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  1. does that ruling also apply to normal county courts though? it's says business and property court, i believe they are a special branch? i guess i must return home to check post then, just in case? currently not at home (registered address), as staying with a family member.
  2. is there any change in procedure in small claims hearings yet, due to the ongoing covid situation? im guessing not, currently. if not i hope it won't be too crowded in there? actually a bit worried. below some interesting reading: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2020/03/20/nyregion/coronavirus-new-york-courts.amp.html when/how will i find out when my hearing is 100% confirmed on the planned time & date?
  3. Already sent after a proof-read and some minor changes. I don't have a printer at home, and was out and about today, so today was ideal for me to send. Thanks to all that helped. I spent a lot of time and effort preparing for this, and also did a lot of research. Lost countless evenings and multiple weekends. However at least I'm now confident I have a reasonable chance at winning. If I have any questions about the day, I'll post up here. In the meantime, any pointers/tips on what to mention on the day (in terms of talking points) can be useful.
  4. No, because instructions are for recipients to receive copies fourteen days in advance of hearing date. Latest I can leave it to is tomorrow before Royal Mail last collection time, but I’m not risking and sending it today.
  5. All the signage is included in the pdf i (wrongly) labelled 'claimants WS' on page 5 of the thread. This same extract of the signage was presented in the WS. The claimant also provided photos of some of the signage in their actual WS, obviously not in this thread yet, will post this up asap. As you can see from my WS I'm intending to dispute one of the signs. Also, any guidance in relation to changes you'd recommend I make in point 8 in my WS will be appreciated.
  6. Would rather you mention a specific exhibit that you're after (aside from maybe the landowner contract which I'm hesitant on disclosing due to confidentiality reasons), since there's pages and pages of the stuff. Let me know which ones you want, and I'll post up. Obviously there's NTKs you've already seen, LBA letters you've already seen and pages and pages of Beavis arguments, which are irrelevant, since I'm not even going to bother disputing that angle (genuine pre-estimate of loss etc.)
  7. Attached is updated WS, if you could please review, and provide some feedback, I'd be really grateful! I'm going to post this tomorrow. actual-draft - public - v2.pdf
  8. Thanks EB. Just a question - can I quote civil cases in my WS where there's no publicly available transcript? I'm guessing the answer is no?
  9. Hi, hope everyone's doing fine. Court date is getting nearer and nearer, the date for submitting my witness statement even more so (I am going to submit by mid-week this coming week). Here is an initial yet substantial draft - it's still a work in progress - I am going to add more one or two more points/arguments to it, do some tidying up, and of course proofread it all Any tips/suggestions, additions/fixes are greatly welcome. Claimant's WS has just arrived too, I've had a quick gander through it, nothing sticks out to be honest, apart from the
  10. Thanks, will do. By the way when you say "the claimant has done just that in their WS", what do you mean exactly? The claimant hasn't served their WS on me yet.
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