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  1. Not yet, thank you, I am just amending the template now to suit me and then I will be posting it, Its just really frightened me, this was £50 that I didn't know I owed until after I was made redundant, im not sure where its come from as the time when I have gone into arrears with them, I was unemployed and my council tax was being paid. Its all so confusing. Its gone from £50 to a possible £300 in such a small space of time
  2. I have just spoken to the council and the gentleman I spoke to said once its been passed to an enforcement agency, it stays with them until the accounts been settled, he said there is no way of me settling it with them directly. Is this true?
  3. Hi, about 3 weeks ago a bailiff came to our property to "recover" £50 owed to council tax, I didn't have it because I was made redundant in February and I am 29 weeks pregnant so have been pretty much unemployable, though I have tried. We managed to set up a payment plan which would be £20 every fortnight, paid on a payment card and he said I would receive one through the post then had to start doing it. I didn't receive any card and to be quite honest I pushed it to the back of my mind as I have been trying to get the things I needed for my baby, my partner is working but he doesn't e
  4. I have asked about them and after being told it was compulsory i did a bit of research online (thanks to you pointing me in the right direction) it is useless and not needed so i have my HP agreement and im going down to CAB to see how i can get them off xx
  5. Just had a phone call of Elaine and I think it might be sorted, I am having a replacement TV brought to me tonight until wednesday and I am having 1 month credited onto my account!
  6. Well I have just this minute had a phone call. I have been on the cases all day and they are bringing me a tv, which isnt mine, just to pull me over till wednesday when its delivered. Im not happy with this and have told them and i am still contacting trading standards, Ive got my mum structuring a letter as shes really good with this kind of thing
  7. Ive emailed her but they said shes not in the office today so i doubt she will get it
  8. they said its not been put on the van so i asked why and they said there's no management in we cant tell you so i told them it wasnt good enough i wanted to speak to a manager or supervisor but they wouldn't budge. yes i said Mondays a bank holiday and i got sorry we cant tell you when it will come then.
  9. I no, they are truly ridiculous I had a manager tell me yesterday i would have it today they were quick enough to take a payment
  10. Surprise surprise its not coming today now- Monday. After giving them he'll on the phone does anyone no how I can contact TS, financial ombudsman and who ever else I need?
  11. Today's meant to be the day.. But unfortunately it doesn't look that way. I was meant to get a phonecall first thing with a delivery time which I didn't get. I've waited until now + rang, the girl on the end of the phone said my account didn't say I was having a delivery she said who told you so I said Elaine and the man who took my payment. Too which I got told 1 minute let me see what I can do she put me on hold that was 32 minutes ago! Still on hold waiting.
  12. No problem I wont. Thanks for your help. Ill sit down and structure one tonight and post it on in the morning, least the reading up on regulations will help me in the long run. I start a Bachelors of Laws Honours degree in October
  13. Ok so if i research on the internet regulations and put together a rough letter if i post it on here will you read it to make sure its worded properly, i wouldnt have the first idea where to start. I am going CAB on Monday so if i take my HP Agreements and letters with the insurance details ans a print off of the emails which say its compulsory should they be able to guide me in the right direction. I can deal with them being threatening and pushy as long as they dont send people round to my house, im not good with face to face confrontation. this wont happen will it?
  14. I dont believe them for a second. What would you suggest my next course of action should be? I will start listening to you and not them, Im just not sure what to do next
  15. It makes me angry also but it is a catch 22 situation at the moment as until the TV is back in my possession they can at any moment "bring an end to the agreement" there words not mine. so until i have the TV there is very little I can do. x
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