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  1. Hi, i'm looking for some advice on where I stand with regards to a vehicle purchased at a online Copart Auction please. The vehicle was advertised as Unrecorded and in the additional information stated that it was an import, it has never been UK registered, additional charges may apply to register in the UK and it's history cannot be guaranteed. There was no mention of where the vehicle was imported from, so was extremely difficult to trace back any history. I purchased the vehicle believing it to be a UK car, it was right hand drive and sold through a UK company. It was only when I had paid and sent a driver to collect the car that I realised it wasn't a UK car. Not only this, but the damage was much worse than photographed on the website, someone had basically polished a turd. I accepted this and cracked on and repaired the vehicle. The retail of the car here in England was £42,000 and after its repair I have around £40,000 in it. Because the speedometer was in Kilometres, I then had to order brand new clocks before the vehicle would pass an IVA Test, these were on backorder and took 4 months to arrive. Speedo arrived, the vehicle was completed and passed through its IVA Test with no issues. From here is where I tried to register the vehicle with DVLA. I was told by them this would take 10 days and after 6 weeks of waiting I finally received a response from them to the tune of... We have been liaising with Australian Authorities and the vehicle was a statutory write off, because of this we cannot issue a logbook under it's original VIN number. It must have a replacement VIN number and be on Q Plates because of a it's questionable history. I looked into this more now I knew where the vehicle was from and a Statutory Write Off in Australia means "A statutory write-off is too badly damaged to be repaired to a standard that is safe for road use. The vehicle identification number (VIN) is recorded as a statutory write-off, and the vehicle is not allowed to be registered. These vehicles are only suitable for use as parts or scrap metal." - What's known in the UK at a Category B vehicle. These are worth around 10% of a cars retail value as they should never be allowed on the road again - only dismantled for parts and crushed. I have since spoken to Copart who have told me that because the vehicle has never been registered in the UK, that the car is "Unrecorded" and they have not misrepresented it on the advert. They have said they will look into the documentation and come back to me. I was looking to get opinions on this. As I have £40,000 in a vehicle which is worth around £8,000 as a breaker and probably £15,000 - £18,000 as a vehicle with "Q Plates". Not only this, but I am now concerned for my safety as it's been deemed unsafe by an assessor previously. Copart are saying the vehicle is unrecorded, yet I have a certificate confirming it is, although not in the UK. What has happened here is a [problem]mer has purchased the vehicle in Australia as a parts only vehicle, exported it to the UK then sold it as an unrecorded right hand drive vehicle for maximum profit. Surely Copart should have done the due diligence before advertising this car as unrecorded? I have been told international titles will confirm if the vehicle is for destruction or not - something Copart will have asked for before making the vehicle available for auction. Any advice and thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. Hi there, I'm currently struggling to pay off $AU 7k debt that is owed to an Australian bank, which has now been sold to a Debt Collection Agency in Oz. T hey tried to find out where I was living by contacting my ex partner and have tracked me down in the UK. They said they will forward this to their overseas affiliates Stevensdrake. I received a couple of letters from SD, the last one stating 'in the absence of any response we are instructed to commence legal proceedings against you. Court costs and interest will become payable (where applicable) in addition to the basic debt if those proceedings are successful.' Having studied most of the threads most people would recommend ignoring them. I have made no contact with them at all and this debt is pretty recent, only about 1 year. So I have about 5 years before going down the SB route. It looks like SD do bring people to court in relation to this...which is my fear. Unfortunately I have zero money or assets here. Just UK debts which I'm trying to pay off every month, I'm on min wage salary and I actually can only just about pay my bills, rent and food every month. My Mum isn't well so I had to move back within a year of being there. When I moved back to the UK from OZ I was unemployed for 6 months because I couldn't find work. I'm just not sure what the best way forward is as most people say to ignore them but I've seen some people recommending to make contact as to not let them think they will get an automatic judgement against me if they did bring proceedings forward. Any advice would be so appreciated.
  3. Hi CarTrader89, have you had any luck in sorting out this situation with copart I also purchased a Australian import from copart and I myself is in the same dilemma as you, I’m thinking about taking them to court
  4. A strain of influenza which hit Australia and affected 98,000 people, is set to come to Britain and could case our worst epidemic for fifty years. Will it or wont it.I am taking no chances how about you. The vulnerable groups include the over-65s, pregnant women, children from six to 24 months and those with long-term *illness such as *diabetes, heart disease and asthma. https://www.unilad.co.uk/health/deadly-flu-outbreak-in-uk-expected-to-kill-thousands/ Well i have not much time this morning to hang around. I am nipping off sharpish to the vets to have my Flu Injection. Adios must fly. Tawnyowl.
  5. Legal rights when dealing with debt collectors For more information : - Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Australia - Dealing with Debt and Fair Practices.pdf Before Printing the PDF TIP If you DO NOT wish to print Page 1 (Cover Page) of the PDF, please ensure to do the following: Ensure you go to your Printer Settings and set it to 'Print from Page 2' (this way Page 1 (Cover Page) should not print out). Note: This will save you Ink & Paper
  6. Hi guys, I have been reading the forums and the amount of helpful information on here is amazing. I am hoping to get some advice about my situation. I am an Australian Citizen but recent UK resident and I am having some issues with a DCA at the moment called Credit Corp. Essentially they are chasing me for a 10k personal loan, that I wasn't be able to pay. I haven't made payments in the last 9 months to 1 year so I am assuming the bank very recently sold it on to them. They have called me at my place of work in the UK to identify me. I did not want them to call me at work again due to the fact that all calls are recorded and listened to by my boss and I work in quite a small company and I have direct contact daily with the CEO and managing director so I dont want this to cause problems. I have a few questions around privacy concerns and also am wanting some advice around what to do. I am not in a financial position to pay the debt at the moment and I am quite sure I will not be returning to Australia within the foreseeable future to live there. I don't want to skip out on this debt, but I am also not in a position to meet their demands or pay much money as most of my salary is eaten up by high living costs here. They have told me they expect me to pay £750-£1000 a fortnight, this is 4x what I was paying on the loan originally, and to be honest even if I could afford this I am debating if it is worth paying to this company. They have made out like the bank is saying that I have to pay this much, when further research shows that they buy debt for pennies on the dollar, so they are trying to make money off of it. I have had 2 discussions with the DCA, one telling me to pay a lump settlement and one about structuring payments. A few concerns I have at this stage around privacy and coercion are as follows : I believe the DCA found my employment details on Facebook as I made this viewable to friends and friends of friends a few days ago, however I don't add people I do not know, so I am concerned about how they have found this information, and if it is through Facebook if they are making fake profiles etc, as I know from a limited amount of research this is not ethical and possibly not legal. Is there a way for me to find out how they got this information? The DCA rep also asked for my address in the UK and I advised I didn't want to give it to them, they advised me this is required by law. I do not believe this is correct. Can someone please verify this? I have given a past address for now, and if it is required I can tell them I have moved and give them my new address. If this is a lie, then essentially what can I/should I do about this? Can I complain, or use this to assist me in getting them to stop contacting me? My main concern at this point is legal ramifications, which from what I have read for the amount of money I owe I should be fairly ok as they probably won't do much apart from make threats. I am only on a short visa, but I believe the company I work for will be able to assist me in obtaining a work permit and then eventually I will be able to get residency and a UK passport. This is a fairly recent debt, so they still have a long time to chase it before statute of limitations set in, do you guys think it may cause me legal issues down the track or that if they sell it to a UK debt collection agency that this will cause problems with UK credit? I don't have any credit at the moment, but this may be something that I need to look into further on down the track if I settle here. I am also worried they won't stop coming for me for the next 5-6 years at least, which would be frustrating and stressful, I guess feeling like I'm looking over my shoulder waiting for the harassment. My main concern is that they will keep harassing me and calling me at work, as letters emails and personal calls are easier to deal with. I have read on the ACCC website that if I write to them and ask them to stop all contact that they will only be able to send court orders etc. and only in writing. Is this accurate? Or will they continue to hound me, as this is the indication I am getting from other people's posts on here. If this is the case would it be better to ask them to contact me by email or post only? If they don't oblige I am gathering I can complain to the ACCC either way, which should help stop them for a little while atleast. I am assuming if I do this they will get their UK attorneys to send me threatening letters and start calling me, again from posts of people in similar situations on this forum. Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated. My main focus at the moment is just getting rid of them for the moment, and then looking into the legal ramifications and options and making a plan from there rather than being pressured into someone who is trying to meet their KPI target for the month and lying to me to get my money. Thanks to all the people that have posted similar situations, it's already been a massive help in easing my mind and helping me not stress about this situation so I can get it resolved one way or the other.
  7. Hi There I have followed a number of the threads on this forum, and hope you will forgive me posting this. I am just absolutely terrified about my current situation and the legal implications (if any). I would highly value any help members could provide. My situation: I was on a six figure salary with my previous employer who, a few days ago, informed me that they would be closing with immediate effect. Unfortunately, I have just gone and taken out a couple of loans (about five weeks ago) to help fund a new car and decorate my mum's house for her 80th birthday, and have accrued a fair bit on my credit cards to pay for a silver wedding anniversary cruise for the wife and I. The best part of my salary for the past few years has been spent funding our two children through university overseas. I've been offered a replacement role in Australia, but on a much lower salary (about £40,000 equivalent) and without any accommodation arranged. I already hold a permanent resident visa - as my wife is Australian and we lived out there for a few years. (Returned in 2014, and I have my right to return still active). We will be able to move across to Australia to take up the job, but I know I will be completely unable to properly service my debts (which are roughly £100,000). I am primarily terrified that I will be prosecuted for fraud (although I, in all truth, believed there would be no change to my circumstances when I took out the loans -- as these were only taken out a few weeks ago). I can make full repayments for the next few months before we move; however, I am going to need every penny from my salary to keep us going in Australia for the first little while. I am pensive about offering my debtors a nominal £1 per month payment in good faith until I get established over there. I do not want to run from these debts; however, I also do not want to face prison if the lenders think I committed fraud. We have no mortgage, the house is in my wife's name and I have never contributed towards the house payments: so I think it is safe from repossession, in case things go wrong out in Australia? Basically. Help. Am I going to have an international warrant for my arrest put out because of perceived fraud!? I know this probably sounds ridiculous to some, and I hope you can clarify where I stand. I've got myself in a right bloody mess here.
  8. Hi guys, I was referred here by a colleague because you were helpful to him. I was living with a friend up until recently. He has moved to Australia (15th September he left). Since his departure we have received many letters from various companies, but I have no idea of their names. The envelopes are blank, with nothing but his name and a return PO Box address on them. This morning we received a hand delivered letter, which is the calling card of debt collectors I am lead to believe. Again I don't know the company involved. I have spoken to said housemate about this, and he said that he knows his debts and will telephone them to sort it out, but I have little faith in this. Obviously I do not wish to have debt collectors knocking at our door demanding money/goods/whatever, and I am wondering the best course of action. Thanks.
  9. hi everyone, this is my first post, although i've been a member for about 2 years. i find this site phenomenally helpful. this is the issue i have. my wife and i are moving to Oz with our two kids. we're going on a student visa (subclass 572), she's studying and i'm working, so we won't be "residents" at first. we hope to gain residency in the future, probably around 5 years away. the problem is i'm in a debt management plan at the moment, all the debt is in my name, around £33k. most of the debts are with collectors now, here they are and who they're with:- 1 Halifax (Bank Overdraft) £4000 2 Co-operative Bank (Credit Card) £123 3 Barclaycard (Credit Card) £3300 4 Blair Oliver and Scott Ltd (Debt Collection Agency) £14150 5 Clarity (Debt Collection Agency) £2600 6 Direct Legal and Collections £8500 (Debt Collection Agency) i know this looks bad but i had some bad luck business wise in 2008 and the debts mounted up quickly. i've claimed back the PPI on all of them so that helped. my question is this- as we will not be permanent residents in Oz for a few years, will they be able to apply through the courts in the U.K to make me pay the debts? i'm paying £100 a month towards them at the moment but won't be able to keep up the payments when we go, maybe i can reduce the payment further to keep them off my back while we get settled. also, if i keep my head down and put everything in the wife's name over there, will they find me? please don't judge me too harshly, i'd prefer to pay them off but it's just not possible as we need all the money we can save to go with, and if we make it over there then there's always a chance i'll be able to in the future. whereas if we stay here they'll be around my neck until the day i die. thanks in advance for any info anyone can give, it'll be much appreciated.......
  10. Hi all, First time post. I've read through all of the posts and the advice is extremely valuable. However, I have a very specific question about how debts are tracked when living abroad. I have the following debts here in the UK: Credit card 1: £2,500 Credit card 2: £5,500 Overdraft: £3,000 Student loan: £8,000 (post 1998) Long story short, I had an overdraft of £500 about 6 years ago. I went to work with a family member who promised much but delivered nothing and also didn't pay me a wage. Ultimately, I fell into debt, which I have managed to maintain and not default on but am yet to clear. I won't provide the sob story as it seems the debt collectors won't care! Reading the threads on here it seems that leaving and defaulting on bank/credit card debt in the UK whilst living in Australia will mean that I will 99% not be chased. However, I understand SLC debt is an entirely different story. I am willing to continue paying back my student loan (although seems unfair that this will be post tax and subject to currency exchange fees) but this will mean leaving a contact address in Australia. If I do default on the "private" debt can collection agencies get my address from SLC? As far as I'm aware the debt wouldn't be enforceable in Australia anyway and as long as I stayed away for 6-7 years it would be SB'd and off my credit file. I move in just over a month, so need to plan a course of action for continuing to pay the bank/credit card debts or simply leaving them behind and starting afresh. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, I am an Australian/British citizen (Dual Nationality) and I have lived in the UK for the past 11 years. Unfortunately I have made poor choices whilst I have been here and I am in debt. I have been paying a DMP for the past 2 years and I have roughly £9,500 in total left to pay to various creditors. I have to move back to Australia in about 3 months time due to my parents ill health and this move will be permanent and I have no intention of returning to the UK. I would like some advice on if I will be chased for this debt in Australia if I just leave without paying? Also, is there anything I should do in the next 3 months before I leave? I do not want to give them my address in Australia but should I notify them that I am leaving the country? Thank you for your advice in advance
  12. Hi everyone I have just discovered this forum and I have a few questions. You will have to excuse my ignorance I am afraid as I am guilty of burying my head under the sand with regards to my debts, so I may ask some stupid questions. Just over 6 years ago I had a number of debts, probably totalling around £12k, on various credit cards, an overdraft and a personal loan. I was young and silly and as my boyfriend of 5 years had a rubbish credit rating, I took loans out for both of us in my name, which he swore he would help pay back after we split, which as you can imagine, he didn't. I still had every intention of paying however I then got made redundant from my job. I did actually take out PPI for the larger loans, I contacted my bank, explained I had no income, and I wanted them to make the payments for me for the relevant loans as per the PPI agreement. Well, it turns out I was one of those mis-sold PPI, as I had been in my job for less than a year and therefore the PPI agreement was invalidated (although they knew I had been in this job for less than a year when I took out both the loan and the PPI). Furthermore, they were very aggressive with me over the phone and essentially told me that I had to pay and I should borrow off friends or family etc etc. I also caught them in a number of lies, which they were using to threaten me. At the end of the day, I couldnt afford to pay back the minimun payments, and I was angry about the whole PPI thing, I just didn't pay them. But as I knew I would ruin my credit rating by not paying these loans - there was no point paying any of them, especially as I was unemployed anyway! A silly attitude to have, but I was broke, fed up and depressed. I proceeded to get lots of threatening letters and phone calls, which I ignored, and I moved around a lot over the following 6 years - nothing to do with the debts. I never once had a bailiff turn up. I eventually stopped opening the letters at all and many were returned to sender I presume by the company that manages the apartments where I have lived as the mail was unclaimed. Most of the debt companies have given up, although every now and then I will get a letter in the post. I am at the 4th residence since I last acknowledged the debt, so I guess they're only hoping that I am at my current address. I have not so much as checked my credit rating in the last 6 years, and for all I know I have at least 1 CCJ against me. I am now married to someone who is aware of my debts but we have been careful to not have any kind of joint finances, he owns a property (which he rents out), and I don't want them trying to take it off of him. He has an unusual surname, whereas mine is common so I am not even changing my name in the UK, as it would be much easier to do a trace on the new name, in the UK or abroad. I am also on maternity leave at the moment, I am on statutory pay, which is virtually nothing, and have no valuables other than my engagement ring and my mac. All our savings are in my husbands name in his bank account. I'm moving to Australia (dual national) in Feb next year. By October next year, 6 years would have passed since I acknowledged any of my debts, and as far as I am aware, my credit rating in the UK should then be clean. My credit rating in Australia is perfect. I guess my questions are: If I do have a CCJ for the UK do I have anything to worry about? We only have 3 more months left in the UK, what is the worst that could happen in that time if someone decided to do something about it. Is it worth me going on Experian to check the status of my credit history? I'm not acknowledging any debt by doing this am I? Can a CCJ follow me to Oz? Is there anything I should do (or not do) before I go to prevent any debt collectors knowing I have left the UK and start searching for me abroad? I.e I am wary about telling our utility companies or current bank (of which I don't owe any money) our Australian address to forward on final bills in case I get tracked down that way. I am nervous of being tracked down in Oz, not that I am really bothered by their threats as from reading this forum it doesn't look like any debt is enforceable in Oz anyway and if a UK debt shows up on my credit file I can get it removed and also complain - but we will be staying with my parents when we get to Oz and I don't want a record of any dodgy debt on their home address. I think I should just keep my head down for the next year when I hit 6 years and then all will be okay? Any suggestions would be great! And sorry for the idiotic questions.
  13. Hi Everyone, I really need some sound advice so please If anyone can help ! I feel helpless, embarrassed and ashamed that I have moved to Australia leaving debts behind in the uk. I have buried my head in the sand hoping they will go away but im at a loss what to do know. I have been in oz nearly 12 months, I have just received a phone call from a company who track people down debts. I put the phone down on them when they asked for me, and I have since pulled the cord out. I feel sick with worry, the questions that keep buzzing around my head are :- 1. Can I forced to pay my UK debts whilst im in Australia ? 2. if I am not in the uk can I be issued with a CCJ ? (I have read that this is illegal) 3. how can I stop being issued with a CCJ while im in Australia ? 4. What can happen to me if they have my address in Australia ? 5. I don't know if the debt has been sold on from the uk bank/ cc company so can they or a dca still legally make me pay ? 6. What will happen if I don't answer any calls, letters or deny all knowledge to any door knockers ? I am on my backside financially, it cost me so much to get here to try and start a new better life for my family, and this country is so expensive, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi, firstly I am not proud of my situation, in fact I am highly embarrassed but none the less it's my situation and I need some help in how to deal with it correctly please. I left the UK five years ago with two credit card debts totalling 7000pound (combined). Over the last 4 1/2 years I have been paying the minimum amount. The Companies have my address and phone number in Australia - I was not trying to hide from my debt which is now around 5000pound combined over the two cards. Six months ago my situation changed and I was not able to continue payments without slipping into debt in Australia so I stopped my payments. I did not contact them and have ignored all letters and phone calls, many calls coming in the middle of the night. Two days ago my mother in the UK got a letter (addressed to me at her address) from a debt collection agency. In it they said that if I didnt live at the address she should contact them or they would presume I lived there. My relationship with my mother is already strained so as you can imagine this has just made it all a whole lot worse. She is (justifiably) worried about a bad credit rating going on her address. I emailed the company saying that I believed they were trying to contact me (so I guess I will hear back over the next couple of days) as I really don't want my mother to be dragged into my horrible mess. The long and short of it all is that I have just enough money to keep my (and my 3 childrens) heads above water, there is no extra money. I don't drink and I don't smoke. I don't waste my money as every cent is accounted for. I'm not sleeping and eating makes me feel sick. I am constantly dreading a knock on the door and worried that this is going to show up on my Australian credit rating now and in the future. I don't know where to turn to for help. I know this is my own mess but I really don't know how to get out of it all and face the future.
  15. Hi, I have a 12,000 AUD credit card debt in Australia while I was leaving the country back in 2006. I was making regular payments for 2 years but did not pay anything after I left. Ever since I left the country I have not heard a word from the bank or any other authority. However, now I need to apply for another visa for another country and I need a police clearance certificate from Australia National Police. Although this is not a criminal offence, I want to know what will be the outcome of my police clearance? I am hearing that the case can be forwarded to the police and can be recorded as a fraud. how does statutory limitation work in this case? its been almost 8 years since I left the country and made any payment. Please advice what is my status as per the law.
  16. I'd be really grateful for any advice. I'm currently living in Australia but am returning to the UK in about 7 weeks. Recently, I had an incident with a hire car and am now being pursued for $30k by the hire company as they believe I was outside T&Cs. I'll keep all that short as it's not really relevant but I strongly dispute the fact that they wrote off the car and also that I am outside the T&Cs. However, they are not being very cooperative in terms of discussing and I fear that I will be leaving the country before any agreement is found. I'm trying to understand the range of options, including worst case. One option I'm considering is to write to them before I leave, with a cheque for $5k (repair amount estimated by Toyota mechanic) in full & final settlement. I have read all the great advice re companies pursuing Oz debt in the UK and the limitations of that. Most of that seems to be about credit cards and where the individual has signed up to a credit agreement. I guess this is different - the hire company is claiming against me for money. When I return to the UK, what happens? Do you they have to pursue their claim in the Aus courts, and maybe then try to transfer it to the UK under the Reciprocal Enforcement Act, or could the hire company (multinational) simply pursue me from their UK office? For supporting info, they don't actually have a UK address for me (neither do I yet!). I'd be very grateful for any help. I want to get this settled before I leave but I want to pay a reasonable amount.
  17. Hi Guys, I have a credit card debt between $1000 to $1500 with an Australian bank and I will be leaving Australia in a few months. I am an International Student here and can't afford to pay it off before I move back to Asia. I will not be coming back to Australia. Will the bank try to come after me over a $1500 debt? If i don't pay, could there be a criminal case against me in an Australian court ? Also, could this debt affect me in any way getting any visas for EU or US in the future. Thanks.
  18. Hi Guys i have 1 slc loan and an honors student loan from 97,98,99. I am in Ozzy and am now an Australian Citizen. no UK family, income , address or bank I have always filled in my deferment paperwork and been deferred every year until now . Hence my user name USELESS PIECE OF PAPER - never used it and ended up earning similar money to before i had a 'degree'. I own a home here due to a partner who has high earnings and we have totally separate finances . I already pay a large amount of my salary to a mortgage and credit card debt. So they refused my referral , what i would like to know is can i just walk away , they have my address , phone number and employer but realistically what can they do . Ive read most of the forums on here and it looks as though ignoring them but via the proper medium is a possibility. I just don't have the money to pay them . Are they chasing Greek students or Cypriots where the economy has failed. How far can they legally chase me . Any information would be gratefully received. I have said i would pay what i could but they quite rudely told me it wasn't enough. Interesting they take exchange rate into account on deferring but in repayments they do not take into account cost of living in another country. Any information would be helpful. perhaps even the name of a professional i can seek advise from as well
  19. I have over $30,000 in credit debt-and have been paying $1000 a month of which only $200 goes to principle. The finance charge is low on credit portion, but they are charging me another interest payment for the cash advance portion of debt so a total of over $800 in interest. I am no longer a resident and hve been denied my recent renewal as I have no property and work overseas. I am a dual EU and SA citizen and am married to a US citizen who owns a home in US, though I only am out of the US much of the year due to work. I have no savings and this is half my current total debt and have been advised to stop paying this account until I can take care of my US debt and offshore debt in EU and set up an emergency fund as my job is very unstable. I do plan to visit Australia again, and do not wish to hurt my families US credit. I need to know if this would hurt me more than help me in the long run?
  20. Hi guys, I have been reading over these threads with much interest over the past week. My situation as follows and any tips, help greatly appreciated. I have 2 alleged debts in Oz,16 000 au, last contact with original creditor "which bank"was feb 2007. Alleged total of debts by Credit Corp in 2013 is 25000au. They only contacted me about one debt then, they tried to bring the other into the conversation many weeks later.I have not heard from credit corp for 4 years, until now, I have been in the UK since March 2006. Credit corp has entered a county court claim through Stevens drake. I have replied contesting jurisdiction, I have also just made a misconduct complaint against credit corp with asic. I am yet to enter my defence for the jurisdiction, I have a week left to send it in, any pointers or experience in these matters would be greatly received. I have not entered into any dialogue at all with stevens drake. In 2008 I had brief conversations and an email exchange with credit corp. I admitted to nothing on all occasions and I never signed an agreement or paid them any money. look forward to your replys.
  21. Good evening all I hope I don't get burned on here, just looking for some honest advice... my life is in a real mess at the moment and not sure if I can keep going... I have some UK debt that I have been servicing from Australia and cannot keep it up as the rising cost of living is pushing me to the edge... The UK debt is in the tune of 14,000 GBP and I'm not sure what to do... I have had to stop the Direct debit from my UK Bank before my UK Bank freezes everything. No one in the UK financial institutes have my address and I am not sure whether to contact these people now I have stopped the direct debit and inform them of the situation or not.... Advice please.... I have always paid my taxes and never done anything underhand in my life but having moved here permanently for good I don't want to ruin everything here too. Can UK debtors take my Australian assets from me? can they impact my credit file here? Not sure if I can deal with this pressure feel like completely giving up... Your advice is gratefully received... Im not looking to be told I'm a bad person just some sensible advice that will help my situation. Me...
  22. Hi all Great resources and posts here, you've helped many people, hope you keep up the excellent work. First off - apologies - I've deep dived into the forum as much as I possibly could over the last couple of days but it is vast! I couldn't see anything matching my situation exactly. I also hope this is the right place to post - it was a toss up between overseas debt and student loans. I am a "Pom" living in Australia - emigrated about 10 years ago. Up until about 18 months ago I was a fairly good (if a little reluctant ;-)) Student Loans Company "patron", filling out my income assessments each year, started paying when my income went over the threshold. Yes - a few times I got into arrears and didn't always pay each month. During those times I had pre recorded phone calls and messages etc from "debt collectors", but essentially I would always clear the arrears and they always went away, after some stern tellings off. Times have been hard recently though. I've been sole income provider for my family for some time now and have copped some other "part of life's rich tapestry" unexpected expenses and events and have been struggling with my Aussie debts and mortgage, let alone the SLC one I still have reasonable earning power which looks OK on paper (which is essentially all that they look at), but circumstances are not very rosy. Interestingly they haven't hassled me much. The last payment I made when I was in arrears I explained my situation and that I was in some financial strife. They were totally unsympathetic, I felt very belittled on the phone (after being on hold for an eternity to get through to what I can only assume was a scottish, female version of Hitler) and I basically paid back the arrears in a couple of instalments after taking their medicine. My Australian credit card provider lapped up the big payment of course! That was a good 18 months to 2 years ago now. I haven't rung them or contacted them in any way since - rightly or wrongly I decided that I couldn't pay the exorbitant amount they were demanding per month, they wouldn't negotiate on it, so I decided to focus my efforts on getting myself out of trouble financially in Aus first (wolfs at the door), with the intent actually of getting a personal loan over here to pay off the balance of my student loan when I'm able to. I have ignored two requests for income assessments. I have had no threatening phone calls or letters (which I have previously had). I did get a letter telling me my default payment seeing as I hadn't filed my income assessment (which incidentally was less than the calculated amount I think!) I'm quite sure it's only a matter of time, perhaps even very short time before they take further action. But what is that going to be? I'm not a legal eagle - I'm a bit confused by my research on this forum. On one hand I see a long thread about Barclays debts being sold to Aussie debt collectors and there being no case to answer to. But I understand that this is governed by a CCA and that essentially you need a CCJ issued to an address in the UK before it can be taken through the legal system over here. Also understand the data privacy issues with selling a debt to another country etc. all of which makes it hard to chase over here. What does this income contingent loan come under? I know that stat baring doesn't apply and if I go back to the UK the debt would still stand and would come out of my pay. Would I end up in the courts over there? Can they get me over here or can I afford to take a little extra time before paying them back a lump sum borrowed from a loan over here? Can they wreck my credit rating here (which would obviously defeat my plans to borrow to pay them, and future mortgages? Do they still have to get a CCJ to start things rolling with these new income contingent loans? Can I expect calls from an Aussie debt collection service and how seriously should I take them? Please... un confuse me and help me with an informed strategy! I haven't ruled out going back to the UK to live at some stage, and do honestly intend paying this back... just need some time. Would help to know exactly what can and cannot be done to me! Cheers..
  23. Hi everyone, hope i have posted in the correct area ! i have been searching these forums for many months but keep reading conflicting information. I am emigrating to AUSTRALIA in June 2013 ,cant let this opportunity go by ! My story is i have had 2 operations in 6 months and have been on the floor ,never thought this would happen to me as i am the only bread winner in the family ! I have basically defaulted on 2 credit cards £4000 and £2000 ,now i really dont like running away from my commitments but i am now in a low paid job and cant see any way out !!!!!! What i would like to know is are these agreements enforcable in OZ ???? I have come to an agreement with both lenders and have been paying something every month one is halifax the other is RBS although the Halifax have demanded the whole balance via DEBT COLLECTORS BLARE OLIVER AND SCOTT. Can i avoid a CCJ on both ? do i just give them a P O BOX NO when i get there ? how am i on the legal side of things ? I understand that if a CCJ is issued it is for EVER! ANY HELP PLEASE WOULD BE GREAT, thankyou TIM.
  24. Hello, I'm new to this sight but have been reading several posts and would like to put my situation to you (developed over many years which I am ashamed of). I have a DMP with the CCCS for debts around £67000 unsecured and have been successfully paying off my plan to date. I've had this DMP since 2009. I moved to Australia just over a year ago without telling the CCCS (had a job opportunity and was afraid they wouldn't let me go - in retrospect I should have told them!), and now my review is due - in fact a little late. If I tell them I am now in Australia, which I think I should do, will this affect my DMP and do you think the creditors will not accept the review especially as I haven't told them of my position? Should I let them know my Australian address and telephone numbers? I have a house in the UK with no equity that I know of and the mortgage is with NRAM, if the review is not accepted, is it likely that the creditors will want the house sold? The situation gets worse - the mortgage is for about £199000 with an additional secured loan of around £47000. Last valuation of the house last year was for £250000. I have been renting the house out to my stepson but he's now moving out and now I will be renting the house to new tenants. I have no property here in Australia and just rent a house. Could I possibly ask your thoughts on this please?
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