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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all I am after some advice. I am currently on a DMP through Step Change and I have been paying £422 a month for about 3 months now. I am due to inherit some money so I want advice on paying the debts or ‘settling them’ as I have seen in previous posts. Full and final is what I have seen crop up a lot. The balances are as follows; £27,814.00 – Sainsburys Loan showing as ‘1 month late’ on my credit report £2,265.00 – Halifax Overdraft £2,028.13 – Halifax Credit Card £3,826.00 – MBNA Credit Card showing as ‘1 month late’ on my credit report I have seen posts about offering 20% to each firm, can someone point me in the right direction for templates ect. or advise what I they recommend I should do. If I can get them all settled and get myself off the DMP how long will my credit file be effected for? Thanks, Sam
  2. Hi, I had a previous bank account (but not old enough to be SB) with HSBC which was overdrawn by a large amount. Negotiations to sort things out with HSBC broke down and I've not heard anything from them for 3 years, and have since moved. I came home yesterday to a claim form (dated 29th August) from MKDP LLP who now appear to own the account. I presume they have traced me, but I have had no prior correspondence from them. The amount claimed is a lot higher than the overdraft was, so will doubtless include countless fees. The particulars of claim are 'The Claimant claims the sum of being monies due from the defendant(s) to under a bank account facility regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and assigned to the claimant on . The defendant(s) account number was . It was a term of the bank account that any debit balance would be repayable in full on demand. The defendant(s) has failed to make payment as required by the demand for payment sent by . The claimant claims the sum of and costs. The claimant has complied, as far as is necessary, with the pre-action conduct practice direction'. No other supporting documents are included, which I suspect is because there aren't any - the overdraft was originally agreed back in 2001 entirely over the phone and I never signed anything or was sent any specific terms before having it. I'm think defend is the way forward as I definitely do not owe the figure claimed, but I don't know what the actual figure should be so I can't really claim partial admission since I don't know how much to admit, which leaves full defence as the only option, and if they don't back down, a full & final settlement offer to try and avoid a CCJ being issued. I understand that section 77 requests are not relevant to an overdraft, but do I have any other rights under the CCA to demand supporting documentation for the claim and would I be able to use failure to supply this as a defence as you can with a failed section 77 request? Some advice on the best way to approach this would be appreciated!
  3. I am approaching 68 with no savings or assets following a business collapse that also included our house being repossessed. Our sole income is my Pension Credit entitlement, and we now live in rented accommodation covered by HB. With the help of CAG I have so far been able to have 3 out of 7 related debts written off. I have been asked at intervals for I&E statements. I have always felt very strongly that these matters are nobody else’s business, so have not filled-in their forms but have responded simply re-stating our poor circumstances in general and referring back to the existing arrangement, which has then always been accepted. I have included I&E statements twice however when requesting reconsideration when a write-off request has been turned down. Responses however were condescending and disagreeable, peppered with “we think this ..”, and “we feel that …” comments, and saying we should try to save on this and on that because study-A and study-B showed that typically a couple only needs to spend £X on food, £Y on power, and an entire alphabet of “onlys” on other categories of daily living needs. These responses however had no connection at all with the real world, which only reinforces my firm belief that providing an I&E is simply digging a deeper hole because it can always be selectively deconstructed and made to prove that black is white. Which brings me to my question. A DCA recently asked for an I&E. I replied reasonably that for given circumstances I was unable to revise our existing arrangement which I could maintain. I have just heard back, “requiring” me to comply and setting a 14 day time limit on a letter that was already 8 days old when it arrived which is a very underhand and nasty stress-ploy also seen from others multiple times. I will be sending a robust reply, but first want to check whether any changes have taken place that now oblige someone to provide an I&E when asked to do so. Importantly, if this is NOT the case can someone please point me toward any related code of conduct or other source to which I can refer, pointing out that they are not entitled to demand an I&E. If there is already a suitable form of words somewhere that I can use, or if anyone more knowledgeable could find a moment to put a definitive sentence or two together with suitable content that I can incorporate in my reply, I should be additionally grateful. With all thanks.
  4. Hello all, I need some advice, I was at work last week and received a phone call my HR department to attend a meeting they wouldn't say what it was about over the phone. so at this point I had no idea I was going to be suspended. I work at a local branch where you can drive in to work, I was asked to attend the meeting at a city centre branch and therefore had to go home to get bus fare at this point I became ill. I called up my manager to inform them I would be unable to attend and she passed the phone to a guy from HR, who became very rude over the phone and demanded I attend this meeting and that he was removing my right to self certify for sickness as per my employment contract. I asked him to put this in writing and he refused and gave me 1 hour to get to the city centre branch or the option for them to come to my home. I felt really pressurised into allowing them to come to my home because I was to ill to attend. Can they do this? At this meeting which took place in my home, I was suspended. I have worked for them for over 8 years and I think they have dealt with this matter very poorly. After this meeting I contacted my doctor and made the next available appointment and have since been signed off sick with depression and anxiety for the next 4 weeks due to something unrelated that has happened in my personal life. However, my employer are now unwilling to accept my sick note due to me being currently suspended and this why I believe they didn't allow myself to self certify. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Jane
  5. Last year I was on the sick for back problems (kept slipping a disc and I swear to god it is total agony) and problems with my knee randomly giving way. I was seeing a physio regularly etc but ATOS decided I had nothing the matter with me. After a while, I managed to get a JSA claim sorted. To begin with they were trying to say I couldnt get JSA as I was ill..how crazy is that Anyway, while on JSA I obviously continued to see my physio and a few months ago I was having next to no problems with my back or my knee. I found a job as a door supervisor 2 months ago. It is a 0 hour contract and I was told at the interview that I would get an average of 20-25 hours per week, my boss then informed me that it would be best for me if I signed off JSA, which I gladly did. However since then I have been recieving ONE shift per week, ranging from 4 - 8 hours. This is not anywhere near enough. Along with this, from periods of long standing my back seems to be going again, I have been at hospital twice since starting work again. So basically, I think (and my doctor thinks) I should go back on the sick, and back to physio too. However I am not sure how this would work, as I only signed off 2 months ago..and being on a 0 hour contract (and only been employed for 2 months) I am quite sure I wouldnt get sick pay from my employer. My doctor is more than willing to give me a sick note, he even says its the best thing to do as he thinks if I continue working, even for one shift a week it will be detrimental to my health. Would I pack in my job and ring the jobcentre to sign back on the sick? (until ATOS decide I am perfectly fit again no doubt...) This whole thing is really peeing me off to be honest. I am annoyed that I was lied to in the interview about hours, but I am even more annoyed that I may have to be off work for another 6 months or so, or even longer.
  6. Hi guys, Bit of a strange one possibly! My Dad had 2 reasonably large loans, as he has been permantly signed off as unable to work again, the PPI he has is actually paying these off until clear, have it in writing and a few years to go on them yet. This is obviosuly very good and peace of mind. Now I believe the PPI could have been misold, but are obviously being used and needed now, however there have been several loans prior to the current two, each time clearing the old and borrowing a bit more. Really makes me cringe and wish I had know each time another was taken to help undo the mess. I am thinking is it worth looking into the whole PPI issue, maybe not for the current ones as its being used and I fear it could rock the boat, but moreso the older ones which have been closed? Am totally new to this side of things so dont want to go and open a can of worms! Would appreciate any thoughts from y'all. Cheers E
  7. Hi, I currently live in a 3 bedroom rented property with my wife and two dogs in Leicester, we were very fortunate to find a private rented property that allowed us to have dogs in the first place. We pay £575 rent per month and having lived in rented property before this house is not up to rentable standards however the landlord is "mates" with the letting agency he uses so all is good as far as hes concerned. As I said they allow us to have dogs and pretty much allow us to do as we like with the house in terms of decorating etc so we dont complain. However when we approached him to replace some of the cold single glazed windows last year he replaced two of them and told us that money was very tight and could not afford to do anymore, he also scrimped on a new boiler previously. My wife is expecting a baby in 6 months and I want the house we live in to be of a good standard but we love the house were in purely for location and also has a big garden for the dogs. How would/should I go about making an offer to the landlord to buy the property and take over responsibilities of replacing doors, windows, carpets etc? We do not have enough money at the moment for a mortgage so were thinking of maybe a part let part buy offer? Or maybe taking out a loan of maybe £10000 and starting him off with that, any suggestions of what to do? We really dont want to move as we wont find anywhere that lets us have pets.
  8. Good evening all I hope I don't get burned on here, just looking for some honest advice... my life is in a real mess at the moment and not sure if I can keep going... I have some UK debt that I have been servicing from Australia and cannot keep it up as the rising cost of living is pushing me to the edge... The UK debt is in the tune of 14,000 GBP and I'm not sure what to do... I have had to stop the Direct debit from my UK Bank before my UK Bank freezes everything. No one in the UK financial institutes have my address and I am not sure whether to contact these people now I have stopped the direct debit and inform them of the situation or not.... Advice please.... I have always paid my taxes and never done anything underhand in my life but having moved here permanently for good I don't want to ruin everything here too. Can UK debtors take my Australian assets from me? can they impact my credit file here? Not sure if I can deal with this pressure feel like completely giving up... Your advice is gratefully received... Im not looking to be told I'm a bad person just some sensible advice that will help my situation. Me...
  9. Hi, I am not sure this is the correct place for this, but I will write anyway. I will split it into two sections, heres the first one. My Father is 70 year old. He was born in England, has a British passport, but moved to Australia when he was a young lad. He had pains in his stomach, and was rushed to hospital in Leicester. They couldn't/haven't found out what was wrong him exactly, his spleen is damaged but they aren't sure why, but while doing tests they discovered he had 2 blocked arteries and was rushed to a coronary hospital nearby (not sure if its cool to mention the name). He's been in there 17 days, went from needing a double bypass immediately to potentially being discharged, which has led from feeling extremely comfortable and confident in the hospital to losing total confidence. (this is a whole 'nother bag of tricks which I may get into in future depending on happenings at the hospital tomorrow). My query is, there have been murmurs from doctors that he isn't a 'native'. I had a quick look on the NHS website. He hasn't 'lived' there for quite a while and Im fairly certain he's never paid tax in the UK. But he was born in England and has a British passport? Is he covered under the NHS? I'd just like to say he is in no way a 'medical tourist', he was just about to finish a 3 month holiday of the U.S., France + England. He is covered privately (and publicly) in Australia. I thought Australia had some sort of agreement with the UK? And err, Australia is a Commonwealth country? The cost isn't the most important thing here, but I wonder if it's the reason hes being 'ushered' out the door? I am not sure how safe it is to fly with his condition but the hospital went from 'no way' to now possibly changing their minds (dear oh dear I could go on about them all day). Thanks
  10. Hi First time I have posted on this site so sure if this is the right place to post... but need some advice. I've just found out that my mother has been paying x2 DCA for approx 4 years. The debts are both are about 8-10 years old but she is still paying approx £40 a month to them. One via cheque every month and one by direct debit. After speaking to her, she is unsure if one of the debts belong to her. I was living aboard at the time and she just got scared by the letters and phonecalls she was receiving. I'd like to help her find out exactly what she owes and put a stop to it all. So, the question I have is, what should my first step be? Should I send out a CCA letter to both debt agencies and ask my mum to stop paying ASAP until we can determine what we/if we owe them etc? What is the difference between a CCA and a SAR - i.e. should I send an SAR instead? The debts ( I think) were orginally with RBS and consists of a credit card and loan as an FYI Thanks in advance for any help on this.
  11. Hi there! I'll try and keep this short but it's a bit complex. I am currently experiencing a relapse in M.E. (CFS). I last had it 9 years ago and it took me about 18 months to get right. I have been signed off by my GP for just over 4 months. My 28 weeks SSP ends on Sept 17th 2012. My current employer did not want me to return until I could manage one full days work (7 hours) which I explained could be some way off achieving. They were happy to run to the end of the SSP period and see how I was and even wait after that for me to get fit enough to return. I am awaiting an appointment with a specialist clinic my GP has referred me to. Unfortunately my employer has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and is selling the business. I have met with the new buyer / employer to be to discuss my situation. He is not really aware of SSP laws etc and I tried to explain that it is the employers duty to ensure that by returning to work, even on a phased return, an employee shouldn't earn less than the current rate of SSP. He asked what would happen if they did, was it LAW. I said it was an employers responsibility to ensure the employees financial situation regarding these facts. I said I was ready to return to some sort of work but am contracted for three days a week and can only really manage 3 hours a day, four at a push. My job involves a deal of repetitive movement and requires we remain standing for the duration which is difficult some days for me, not others. He suggested 3 hours per day for five days but I said as I haven't tried any hours for months I honestly don't think I could commit to that. I said in some ways it would be easier to just start a new contract for four hours, three times a week and he jumped at the chance. Basically he doesn't want to pay me if he's not getting something for it, reading between the lines. His solicitor advised him to make us all redundant and re-employ under new contracts but I made him aware of TUPE and suggested he inform his solicitor of it also! I said if he didn't want me to stay and I wasn't fit for the hours required in a phased return then he should request a medical capability report once he is owner and take it from there. I won't put up a fight. I'm honestly not sure I can do a job that physical again in the future. But now I've read TUPE I see he shouldn't really alter anyone's contracts??? If I agree to less hours, I won't get NI paid and if I signed a new contract and it didn't work out I wouldn't be able to claim ESA or job seekers? So am I better to stick to my guns and see it through the proper channels, whether he likes it or not? He siad he will make me redundant then and re-employ me but said 'what if you don't re-employ me?' and he said 'there's a certain amount of trust involved'. May be so but I'm not feeling trusting. If he offered redundancy I would take it, I know it wouldn't be much, only arounf £500 plus accrued holiday but could I still claim ESA or JSA if I accepted it? I fully intend to work again but right now, this is all sapping very precious energy and I just don't think I could manage what I initially agreed to. My Husband is concerned by returning for 12 hours all at once I will getting in too deep and risking another relapse. Please do offer any legal advice you can. Thank you so much for reading. P x
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