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  1. Thanks again for any help, I'll keep it to the point. Currently in shared ownership property. Around Feb last year started the process of buying 100% of the property. Mortgage approved etc. The housing association dragged it out for months and months until the point the mortgage offer expired. Resubmitted an application but when they asked for payslips they would no longer accept because I was on furlough. Subsequently made redundant in November. New temp job with less pay so settled getting 80%.Same again, dragged heels. To a point where offer expired. Got mortgage company to agree 2 week extension to complete. Sent deposit to solicitor 11/03 for completion in the 12th. The solicitor sent some ID checks which I admittently forgot about, sent to me on 12th completed around 16th. I didn't hear anything so assumed everything was fine. Got mortgage letter through stating what the new payments were and that the money had been released. Nothing however from solicitor or HA. Phoned my FA and he checked and was shocked when the solicitor said it didn't go through. This is now 18 days after it should have gone through. Not once did they try to contact me and the 2 week extension for mortgage expired. They blamed everything on the fact I didn't do the ID checks in time. If they had of rang me or my FA I could have sorted it. No emphasis was put on them to tell me how urgent they were. Even after the date I could have still competed within the extension if they had informed me. Now the mortgage company won't extend again and I'm back to square one! They also still have my £20k which I have given bank details to return but how long would they have kept it until letting me know. Surely that's not legal? The fact I had to contact them is disgraceful. I'll also be complaining to the HA for their part in delaying it all for so long. Is that grounds for a reasonable complaint? Conveyancing Direct Ltd BTW.
  2. Letter said 10 going across company, 2 from cad team. Only 2 have been scored. Essentially I would have stayed but now my position is untenable I feel, how could I go back after being mistreated like this. So yes, I want more compensation because its been an unfair process. We don't have a union.
  3. I want to go now, because of the way they've done it. I still don't think I should just accept it though if they haven't followed procedures. Are you telling me that people who have sued for unfair dismissal have all wanted to go back to their jobs? I want more compensation. I have a family and ill be given the very basic amount for redundancy on a time where job competition is massive!
  4. OK I need some further advice before I go to a solicitor. Had my consultation. In the letter before the meeting it said 2 cad engineers would need to be made redundant. There are 2 of us still on furlough. In the meeting I asked the question how many people were in the pool for these 2 positions that I was being scored against and I was specifically told and reassured the whole cad team were being scored and included in the process. Having spoken to most of them, none of them are even aware of redundancies being made let alone being in the process. The director said that would happen over the next few weeks, he also said at the end of the meeting he's away for 2 weeks! They said they would come to a decision in 2 weeks. How is that fair? I'm being scored along with another engineer for 2 jobs? Sounds like a full gone conclusion already. If I am made redundant without any other team members included surely that's grounds for unfair dismissal? I didn't record the conversation but my other colleague did and he was told the same. Thanks for any help.
  5. I can do that. I'm sure they will refute it. What should be the end goal here, reversing the decision knot likely and I don't want that) or something else? I just want it to be fair.
  6. Just opinion. I've never had a performance review and don't work directly with the TD.
  7. Hello and thanks for helping. I will try and keep this to the point. Been with my company for 4 years, nearly 5. 9 months ago handed in my notice for another job for substantial pay increase. Technical director offered the same pay if I stayed which was an £8000 a year raise. I accepted (regretfully now). Been on furlough since March. Slowly the whole team has been brought back one by one but myself and 1 other not bought back at all, claiming we would be at the end of furlough. Now received a notice of potential redundancy with a score sheet on how they came to the decision, and that's where the BS begins. Ever since handing my notice in, 've felt targeted by the TD. He's constantly singled me out for things and I've always felt like there's been a target on my back. My selection criteria was based from his pov and HR. His views are just ludicrous. Its a blanket average in all the categories which are attitude and commitment, standard and quality of work, Versatility of skills/ knowledge, future potential and following company procedures. A quick comment on why I believe they are unfair; Attitude and commitment: His comment "Does not go the extra when needed". I'm contracted to 37.5 hours a week, I've rarely done less than 42 and never once done 37.5 hours. I have even gone in on a few Saturdays for free. I also find it typical that he finds commitment to be solely linked to how much time I've put in. I've also only had time of when my dad died, otherwise 4 years without a day off sick even when I was. Standard and Quality of work; His comment "Lots of errors, has to redo work". Again quite shocked, if I was so bad why the big payrise? I haven't had a single performance review or ever been advised my work was not up to standard. Versatility of skills; No comments. I have worked in several areas of the business including assembling products to help the shop floor. No formal training in the 4 years I've been there on anything. Future Potential and following procedures; I mean it hurts when your a 34 year old engineer, with 8 years experience told you have average potential. That for me shows a poor leadership. Also I have never had any disciplinary action, been on phone or anything to break the rules in 4 years, but again, average. So that's the criteria. I have a call tomorrow where I will dispute and ask for evidence. The other colleague was scored EXACTLY the same as me and I believe the scores have been fiddled to make us come out low. Advice from here onwards? This may sound wrong now, but I was miserable there and do not want my job bac. What I ideally want is grounds to argue and get a better pay-out. In these times the competition for engineering roles I've seen is 400 applicants for 1 position so if I can get more of a pay-out I will as I need to buy myself as much time as possible. Thanks for taking the time to read/ help.
  8. Yeah I saw the Olton TV name, looking at the public records it looks like that company is dissolved. They seem to all link to the same address. If you ring the Solihull number, Worcester number etc they all divert to the same number. Value of the TV, I guess not repaired £50-£100,repaired £200-£250.
  9. Hi all, Hope this is the right section. My 49" Sony Bravia TV stopped recognising all HDMI ports. I looked for a local repair company. F ound the following; http://www.tvrepairsworcester.co.uk/ They offered a no hassle free quote. They came and collected the TV. I asked for a receipt when he appeared to just be leaving. He asked for my email and inputted it onto his handheld device. He said I would get a confirmation email. As soon as I closed the door I felt I had made a mistake. I took a picture of the van reg. The email never came. Things progressed as normal however, they rang after a few days, main the main board was faulty. They said however the part was rare, and even a used one was £180+ just for the part. As they offered free quotes, I asked it to be returned to me. That was now 6 weeks ago. My phone calls are being ignored, when I do get through (usually by using someone else phone) they promise to bring it back Monday, or Wednesday, then I don't hear again. I'm not desperate for the TV, being an android TV it could have been off use still and I would look to source a second hand main board at some point. Its not the point though, its mine, I want it back, I don't want this abysmal company to profit from this. Can I ring 101 and report to the police or is this just something I have to accept? I would go and knock on the door but the street view of their address doesnt look like a shop of any sort. Any advice would be great!
  10. He has a small credit card debt, a current account etc, a car, possessions etc but no property. I've been through all his documents, found a life insurance plan he mentioned but cannot find a will. Is there anyone I can contact to find out? The money I'm sure would have been from a death Inn service payment for his wife, my step mum who died last year. Why he drew it out in cash I don't know, he's a bit old fashioned like that. One question I have, I'm still waiting to hear from the coroner for the cause of death. He was driving at the time, he was driving on the motorway, veered and hit the barrier at low speed. Should I contact his car insurance on his behalf. Can a claim be made? Its the least of my worries but its more that I will need to get it collected from the police at some point.
  11. Brill I will ring the bereavement advice number and see what they say. Looking at his estate (no property) I don't need to apply to be an administrator or require probate according to the citizens advice guidelines.
  12. Hi all, looking for some advice as I can't find a straight answer. My dad recently past. I'am the only next of kin. I haven't began probate or truly understand what it is. What I do know is my dad has a safe in which he has cash of approxamatly £50,000. My question is, should i just be able to deposit this into my bank account? Do I need to declare it in the probate process and wait till they say I can? I'm worried about leaving that amount in an empty flat and want to get it safe in the bank. I obviously want to make sure I'm legally doing it though so worried they may say it's not my money technically yet.
  13. No signed 2016. Does that mean I've done something wrong?
  14. So I sent this on 15/11 without the "XX's", I have received no reply. I was a bit preoccupied (family member died). Whats my next step? Letter before action? Dear Sir/Madam Following media reports, and an investigation into credit card charges by the Office of Fair Trading, which I have recently been made aware of, I now understand, that the regime of fees which you have been applying/applied to my account in relation to late fees, and over limit charges, are unlawful at Common Law, Statute and Consumer regulations, in that they did not/do not, represent a genuine pre-estimate of your actual costs. I would draw your attention to the terms of the contract which you agreed to at the time that this account was opened. It is an implied term of that contract that you would conduct yourselves lawfully and in a manner which complies with UK law, and in consideration of fair business practices and good faith. It is my contention, that you have failed to operate my account in a manner conducive to the above, and have demonstrated a lack of fiduciary duty. I calculate that you have taken £XXX which you have charged me in total. Additionally, you have entered an arrears notice against my credit record. In recent years, Courts have been happy to accept claims for charges whilst having regards to the precedent set between KLEINWORT BENSON -v- LINCOLN CITY COUNCIL under section 32 © of the limitation act 1980. Should county court action be needed I will be seeking to rely on this. Therefore this letter requests a refund of all charges indicated 14 days from the date of this letter. I request that payment is made directly to me, by cheque, and that any refund in whole or part should not be allocated to any set off or third parties. Should this occur, my claim will be deemed as unsettled and I will proceed to the Courts for recovery. You now have 14 days to respond positively, and in the absence of this, I will put you on notice with a further 14 days, letter before action. I trust this clarifies my position. The unfair penalty notices were charged on; July - £XXXX November - £XXX Yours Faithfully
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