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  1. I have received another email from credit corps stating the following: I can confirm your recent dealings with xxxxx in my team regarding this and that it was your intention to make contact with him upon your return to work last week. Sadly this has not happened and xxxx has today escalated the matter to me for the consideration of outsourcing. Our UK agents, Stevensdrake Solicitors, are standing by awaiting my instructions and I must recommend your urgent respnse to this email with a payment proposal. Payments can be made via our website ww.creditcorp.com.au however the amount and f
  2. Thanks for all the very prompt replies. In answer to the questions: Non of the emails were signed. They actually mentioned overseas agents I interpreted that to mean UK DCA. I was resident in Queensland. I acknowledge the debt in October and last week (wish I had found this forum first!) The debts are all in my name not joint names. The total debts would be over $15, 000 but Credit Corps are seeking just over $12,000 for a $8,000 original debt. Thanks for all the initial support.
  3. I would be grateful if someone could advise me what my next step is as I am being chased by Credit Corps for an outstanding St George Credit Card. I left Australia in December 2007 and my husband (now estranged) was supposed to continue payment in this credit card and two other loans. He has since done a disappearing act and has not paid off loans. I was first contacted in Oct 2011 by letter at my work (I was still using my married name which is very unusual and easy to trace.) I ignored the letter but they then sent me an email which I responded to say that acknowledged the loan (A st
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