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  1. Closed my claim for HB, the LA have said there is an overpayment of circa £200, no real issues, but due to the attitude of the debt recovery department and the arrogance of one individual I set up a S/O for £1 a week. They're now demanding I fill in and return their I&E form, can l just confirm that l have no obligation to complete this? They're basically saying they will only accept £50 a month minimum.. I just laugh and say they'll be lucky!
  2. Hi I'm posting this on behalf of a friend who is at the end of her tether regarding the treatment she is receiving from the local Council. Long story short, she has been placed in temporary accomodation along with her 5 kids aged 2-14, having had to leave the emergency accomodation she was put in after her senile old father threw her and the kids out on the street one night. The house has the bog standard set up of front door, back door from lounge to the garden and a side door. She has only been given keys to the front door meaning she has very difficult access to the garden, but what worries her most is if there was a fire or they had to get out the property quickly the only way out is the front door which wouldn't be much use if that was blocked by a fire. She spoke to a woman at the council this morning who in a nutshell said "oh well we try not to give keys out to the back doors you'll just have to manage and if you had to escape you'd just have to try and get out the window instead"!!!! Surely this can't be right? If she's paying rent to stay in a property surely she has the right to access and exit it through all it doors? Any advice appreciated as they talk to her as though she's some kind of ****** chavvy single Mum which she's far from being. Thanks
  3. A local authority own a house adjoining mine and they had to carry out major structural work to their property. I was subsequently forced to move my tenant out to temporary accommodation for 3 months. I was in the process of putting on a new roof to my property. I then had to put on a temporary roof covering because it was agreed with the authority that there was no point putting on the new roof as they had to demolish and rebuild the adjoining party wall which was above my roof. It took the local council 21 months to sort their issues out from start finish. I wish to recover all my costs which amount to several thousand pounds. The temporary roof covering turned out to not be temporary at all plus we had loss of rents. Due to all the councils delays we incurred alot of hours travelling to the property for meetings where sometimes no one turned up. I really would be grateful if there is anyone who could help me . The stress for my tenant and myself has been awful. Thank you.
  4. I just received a Local authority PCN, which correctly lists the make of my vehicle but incorrectly lists the model of my vehicle. Is the PCN therefore invalid? Thanks
  5. Blood pressure back to normal now Live in Northern Ireland under housing authority accommodation. Just had them phone me (Customer service unit) saying that my gas and electric metre need their annual safety check. Fair enough it is a legal requirement. She then started dictating to me time and date for the engineer to visit (Contractor) Between nine and four Monday to Friday. Like most people, I have to work for a living and single. After much arguing, it was decided a Saturday afternoon and that was like pulling teeth after being threatened with disconnection etc. She then said if I had no money in the Gas/Electric meters the engineer would cut me off. Can they do that?? Wish to submit a complaint about this treatment and inflexibility, any suggestions. Being an ex-trade union rep it is water off a duck back but say it was someone with mental health issues etc, totally unacceptable behaviour
  6. Hi, I am looking for any help in this situation my wife finds herself in please. First my wife has worked for a local authority for nearly 38yrs, part of this period she was not included in the pension fund due to her working part time therefore she does not qualify under the 85 year rule, she is 58yrs. Last year my wife fell at work breaking her femur requiring a rod implant then she fell in hospital (I know), this time she broke wrist badly requiring an op and manipulation. She has been of work for a year and as cook in a unit will not be able work there for a long time if ever. She applied for ill health retirement at any level as this would be more than the reduced early retirement she would be entitled to. I have had to retire due to health issues and income is very tight. My wife was put through the Occupational Health system and it appears that these registered doctors will not sign of anyone(this is one of my queries has anyone been successful?), she did appeal no success. I have looked at these rules and it appears though it is helpful for a occ. hlth. doctor to sign agreement it is not required as the final decision should be with the Authority and Human Resources, but the Authorities use this lack of signature to consent to any retirement. Union, tried them they say appeal but in my opinion they have been destroyed and struggle to exsist. I would like to know if any has been successful in getting ill health retirement and has anyone any appeal. Many thanks
  7. I have received a PCN from a local authority. I have not opened the envelope (but its contents is obvious and I was expecting it). It was not sent by recorded mail. If I were to "return to sender" "Not at this address". Would I be committing a criminal offence? (I know this would be morally wrong given I did deserve the PCN!)
  8. The Solicitors Regulation Authority, hold themselves up to be a professional body in place to uphold the professional standards of ALL solicitors, ensuring highest stanards are adhered to at all times. Or so their literature professes. This group do not provide a service for joe public to raise issues, more, they take a complaint twist it around with lies and unfetted supposed undisclosible data and then tell you there is no case to answer, when clearly on the evidence there is. This organistion does not aid the public faith in solicitors and the like, even their own statistics prove this, in 2014 they received 10000 complaints against solicitors and only 50 were upheld, to the point that the solicitor in question was sent a letter telling them to up their game, no disciplinary action or penalties were imposed. Even someone not conversant with stats can see this is not a 'norm' of predications for any complaints procedure in whatever field . So if anyone is considering using the SRA forget it along with the Legal Ombudsman, they will both look for an angle for the legal professional and you as a citizen will not get any recourse. Best form of redress is find a web/blog and blast your issues there whilst providing tags/links/searches everywhere so that the world can see what charlatens these people and their organisations are.
  9. I've had an issue with a PCN going on for a little while. Essentially I got no ticket on my vehicle and no communication from the LA, the first I heard of it was when the TEC sent the order for recovery I completed a witness statement which was accepted, then the same thing happened again. Again I completed a witness statement which was accepted, this time the LA said they wouldn't accept it and would continue to pursure for recovery under the order (which had been cancelled!) After I challenged the legality of this, they eventually issued an NTO. I raised representations which were rejected so I took it to the TPT. At the hearing my appeal was upheld and the TPT confirmed in writing that they had directed the council to cancel the ticket. I am well aware that the council is aware of the hearing since they send a bundle to it and I've had no communication from them in over a year (the hearing took a long time). The council has now ignored the hearing outcome and sent out a charge certificate on what is now a cancelled PCN! There can be no claim of 'crossing with post' as this has been sent 5 weeks after the hearing. I've already fired off an email demanding they withdraw it, but this is now the second time the council has acted what I believe to be illegally. What's the best way forward if they ignore my email and escalate it to the TEC again? Is there any action I can take based on the actions they've already taken?
  10. Hello guys. So, back in January I was doing some work in Swindon and needed to park my bus. After driving around for half an hour and finding no street parking within walking distance of the job and residents only parking, I decided to park in the local authority car park across the road. The bus didn't fit in one bay, which according to the board contravened the terms of the car park, but I didn't have a great deal of choice and the car park was practically empty, so I bought a ticket and would take a gamble on getting a PCN. After finishing the job and going back to the bus, I did indeed have a ticket, which I had half expected anyway. It gave me 14 days to pay at a reduced rate of £25 and £50 after that point, and within 28 days. If I appealed within the 14 days it would stay at £25 if it was not successful. Using their online system I put an appeal in within the 14 days, as I felt a little hard done by, as there didn't seem to be any provision for vehicles larger than a car. The online system stated I would get a response within ten days. I carried on with life and forgot about it, until... A week ago, a letter from Swindon arrived stating I now owed them £50. It made no reference to my appeal and is the first thing I've heard from them since I entered it online. I gave them a ring to find out what was going on, to be told that they had indeed received my appeal and replied to me on March 8th by email rejecting it. Now, I absolutely have not received any email, or other correspondence from them apart from the letter I received a week ago. I advised the lady of this only to be told that basically it was tough and there was no way to go back to the £25 rate and I would need to stump up £50 now! This seems wholly unfair. Their attitude is 'well we sent the email', so there. Do I have any ground for recourse on this? Fair enough, I've lost the appeal and will now pay, but to lose the right to pay the reduced rate as I've not received their email seems unduly harsh! Many thanks in advance!
  11. Hello. A got car insuance through a broker called Adrian Flux. They sent through details of the insurer which is Trinity Lane. They’ve sent me through the paperwork and I was looking through it and in the Trinity Lane documentation it says this. We are authorised and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority under the Insurance Business Act 1998 to carry on the business of general motor and accident classes of insurance. So basically I don’t know if this is OK or if I should be wary that it is not authorised and regulated by an authority here in the UK. I can still cancel with no penalty so I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. Thank you.
  12. I work in a small office. I'm the only part time employee. Due to my chronic fatigue syndrome and other illnesses I work one day a week. That was the deal with the employee before me due to her family comitments. Additionally I cover holiday and sometimes sickness. I was of the opinion that this was by mutual agreement, when it suited me and them and that I could say "no" Apparently not. A few months ago, I was ill and received a call asking me to go in, I said no as I was ill. My boss was very abrupt and I heard later that she'd been angry that I hadn't. My job was to cover sick leave. I get sick too, that's why I'm doing this job that pays the bills if I'm very lucky. This week, I've covered for her being away longer than her agreed holiday. There are family reasons why she had to be away, I understand them, but I've been working through a chest infection and she has never asked me if it was OK for me to come in, just left a message with a colleague that she was off until further notice. She hasn't informed anyone of her plans. I've understood that she's been away longer, these things happen, but she assumes I'll cover for her. There's a reason that I work part time. I have to pace myself and I can't work beyond the point where I've agreed to stop. Anyway, I think next week she's going to demandthat I cover when ordered. I can't and won't live like this. Basically if this is the case my time is theirs even if not paid. If my phone rings, I have to go in. That cannot be right? I know it's hearsay so far but I want to prepare myself so I can stand up for my rights. I have rarely refused to cover, been really flexible. My contract says "Stand by cover will be necessary from time to time" Surely I must have some say in when and can't be made to suffer for not going in when ordered. I hope this makes some kind of sense. I understand a lot of this is what I've heard from others, but if she does make demands directly, I'd like tobe prepared.
  13. Hi forum, a quick question to start off on what has become a massive issue for me, (with Judicial Review potentially the only way out). Is the legal department of a local council duty bound to disclose evidence of clear fraud I have submitted in course of a legal dispute to the Police who were investigating their housing department at the same time, )arresting at least one member of staff for fraud). are they "public officers" in a wide sense - and therefore upholdable to a different standard were they to be a private landlord prosecuting a section.20 invoice bill). I understand that Lawyers need to "represent' their clients to the best of their ability, but if they are presented with "smoking gun" evidence of fraud, should they not have forwarded this to the police who were raiding their offices? thanks, bert
  14. Got a PCN from Derby CC in 2013. Moved and was unaware they had not accepted my appeal nor given me any official notification that they had so bailiff left me handwritten note in June 2014 saying what was owed and his mobile number, NOT a Notice of Enforcement. According to CAB website bailiff MUST send the notice 7 days before any action can be taken. Due to my sate of mind at the time I just paid it to get the matter off my back. Was the bailiff at fault for not sending the notice? What action can I take against the council? The council never officially told me they would not accept my appeal and they also did NOT formally advise me of the right to an independent appeal which I believe is the law. Many thanks.
  15. I am waiting a response from the local authority regarding council tax which I understand they have 20 days to reply. If they fail within that time, what is the next step I should take ?
  16. Credit is given to mikeymack2002 for this find. https://tinyurl.com/z2nc5vq http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?393992-Bedroom-Tax-Sources-of-Interest-**Correct-as-at-Oct-2015**&p=4851541&viewfull=1#post4851541
  17. Debt management firms We have written to debt management firms recently. This follows an increase in customers with debt management plans being transferred between firms. In a letter to firms, we reminded them of their responsibilities when buying or selling customers' contracts or contact details. In particular, the letter emphasised the need for firms, which are considering selling on their customers, to advise the FCA of this at an early stage. A copy of the letter is available on our website.
  18. The Financial Conduct Authority has taken over from the OFT. You can find all you want to know about Debt Collection Guidance, etc HERE Also in the CAG Library HERE
  19. Hello All, kind of a strange question, I've just received an e-mail from my local council, Brent in London, asking that I reply to them 'urgently' to check/update my details regarding a homelessness date suitability form. Firstly, is an e-mail actually considered a formal request and thus demands a reply? Secondly I'm very wary of opening any uncalled for attachments, I'm not obliged to bear the cost of an internet connection and I doubt the Council will ever admit that their attachments have been preloaded with anything malicious to a PC. I'm tempted to think this is a cost cutting exercise, which was why I've been moved out of borough anyway, I'd like to play straight with them but am uncertain about what constitutes 'formal' communication. With thanks, Peter
  20. A Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) is a method of payment that is used by companies to whom you might need to make a regular payment. * Recurring payments are often used for magazine subscriptions, gym memberships or payday loans. These are often confused with direct debits, but do not offer the same guarantee if the amount or date of the payment changes. Until 2013, it was very difficult to cancel these payments - that all changed when the regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority became involved. Information in the following posts should help you cancel these payments without too much hassle.
  21. A Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) is a method of payment that is used by companies to whom you might need to make a regular payment. * Recurring payments are often used for magazine subscriptions, gym memberships or payday loans. These are often confused with direct debits, but do not offer the same guarantee if the amount or date of the payment changes. Until 2013, it was very difficult to cancel these payments - that all changed when the regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority became involved. Information in the following posts should help you cancel these payments without too much hassle.
  22. Hi I am new to forums so i apologise in advance if this is in the wrong forum. I had a call from a foreign gentleman called "philip" claiming to be from the complaints department of the Financial Conduct Authoruty stating that certain creditors (Santander Barclays and capital one) of mine had got together and complained to his department as I was in a debt management arrangement, gave an approximate value of debt owed and wasn't paying them enough to clear the debt quickly enough. While we do owe money to these creditors two out of the three are in my wifes name. I told him that i didn't believe he was from that orginisation and put the phone down on him. I got a phone call back immediately from him which he was more threatening. I advised him to send me details in writing. and that i would not deal with him. He said that he had this recorded and would send Bailiffs round. 1)I believe this to be a [problem] 2) Has anyone else had this type of Cold Phone Call 3) i dont believe that these companies who we have got agreements to pay back would "club" together to make a complaint. Any suggestions would be gratefully received
  23. Last year I renewed car insurance and paid SAGA using my CC. At no time did I give them permission to automatically renew each year. I will not have any such authority on any of my cards as that can lead to issues if insufficient funds. This year we got the standard renewal letter stating that they will automatically renew using a continous auhority which I never gave them. Can they do this if you pay by card without your permission? I told them that I will pay but not by the continous method which I feel is very underhand especially when you cannot remember which card you used to pay the previous year. I made them remove it while I was on the phone to them so that part has been resolved. Very annoyed even though it has been resolved but let it be a warning to other people.
  24. Hi, Sorry if I have come in to the wrong section but I have an issue with a notice to quit my garage from Eastbourne County Council. Basically, I fell into arrears with my garage rent as they didn't have the correct direct debiticon details. Anyhow I was served with a Notice to Quit letter 0n 6th August advising that I had 7 days to pay arrears or they change the locks and take possession. I paid the full arrears on the 7th day and received my receipt. However they still changed the locks as the payment wasn't allocated to my rent account. I showed them that I made the payment and showed them the receipt and that it was paid in the 7 days but they tell be that I can't have my garage back. Can a local authority do this if I have met their demand and they still change the locks, all my work tools are in there and can't get in. Any info would be helpful. Thanks
  25. 'The (mill) wheels... grind slow, but they grind exceeding small.' I noticed the thread HFO/OFT Minded to Revoke thread had its last post eight months ago, so I'm putting this in a new thread - I hope admin will move it if they see fit. With help from many CAGgers, specifically DonkeyB (good luck in the Rugby World Cup:oops:) we were part of a process that ended in a thorough, days' long interview with the OFT to do with being hounded by HFO using draconian and humiliating practices on a debt we didn't owe them. We were asked but due to ill health were unable to be witnesses. It gives me great pleasure to share the mucho satisfactory letter received today: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Sir/Madam HFO Services Limited, Roxburghe (UK) Limited, HFO Capital Limited and Alasdair Turnbull ('The Appellants') v The Financial Conduct Authority Further to our recent correspondence, I write to update you on developments in the above proceedings. Following settlement discussions, the Appellants have agreed to exit the consumer credit market and to write off any outstanding consumer credit debts which they own. The FCA has agreed to the quashing of the determination made by the Office of Trading on 27 January 2014. It follows that the Tribunal proceedings have concluded and therefore there will not be a Tribunal hearing in this atter. A statement reflecting this outcome will be published on our website soon. We are grateful to you for all your assistance in this matter. ============================================ Alice in Limboland! It couldn't happen to a nicer bloke. Thank you again for all your help.
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