG I took out a cashplus card last year and applied the creditbuilder option to my account with them. However over the past few months as it is not a card I ever really use I didn't have the 4.95 they request each month as part of the credit builder. Which left my account in arrears of a mere £39.00 I topped up my account on Sept 30th with £39 to cover the arrears and then sent them an email confirming that I had done so following the directions they had given me when chasing the £39. On oct 7th I checked my credit file and noticed that they had put a default o
  9. Quick update: So Far Lee has been super helpful, expecting to talk to him again today with my voda account details. Had to call Lowell today to find out some more info about this default as I'm not on any vodaphone records for some reason - I spoke to the rudest guy ever. Not only was he patronising but he felt it was his place to ask me why I had been checking my Credit report and that there is not reason for me to be contacting vodaphone and that I should only speak to him! He was so condescending and rude that I ended up hanging up the phone on him. I want to get Lowell out
  10. My ref is 8088322 if that helps? Thats the auto-response email I received.
  11. Hi All I am being chased for a defaulted vodaphone bill from 2008 that defaulted in 2009 and is obviously affecting my credit score. I only had the phone for roughly 2 months before it was lost which I reported to Vodaphone. It seems that due to carelessness details of my account are no longer available or details are not appearing on my account. I am being chased for £464 which I would like to be written off and the default removed from my account. I have read some of the threads on here and have sent an email to Vodaphone with the subject line as suggested so hope
  12. Hi All Quick update... I have sent the SAR out to Lloyds and have also called Lowell to inform them of this. The lady I spoke to said she would put my account on hold and also raise a dispute from her end. Lets see what happens next.
  13. Thank you for getting back to me. I will send them a request for all my statements as you suggested. I will also contact Lowell. However I have just come home to a letter from Hamptons Legal who say that they are part of Lowell Financial, which is now worrying me even more. While I send these out to Lowell & Lloyds is threre a way that I can get Lowell to put this on hold? Maybe call them?
  14. Hi All I'm hoping I can get some advice as I am trying to tidy up my credit file. I opened a student account with Lloyds in 2009 with an overdraft limit of £300 I believe it was. According to my Experian credit report my account defaulted on 13/07/2009. Lowell are now chasing me for a debt of £1459 which is all made up of charges as I wasn't able to continue spending on the account. Ideally I would like to see if I can get this cancelled and taken off my credit report or maybe get a refund of the charges? Any advice would be much appreciated!! Thank you
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