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Found 8 results

  1. Hi I recently had a successful PPI claim with MBNA. I have received a 50% payout but as it was a joint loan, 50% is owed to my late wife. Initially, MBNA refused to pay me her share until I provided a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. After explaining I have neither, they eventually said they will accept documents from a Court or a Solicitor confirming that no Will, Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate was ever made. My wife had next to nothing in assets when she died so, as I understand it from the gov.uk website, I didn’t need to apply for Probate as, in the circumstances, I inherited everything. I can’t understand why MBNA will not just accept our marriage certificate and my wife’s death certificate as sufficient evidence and pay out. That was all the evidence I needed to provide at the time of my wife’s death when dealing with her bank accounts. (They were different banks, not MBNA). The amount owed is only around £400 so the cost of applying for Probate or Letters of Administration would make it all pointless. I assume the cost of obtaining documents from a solicitor confirming no Will, Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate was ever made would also be prohibitive. I was wondering is there any way I could fight this and get MBNA to pay out with just the marriage and death certificates as evidence. Any help or advice would be really appreciated. Maybe someone else has had a similar experience?
  2. I have 2 defaults on m credit record from Hutchinson 3 UK which i am having massive difficulties resolving. On Experian they both have an outstanding balance. I have called 3 who have stated that there is no outstanding balance, but that it has been written off as "bad debt". Apparently it went to a DCA May 2017, who then sent it back to 3 at some point in November 2017 as uncollectable. It was uncollectable as i had move out of that address 4 years ago......when i moved i called 3 and asked my my address to be changed. Obviously that didnt happen, and then beginning of last year i called to cancel my contract(outside of terms, i had been with them for 4 years). The last bill i never received as the address on the account hadnt been changed. Whatever though, thats not really the issue. The last week i have been trying to make payment for the arrears to get to marked as settled on my credit report. Three wont take payment as its been written off, and the debt agency it went to apparently hold no records as it was returned to 3 over 6 months ago. Just looking for some advice on how to get this resolved? I've raised a complaint but need to wait until they respond at this point. What i want is for the default balance on my credit file to be a big fat 0. If three are unable to take payment off me so i can clear it, then i would like them to report it as being 0 if they have written it off
  3. Hi, This is my first post and I hope in the right section. Apparently this forum is the best place for advice. This is one that has had lawyers and the Financial Ombudsman scratching their heads. In 2015, I approached a local firm (promoted intently by Channel 4 - this chap is quite the celebrity) for a business loan. On making the application, we were then invited to their office to go over the paperwork. The office manager of the firm (also been on the telly) then proceeded to insist on a copy of our then Director's driving licence - the paper copy of the driving licence. Dutifully, the director obliged and presented the paper copy of the licence. The director then signed the form, and the £5000 start-up loan was sent through to our business bank account. The repayments were set as follows: Initial payment of £266.25 then 46 months at £166.25 with a final payment of £266.25. The £200.00 was the administration fee. Payments commenced the month of May 2014 and all was well. In August 2015, I met with our accountant to discuss year end - we were discussing the social element of the business which was a Ltd by share company. Accountant advised us to start a Ltd by Guarantee company as we were seeking grant funding to run a couple of projects for the local community. I asked the accountant what we were to do with the business loan and on looking at the paperwork he advised me the loan agreement was in fact a hire purchase agreement and that it was a legal problem rather than an accounting one. Here is the part which has had people scratching their heads. The agreement for this loan is actually a hire purchase agreement - on digging deeper, we looked at the paperwork and realised this was correct - we only had the carbon copy of the agreement also. The top copy had been sent to our director after the funds were transferred. On looking at the top copy, the date and the agreement number were not on there and it was quite evident the carbon copy did not match the top copy. Staring me in the face and as plain as the nose on my face was "vin number" chassis number, registration number, all relevant to a HP agreement used for a vehicle. I emailed their office asking them for an explanation and received a brusque response in that the agreement was explained at the time of signing. I got absolutely nowhere with this stance. So I cancelled the standing order to see ensure they would contact me. Sure as eggs are eggs, I received a phone call as did our director stating the payment had not been made. I made the outstanding payment and continued to chase both the original agreement to match our carbon copy and an explanation of the hire purchase agreement detailing the goods under the hire purchase agreement. I questioned the goods were non-existent although we do accept we received the £5000 funds. We had paid for well over a year. On further digging, what was originally offered, was a rate of 14.9% with an APR of 29.9% We approached a solicitor, he wrote to them on our behalf - they refused to acknowledge this correspondence. The director by this time - (September 2015) had resigned as a director from the company due to ill health - he maintained that he was unhappy with the loan agreement and he realised he had signed as a personal guarantor which was not explained to him at that time. I decided again I was going to not honour the payment - and wrote to the company telling them I had cancelled the standing order. They then set about sending hand delivered letters to our director's home address - he has had two heart attacks. They also sent the same letter to our office and I raised a dispute outlining how we had been mis-sold this "product" and at no time had we taken out a hire purchase agreement. Then this company called Falcon Management Services Ltd sent a letter demanding a payment arrangement. In North Shields - I contacted them and began to make payments to them of £250.00 per month to clear the debt. Bizarrely, after paying three months, I received a letter from a new account manager from the local firm asking me to set up an arrangement to clear the arrears - I informed this new account manager that we had been paying FMS £250.00 per month for three months and I was amazed that as they had instructed the company to chase the debt that they were unaware this arrangement was in place. I received an email back they were unaware I had made these payments and as they had received no payments from FMS they were cancelling their contract with them and the debt was returning to them. I began to challenge them on the agreement again - endless emails occurred and I seriously challenged the agreement. They then sent me a blank loan agreement for me to complete. That was in November 2015, my solicitor pushed forward with correspondence asking them to explain the interest rates and the hire purchase agreement - gave them 14 days to respond and to date, he or us have not heard anything since. This finance arrangement is led by a person as I said earlier, with various TV appearances on CH4 - claims he is applying for a banking licence, and is still advertising business, personal loans on his website and claims he is a peer-to-peer lender. The company is registered with the FCA with an interim permission number for whatever activities come under that IP. Has any person here got any advice in how to proceed with this one? Naturally, I want to out the activities - but I am loathe to - this person has serious support from people in Government - further diligence has led me to some questionable results. I hae spoken to many legal representatives and they are scratching their heads and keep asking me where the goods are. The FO has an open complaint from the former director as the finance is on his credit file. Any help would be appreciated. Another forum has told me it is fraud but I am not sure how I am to proceed at all. But I do not want any other small business to be affected as we have - and I know he has loaned money to a woman in the town who set up a florists. Help - please. Thank you.
  4. hi, my 9 year old has learning difficulties, the school do an IEP but 3 years ago a request was made for a educational physic report, still not been done, as the head sees nothing wrong. But yet he is still on level 1 for work, only just starting to work on year 3 work. He cant be in a crowd or he will get lost as he tends to run off and with having 3 other children and another child with global development delay and hyper mobility, it a constant on the go. My son tends to get over worked on the slightest thing making him cry an awful lot, I'm waiting for him to be referred to a paediatrician. Speech say he has mautriy issues and needs to be reassured constantly over things and any instructions to be given simple, and any work given to repeated or helped with on a one to one basis. My dilemma is a few, 1. it his birthday soon and we want to keep him of the day before to take the children to a attraction where it is going to be at its quietest so it easy for us to get around, (but the school say they need exceptional circumstances) 2, how do i get the school to understand his needs, I'm sick of going to the head and explaining how things have been at home, and then the head teacher say well he is good in school and i see no problems, I have to do a triple p course just to get the nurse to refer him to a paediatrician. I've got a CAF team in place for my youngest and when i went to put my eldest on the head teacher rolled him eyes
  5. Hello all, A work colleague is having problems with the above WDA in the setting up of a repayment plan. They have sent letters by Royal mail signed for del and they have been delivered accordingly. Bank account has been secured. They were requesting the setting up of a repayment plan due to extreme health problems and the fact that no company salary is now being paid, hence severe financial difficulties. An up to date income and expenditure form was sent to them with a pro- rata offer of repayment into their Bank Account details to be provided by them and the request for all interest and charges to be frozen. They WDA, were informed that under no circumstances would they be sent details of their bank account statements covering 60 days, which WDA had insisted upon. This is their WDA reply. Thank you for your recent communication in relation to your loan held with Wage Day Advance. Unfortunately if you do not provide evidence of your change of circumstances in the form of 60 days bank statements, you will not qualify for hardship and your account will remain in arrears with interest accruing daily. As mentioned in your letter, if you do make the decision to become insolvent please send us proof of this (i.e.reference number,third party letter) and we will update your account accordingly. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us. Dane Cutforth Financial Solutions. I am sure I have read something relating in the FCA letters, of the fact that WDA should be providing/showing a provision of "FOREBEARANCE" to customers in Financial difficulties, they WDA are certainly not showing anything like "FOREBEARANCE" to someone offering to pay them. As usual all advice/info will be gratefully received. "EXEMPLO DUCEMUS"
  6. The following story is posted on SCOOP today and is vitally important for all debtors with severe financial difficulties who may be struggling to pay Magistrates Court FINES. The story is from the website of Tax Payers Against Poverty which is run by the Reverend Paul Nicholson. On a separate matter, he currently has an ongoing Judicial Review application pending in the High Court regarding an application for a Liability Order (full details of which are featured on this forum). The Reverend lobbied MP's and Peers for an amendment to be introduced into the Legal Advice Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 to allow for cases to be referred back to the Magistrates Court in the following cases: Where the person was not in court when fines and has a disproportionate fine. Where there is a change of circumstances after the Magistrates original decision. Where there is financial hardship. It would seem that Magistrates Courts are failing to abide by the amendment. The article can be read in full here: http://www.taxpayersagainstpoverty.org.uk/law-allowing-magistrates-to-reconsider-fines-unpaid-due-to-hardship-ignored-by-fines-officers-and-bailiffs/
  7. Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... Back again for some encouragement advice. As you will know from previous posts I am not Au Fait with benefit solutions This time it for me no friends involved My little munchkin will be 3 next month. She has been attending a child development center for nearly 1 year and attending under 3 nursery ( only given to kids who really need it in this area) for a few month. We have been granted funding and has a "play-friend" at nursery to "encourage" her. We have been doing a round of mini appointments and assessments recently as she is being formally assessed for Autism next month and a group of health professionals will decided if she is on the Autism spectrum or has other learning difficulties etc etc etc Now out of the 4 appointments this week 3 of the "professionals" asked if we were already claiming DLA.... we are not ...did not even cross my mind.....but have been advised to look at this..... any advice on similar situations or applications please......would we be able to? Is it something we should be doing?...both me and Mr Ida work part-time and get tax credits. I thank you
  8. My daughters' Child Tax Credit for her son, 17 September 2012, has been discontinued. We understand he is not old enough to claim Job Seekers, so is there anything elso he can claim. He was at College but found the theory (written work) too hard.
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