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Found 11 results

  1. Can anybody offer any constructive advice please? My daughter was involved in an accident on 29th April last year and her car was declared a write off and removed the following day by her insurance company who took all the documentation and paperwork including the V5. She tells me that she sent off the section 9 part to inform the DVLA that the vehicle was now transferred to her insurance company and thought that was that as far as the DVLA was concerned. However, in September, she received a Late Licencing Penalty letter demanding £80, as she hadn't renewed the licence or declared SORN! She telephoned the DVLA, (I know, big mistake, she now knows to get everything in writing!) who claimed to know nothing about the accident or it being written off or that her insurance company had taken the car. The DVLA followed this call up with a letter dated 12th October, stating that they had now received the section 9 and acknowledged that she was no longer the keeper of the vehicle but that they still wanted their £80. However, they said that if she paid before 2nd November, it would be reduced to £40. This is only 21 days and I was of the understanding that the law states that they should allow her 28 days? I only found all this out since the penalty has been handed over to a debt collection agency who are now demanding the £80 on behalf of the DVLA. The DVLA have washed their hands of the matter and will not respond. The debt collection agency have put things on hold for 30 days. I am of the opinion that instead of owing the DVLA £80, they owe my daughter £45! (three months refund of her tax) Where do we go from here?
  2. Hi Everyone, As the title says, my car (I wasn't the driver - really!) got an £80 Penalty Notice from CP Plus while parked at Hampton Court Railway station car park. The reason for the penalty was given as code '03' - which is "not displaying a valid pay and display ticket " even though a ticket was purchased and on display! Thanks in advance for any help/advice on this one?
  3. Earlier today as I was about to enter a shop I dropped my roll up on section of ground outside their entrance. I was approached by an environmental office equipped with a video camera who proceeded to fine me. I pointed out that it was on the shop's property but he said that it made no difference and that the wind might blow it onto the public highway. Am I liable for the fine? I appreciate that litter is a problem but by the time I have ground a roll up into the ground with the sole of my shoe, there is no visible evidence. His distraction prevented me from doing so on this occasion
  4. Wonder if anyone can help I got a late road tax fine from Advantis which I paid 6 months ago and now I have just received a letter today from Rossendales debt collectors saying I owe them £80 for the same offence. Why would this happen? Should I get in touch with DVLA?
  5. I booked a coach journey with Terravision from Manchester to Liverpool Airport. Pickup Manchester: 14:40 Arrives Liverpool Airport: 15:30 We were informed at around 14:50/55 that the coach would be 55 minutes late and that all buses throughout the day were actually around 30 minutes late. What annoyed us is if they were aware in advance that buses were running late all day long, then why weren't we informed? or a notice placed in the waiting area? so we could seek alliterative transport such as another bus company/ train and so on. This left us no alternative but to order a taxi costing £80!!! to get to the airport on time. Who is to blame here? and who can we seek compensation from?
  6. Hi I finished work today at 8pm. I work in Watford Hertfordshire I went into the Watford High Street Station to catch the 20:04 Overground train to Wembley Central. I was with 1 friend he was slightly ahead of me. He tapped his oyster and went through the swinging barriers, I then waited and the barriers then closed. I then tapped my oyster and the barriers opened and I went through. About 10 minutes into my journey a member of staff with a handheld machine/device asked me for my oyster card. This has happened more than 10 times in the last year, I always touch my oyster and then they just move on to the next person. This time the man said I have to exit the train to speak to me, I was sooo confused, I asked why as I stepped off the train and onto the platform. He then said he has to issue me with a fine as I didn't tap my card. I said 110% I tapped my card, and he then said he can check using his device and it shows that I did not tap in. He then took all my details and I asked him how can I challenge it because I am so so sure that I did tap out. I even remember looking down and waiting for the red light to change. He pointed to the small print on the back of the penalty charge explained that I had to email Ircas.co.uk and then handed me back my oyster card. I quickly walked up the steps to the Wembley Central barrier entrance and I asked for a print out of my journey history. I then checked it and to my surprise it did not have me tapping in at Watford high street station. Is there anything at all I can do with the penalty fare? I do this journey 5 times a week for the past year and have never had this problem. I would never try to cheat the system to try and save £1.70... If I could, I'd pay it right this second.. the £1.70 that is. Please help me. I'm sitting at my desk at home and I still can't believe it. There are three lights on the barrier, Green Orange and Red. If my memory serves me right I think I saw an orange light. IF this is the wrong light, why on earth does the barriers open? I'm so so frustrated.
  7. Thanks in advance for any help or advice. Here is draft complaint I have typed up for being fined yesterday for littering inside my local recycling point. On Sunday 12th October I attempted to use the recycling centre at ****. I was looking to recycle some glass bottles and a small bag of clothes. I noticed 2 men sitting in a private car as I approached the centre. I successfully recycled my glass bottles and attempted to open the hatch to the clothes recycling container in order to put my old clothes in. The container was full and I could barely open the hatch half an inch, which of course meant I could not get my old clothes in. I've used this clothes container in the past and have always found it difficult to open as it's invariably quite full. I've always in past however, managed to get old clothes in even by opening the hatch as far as I can and pushing the existing bags with a stick, and putting my old clothes in one item at a time. On this occasion it was apparent I'd be unable to get anything into the container. I noticed that immediately adjacent to the container there was a pile of black bags where it would appear others have had similar difficulty and have left their bags. This, I stress is within the facility and immediately adjacent to the clothes container. On this occasion I put my bag neatly on top of the pile of bags already there. As I walked away the 2 men approached me, putting their lanyards and name tags over their heads. I was told I was being fined for littering. If it had been 2 or more bags, it'd have been fly tipping. I explained that I had attempted (as they could see plainly from where they were parked) to recycle my old clothes responsibly and it was through no fault of mine, that the facilities were full. I was advised that this particular clothes recycler was provided by a charity and that the council were not responsible for it. I should have taken my clothes back home. I asked if there was another recycling centre nearby which I could use but the officials did not know. I told them there were already bags there and I merely put my own bag neatly on top of what was there. They were not interested. I have no intention of paying the fine for the following reasons : 1. The officers witnessed me attempting to make use of the recycling facilities and through no fault of my own being unable to do so. 2. Albeit, officially littering, the fact I left my recycling material within the centre and immediately adjacent to the clothes recycling container, neatly with the rest of the bags, indicates I did not indiscriminately littler but made a more than adequate attempt to recycle. 3. The reasoning that because the clothes recycling container is provided by a charity, negates the councils responsibility to offer adequate recycling resources, I feel is unfair. No reasonable person would make such a distinction, and the fact it's on council property would lead anyone to think it's under the council's control. I'm sure there is legal notices on the container indicating it's from a 3rd party and outwith the control of the council, but this places an unfair burden on good citizens merely trying to do their civic best. 4. I feel the council have let me down as a responsible recycler, in not ensuring this charity regularly empty this recycling container. 5. I feel that unless the requirement of 2 council officials to sit at a recycling centre is a revenue generating exercise, advising me on having to remove any sealed bags from within the recycling centre if I'm unable to put the bag inside the container, advising me of alternative recycling centres in the area, and that the clothes recycler is not the responsibility of the council and that a fine could be given, would have been a more civic exercise to inform, advise and educate the public who are already trying to take recycling responsibly. They also did not ask me to remove my bag either and were happy for it to stay on the pile. thanks...
  8. Hello, A few days ago I travelled to City airport with the DLR. I changed at Shadwell but I didn't swipe my oyster card at this station as there are no barriers there. I never use the DLR and I certainly didn't know the importance of touching your oyster card in and out at all times. When I arrived at the airport an inspector checked my card and gave me a penalty of £80 (£40 if I pay in 21 days). I didn't complain or tried to explain as it was early in the morning, was half asleep and also had a flight to catch. To be honest with you I thought that I wouldn't pay it anyway and I would give her a false adrress. I stupidly enough showed her my passport and she wrote down my name, then I gave a wrong adrress and I also signed. When I had a closer look at the ticket a few hours later I realised that maybe I wouldn't get away with it as easily as I had though as she also wrote down my passport number and date of birth! I am angry with myself for not paying attention first of all and for not trying to defend myself or apologise as I could have avoided the penalty and pay the maximum charge instead. On the other hand the lady inspector didn't seem to be in a helpful mood at all. Someone else checked my card on the train as well and didn't say anything (?) and also I had enough funds in my payg card, and my travel history can show that I never use the DLR ! A friend of mine had a similar situation but didn't show any id, just gave a false adrress and nothing ever happened. My passport however is EU but not British and I'm not a "settled" person here. I was wondering if I ignore the whole thing what could happen to me...I don't know whether the inspector has my oyster details in her machine but I could buy a new one not registered. Most of all I'm trying to understand how avoiding paying the penalty will affect me under these circumstances rather than seeking tips not pay it. (Although they would be welcome ) cheers
  9. Im sure that you have all heard of this scenario. My friend scrapped a car sent conformation to the DVLA to say that the car was no longer in his possession as it had been scrapped. My friend is a mechanic and has scrapped many cars over the years without a problem. However just recently he gets a fine for a car he had scrapped, he feels that this is an oversight on behalf of the DVLA and rings them to state that no conformation had been received. He tells them that its not his fault that this information had been lost and could they check again. A few weeks later he gets a letter from Inter-credit consultants demanding the £80. He calls them up and states the same as he did to DVLA. They wouldnt hear it and basically said he has to pay the fine. I emailed DVLA asking them to recheck their files and how can they prove that the conformation was not sent. Another week later he gets another debt letter from this company stating that he can pay off the fine in small payments and that he must call them to set up a payment plan. The day after he gets another letter from them to state that they had received the email that was sent to DVLA and stated that the information sent does release him from the fine. So basically DVLA sent on the email straight to the debt collectors and didnt even respond or look into this. I know my friend is very good with his paper work with regards to car documents as he deals with cars and scrapping a lot if the time and this is the first time that this has ever happened. Does he roll over and pay this fine or can he fight this. Thanks guys.
  10. I act as a agent for a landlord, the parking area in complex has become an enforcement area, total time at property 10 mins, I went to pickup the pack which contains parking permit and day parking passes from tenants. Returned to car as warden was writing the ticket. What now? Regards
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/holidays/article-2157178/Summer-airline-rip-How-checking-suitcase-end-costing-260-bag.html
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