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  1. Hi guys sorry it's been a while, lots going on, I can't find link to post sar letters Pjsgirl
  2. Hi Ge have finally sent the info, after having issues changing my address !!! Do I need to post all paperwork or just the ones with payments/charges etc x Thanks in advance Pjsgirl
  3. Hi I just googled ge money online and went to their contact us page, it has address which is the same as the ones on their letter x
  4. Thanks guys, So change address, then sar. And then read through to check every charge and any extras they've added. Then what? Do I post response for more advice? Pjsgirl
  5. Ok thank you, really appreciate all the advice, doesn't seem so terrifying now. Pjsgirl
  6. What could I possibly claim? Pretty sure no Ppi on it......... Sooooo confused lol Pjsgirl
  7. Thank you, I will. Oh and I never have phone contact except when I wanted to change address What should I expect after I have sent sar? Sorry total novice to this, usually pretty good with these sorts of things but this seems so confusing, not as cut and dry as I had hoped lol Thanks Pjsgirl
  8. Hi dx100uk it's unsecured, I haven't sent a sar, I've recently moved so I have to write to them for change of address, they won't accept phone call!!! I'm sending that tomorrow, should I wait for confirm address before sending sar? Yes still with ge and on credit file Pjsgirl
  9. Hi, I thought I'd see what I can do about settling a joint ge money loan taken out approx 7 years ago. Unfortunately I've been reading posts on here and now think I'm in for a rough ride : I spoke with them last week and have a settlement figure of 4.5k although the original debt was only about 6k. I was actually hoping to be able to offer a reduced full and final settlement but from posts on here it seems highly unlikely. The loan was taken out jointly by my ex and myself. We split and had a couple of joint debts so we agreed to take one each, I'm stuck with this one. I have absolutely no idea what I can do or need to do to get this from around my neck. I haven't missed any payments, although they are usually a week or so late ( now a single parent) The account isn't in arrears ATM as I'm usually borrowing from my parents to make payments, a friend of mine has offered to help me clear it as it's going to take me about 30 years to settle otherwise. Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated x Thank you sooo much for reading Pjs girl x
  10. Good for you, I'm still trying to get my head around this site to find exactly what I'm looking for lol x
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