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  1. no problem and many thanks for taking the time to respond. in answer to your questions: 1. yes I received automated confirmation immediately after sending the pe2/pe3 forms but that was at 16:30 on Monday so I guess I missed the 4 pm slot for them to file it the same day. I then phoned Tuesday morning and they said they cant see it in the system yet as it hadn't been processed and is probably still in the email and told me to phone back at 4pm. So I phoned at 4pm on Tuesday and was told 'yes these have been filed" that's what I mean by confirmation its filed - I asked when TfL will
  2. Wondering if one of the experienced users on here can help here with this one? Yesterday afternoon I found my car clamped by Marstons Bailiffs - no paperwork whatsoever only a scribble and phone number so I phoned them to find out that apparently I failed to pay the congestion charge in November last year but know nothing about it as they send all paperwork to a previous address even though I updated my address with the DVLA in 2017!!! Then the bailiff stopped answering any of calls when I tried to ask her about PCN information etc and the TEC phonelines were not being answered yest
  3. I'm writing a letter and hope that will be the end of it - it is not obvious where to write to cover multiple PCNs. i will also appeal one online and list the rest but i wont be repeating myself 10 times. I understand the part that whoever ticketed was just doing their job as they dont know how the car got there but what i cant believe in a 21st century democracy is people saying council contractors are allowed to move my car into a zone where it is not allowed to be and not be held responsible for their actions? what if they moved my car somewhere worse like 4 roads away and it didnt just
  4. Thanks for all your responses. I appreciate there is a procedure to follow and i will do that - it was Harrow Council - they are pretty inept and the 'wall of stupidity and arrogance' is frequently encountered. I appreciate the two teams do not communicate and can see how it happened. However it does seem ridiculous that they can do this and not even bother to let you know. They have my contact details. Also this is more than just getting the PCNs cancelled. This is the last thing I have time to do whilst my father has just come out of hospital after being in ITU for 3 months! So I will d
  5. Wonder if anyone can help alleviate the burden of these series of PCNs.... I left my car legally parked on the road for approx. 1-month in March during which time my father was critically ill in hospital. When I came back to find my car to my horror it was not where I left it. Luckily I spotted it 50-100 yards down the road, half parked in a permit holders only zone and half parked outside it, with 10+ PCNs attached! Luckily a good Samaritan who lived on the street had written a note stating "your car was moved here by a lorry and lifter by the people doing the road works".
  6. Thanks all --- was a long shot but in frustration phoned up MORE THAN today - part of the same group of RSA companies on the off chance they could help me-- after a bit of to-ing and froing telling me the website does work when it doesnt, she actually offered to take payment over the telephone, and confirmed to me that i was definitely insured and it would autorenew.....but now i have to phone up the RSA number tomo (if they bother to pick up!) to access my documents as it is an online only broker, and i cant get in online, they dont actually post my insurance documents, so until i can get in
  7. stupid question but.....if i buy car insurance on monday when does it start - the time i buy it, midnight later that day or midnight the previous day? because if the latter i should still be ok waiting until monday to call rsa and if i cant get through renew on monday? in fact my renewal date is set as 22nd, but it was the lady on live chat that said it will expire midnight on 21st.
  8. that's what i had hoped but the useless lady on the lady said that if i dont accept the renewal before midnight tomorrow it will automatically lapse!!! then she said she cant renew over live chat and to phone the helpline which is closed at the weekend! Honestly for an online broker it's bit useless if the website does not work! i thought it was just last 2 weeks, but now have read lots of reviews that say their website has been down for several months! so they must do it on purpose to make you call the 0844 number! basically ive got 2 options - wait til monday and try calling one last time
  9. but i dont plan on driving on Monday.....just leaving it on the road without insurance until I can get through to this blasted number which is more likley on monday as opposed to at the weekend.
  10. Looking for some speedy help here. I received my autorenewal reminder from RSAechoice last week, completely online broker, have been trying to renew online all week, to no avail as their website says sorry we have an error, try again later. It has been saying this all week from every browser and computer i try so i know it is their end. Have tried phoning their 0844 helpline, put on hold for 15m then rings out. Tried this weekend again, they are now closed. Tried live chat, they cannot renew premiums over chat and speak to you like a robot telling you to rene
  11. Thanks all. Humble pie eaten gracefully Presley Point taken Andy - just wanted to make the point that one shouldn't be put off complaining when it clearly achieves results. TBH I was surprised by the outcome too ( though I think it is the correct option) - I assumed they would apologise and send maybe me some rail vouchers, so it was a good result. Fine to mark thus thread closed now.
  12. Thanks to Rebel for the only support on this thread. I am please to report the following outcomes: 1. A sincere apology from some employee I've never heard of 2. The matter was escalated to the Group Station Manager who is going to deal with the member of staff 3. A full refund of my entire taxi fare So, it turns out, that TFL did indeed take my "uneventful" complaint more seriously than the (non-customer service oriented) rail employees on this forum, which is just as well. I for one can't wait until they sack all the ticket inspectors and replace them with machines, as this event
  13. Firstclass - you seem to miss the point. I am not complaining about planned engineering works - I am complaining about staff underperformance and misinformation - radioed through and verifying information that was completely inaccurate. I would say an apology and good will gesture should be minimal, particularly as it can be proven by listening to the radio transmission if they can be bothered. Also, am assuming by your username that you may work for the rail companies, which is then surprising that you are not aware that Chiltern Railway tickets come out of oyster cards not national rail ti
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