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  1. Thanks for the replies so far. I didn't make 17 different calls, just the one but had to say 17 time 'please tell me my Pac code. They started with 'may I ask why you want it' I replied, NO. They then tried 16 further times to find out why I wanted it, what they could do to keep me, why it was bad to leave etc etc etc. OK, back to my actual question. As far as I can tell from the limited replies so far, THREE do not have to tell me where my credit has gone. So, I have gone - elsewhere!
  2. Guys. I am with THREE (not for much longer) on PAYG. I hardly use the phone at all for anything other than receiving calls and the occasional text or call out. The package is the 1,2,3 so is very cheap and a £10 credit usually lasts me months. I topped up on 24 Jan and that would normally be it until maybe May or June. But yesterday I received a text from THREE asking if I want to top up. The balance was £0.59 Now I know I have not used it and I always have mobile data switched off, so wanted to know where Three has used my money. I logged into my3, but as I am PAYG there is no billing available, today I called them and asked for a breakdown of how they used my credit. They point blank refused to tell me as 'that is not available to PAYG customers' Surely this cannot be legal. They can effectively just fritter away my credit with no accountability. Can anyone help with this? I know it is pennies, but it is a lot to me. I asked them for a PAC code 17 times before they finally stopped asking me why I wanted it and caved in when I demanded it as I am entitled to have it!
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