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  1. this is what i dont get? i made an agreement with 3g (over the phone ) paid them on time so you'd think they'd be happy they are getting money,but then today they tell me it has been in the hands of a dc since june???? so why did they take 2 payments?? and why verbally set up a payment plan??
  2. No,i've not sent a cca request yet,i'm going to try and get this done tomorrow, one problem i have though is i do not know the account number?? i only have the details that are on my credit report and that only gives the last 5 digits. also,do i send it to barclaycard?? or to link?
  3. i only have the information that is on my credit file. account start date:07/10/2011 date of default:19/06/2013 default balance:£143 i have recently paid £45 off of this though account still listed as a debt with "hutchison 3g uk" nothing on there regarding "lowell portfolio" who they claim now has the account?
  4. I have just e-mailed him is there anywhere i can ring/e-mail regarding this if i dont get a reply or a fair outcome??
  5. had an e-mail from link saying they would settle for £5496! yeah like i have that!
  6. can i still do this even though i have moved address??? whats the worst that could happen by me giving them my address??? just threatening letters????
  7. i really don't have a clue??? i'd guess at 2011 ish but i could be miles off! is there any way i could find out?
  8. Cant beleive what they've done!! So...i have a few debts and normally just ignore all the letters and carry on with life,but recently decided i should try and get rid of the debt incase i ever need credit. I owed three mobile around £150,so i called them up and set up a payment plan,they said no further charges would be added as long as i cleared it within 3 months and didn't miss one payment whatever the amount of the first payment was is the minimun i could pay next time so i paid £15,next week i ring up and pay £30, as i had a bit extra and thought it would help,just rang up now
  9. i only have the information that is held on my credit report,i have no letters/statements from them as i used to just bin them when i received them at my previous address. Credit file lists the following: Balance is £6800 default in july 2013 not sure of any ppi or charges?
  10. I have a debt with the above company. Was originally a barclaycard debt and is for nearly £7000. all i get is the odd e-mail asking for urgent contact,they obviously dont have my address YET! what can i do to get rid of the debt? Thanks Naylz
  11. Hi, I have a debt listed on my credit file with santander,it's from about 2 years ago,they allowed me to go £1500 overdrawn on my bank account. They do not contact me regarding the debt as they do not have my current address, i could easily keep hiding from them i would like to get rid of the debt asap if possible + i'm sure they will locate me eventually. can i wriggle out of it? or am i best of making a settlement figure? Thanks Naylz
  12. Evening all I would like some advice on 2 debt's i have listed on my credit report,both are a couple of years old. One is with santander for around £1500 The other is with link financial (was a barclaycard) for nearly £7000. I dont hear from santander as i dont think they have my current address! and link financial only contact me by e-mail asking me to call them urgently. I would like to get rid of these debts and wondered what the best solution is?? have read about asking for credit agreements,is this something i should do? or am i better off offering a settlement f
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