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  1. bhall I just found your message, thank you too I don't know many of the details of the first mortgage, that was before I met him. I feel sad that he has gone because he was also a close friend. The property I think was valued about £65,000 and he brought it through 1st mortgage of £35,000.
  2. The citizens advice bureau say that because it is a secured loan as a second mortgage on his house, the debt will be paid through the selling of the house, the executor of the will will need to sort that. although if there is any debt left after I may have a bit of a problem, for now I feel relieved. There is hope. Thank you dx and everybody for all of your thoughts and help.
  3. I know, I've never even had a first mortgage let alone jumped up to having a second one I didn't really want.
  4. Its down as a second mortgage beginning in 2005
  5. Currently the outstanding default balance is £22,725, current balance £19,645. Defaulted on 5/3/2009.
  6. Thanks everyone. This debt is on my credit report I have checked. It is a secured loan with First Plus, my ex-partner owns/owned the property. I am in the process of seeking further advice.
  7. Thank you caro. I will be seeing the letters soon, his mum will be giving them to me to go through. I have never paid any of it, he had always said that it wouldn't affect me so I have never given it much thought until now. The loan was taken out around 2007 and I left in 2009. Thank you again
  8. Hi, My ex-partner recently died a few years ago while I was with him he took out a 2nd mortgage loan on his house to clear his debts but I signed too - the loan people said I needed to sign because I lived there. The house was not in both our names - it was his house and the loan was secured on his property. He said it would not affect me, they just needed to know who was living there. We split up nearly five years ago. I don't know where I stand with this. He had not been paying it, his mother says she has found a lot of horrible letters regarding
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