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  1. From you said, she has no evidence 'they' broke the mirror, is there any proof 'they' caused the yellow marks? If 'they' admitted it fine, if 'they' did not you would need proof it was 'them' if you wanted take some kind of action
  2. Simples, the bailiffs were unable to collect anything, not least because they had no 'walk in peacefull entry' (non commercial property), entry was denied/refused/did not answer door!
  3. But I got the answer to my query which is NO PCN's do not come under the limitations act, satisfying my only query. As you seem to have different queries or somethings along those lines, I hope someone will be along who can make you a happy chappie & answer them, sorry I can't as I don't really understand your posts.
  4. It is from that point. If you read my first post you'll notice (maybe:-() that I posted only about PCN's & the statute barred act. Your question is about other legal questions as side effects if PCN non-payment(s). Who would a warrant be issued to if not bailiffs? Sorry, I've no idea what you mean.
  5. The answer to my question is, no, PCNs, once bailiffs have been employed, do not timeout ever. I am not at this point certain if the claimant has to go to a court to ask for further time to collect payment or goods or not or if the original enforcement order is still valid, I think it is still valid. I suppose if a bailiffs firm has had to much difficulty in the past to collect anything at all (unable to collect) & that consistent pattern of failure to collect has happened several times over a lengthy period of time the council may have written the debt off because they 'probabl
  6. I should have added Ethel Street, of course when I start a claim against them any outstanding PCN's would probably come up as a by-product when they check who I am etc, but, if they fall under statute barred act they would have been/should have been written off!
  7. If you mean whats happening about a claim from council, it has no relevance to PCN's or anything related other than I happen live in same borough. The PCN issue's were just straight forward unpaid PCN's!
  8. Thank you Jamberson, you've got it! I also have an 'opinion', problem is my opinions are never written into Laws
  9. No, I want to know if the statute barred act includes PCN.s.
  10. I am ready to start a claim against a council, there were PCNs but they are over 6 years ago.
  11. BazzasS, The pcn's are council. It was not because ''I did not like the answer's'', the answer I was expecting was a ''Yes'' or ''no'', but, I could't work out from all that's written above what the correct answer is, ie Yes or No. I came back to check this thread but could not find it, having gone through it again I am still uncertain if PCNS are statute bared or not! Sorry you thought ''I did not like the answer'' I simply could not understand, and still cannot, if PCN's are statute barred or not, maybe you can help with a ''Yes'' or ''No''....please consider that a question
  12. Hi, Does the limitations act of 6 years apply to PCN's, thanks
  13. I do have the original ticket. And have not appealed or done anything yet. It happened to me once, wafted onto the floor, I appealed & wrote a brief description of what happened, it was accepted & they canceled the ticket, I sent a photo copy of the ticket
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