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  1. Hi How do I get rid of a closed account on my credit account which was a default from 2012? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, I received the following email........I don't have a LLoyds account.....!!! Dear customer, For your protection, you must verify this activity before you can continue using your account. We will review the activity on your account with you and upon verification,and we will remove any restrictions placed on your account. Activate your account now > If you choose to ignore our request, you leave us no choice but to temporary suspend your account.Yours sincerely, Lloyds Banking Group Privacy | Site terms and conditions | Accessibi
  3. Thanks for all the replies. We did manage to get support, (loan) from a close family friend. We are shocked how ever to discover that someone we know has been systematically taking out huge chunks of money £600 three times a month going back several years from his post office account. My dad obviously agreed for this person to have access to his account and in fact they lived together and the person claimed to be next of kin. We cannot comprehend why the person took these huge chunks of money which which is essentially State pension when my dad was in hospital care for several months at a t
  4. thanks comforting to know I am not alone
  5. Thank you, I have to be on benefits to be considered.
  6. Thank you, will try the council
  7. Thank you but I am not on any of the benefits listed in page 3
  8. Hello Can you tell me if there are any schemes to help pay for my dads funeral. I have bad credit which means I cannot apply for loans and my dad, (widowed) did not leave any money for his funeral costs. He took a long time to pass away and past away on Wednesday 08th October, ( I found out on the Saturday 13th October 2014). My sister and few family friends cannot afford the funeral costs. I work for the NHS Hope you can help. BW
  9. I have correspondence from MMF chasing for a loan that was passed on from 'Think Finance' I do not recognise who Think Finance is or the loan amont requested. I have googled Think Finance and came across this link: http://www.fsa.gov.uk/static/pubs/decisions/think-finance.pdf I have not responded to MMF.
  10. Hi I got an email from [email protected] explaining that the following: "Old" or "Frozen" Pension Plan? . Attractive alternative to borrowing Minimum of £2,000 paid to you You must have an "old" or "frozen" pension Minimum £16k cumulative pension value required Free & No obligation Absolutely no credit check They then ask you to fill in a comprehensive form with your personal details and the pensions you have frozen....... How can they get you immediate cash?
  11. Just had a quick rammage to see if I could find my Capital One agreement and i cannot find it at the moment, but looking through another credit card agreement, ( I have two credit cards) I notice I do have some sort of PPI on it. It's my fault for not noticing it earlier as the 'terms for review' finished a few months ago. But then the credit card company seem to have contacted me with a third party to collect the debt without reference to the PPI. I am jus waking up to all of this, I have been overwhelmed with debt and other work/home stress. I will take a breather from the finances toda
  12. Thanks DX, I have moved into 'All included in Rent' accomodation , therefor I am paying off bills for my last accomodation, which in my circumstance are not priority
  13. It seems the edit function is only on thread 7 and I cannot get it on the other threads to edit..?
  14. I have to get to grips with the whole PPI thing CitizenB! Not sure if I have been missold any on my debts , but I note you have useful links on your reply , so I will read and update post soon. Cheers!
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