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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all I am after some advice. I am currently on a DMP through Step Change and I have been paying £422 a month for about 3 months now. I am due to inherit some money so I want advice on paying the debts or ‘settling them’ as I have seen in previous posts. Full and final is what I have seen crop up a lot. The balances are as follows; £27,814.00 – Sainsburys Loan showing as ‘1 month late’ on my credit report £2,265.00 – Halifax Overdraft £2,028.13 – Halifax Credit Card £3,826.00 – MBNA Credit Card showing as ‘1 month late’ on my credit report I have seen posts abou
  2. Hi, I had a previous bank account (but not old enough to be SB) with HSBC which was overdrawn by a large amount. Negotiations to sort things out with HSBC broke down and I've not heard anything from them for 3 years, and have since moved. I came home yesterday to a claim form (dated 29th August) from MKDP LLP who now appear to own the account. I presume they have traced me, but I have had no prior correspondence from them. The amount claimed is a lot higher than the overdraft was, so will doubtless include countless fees. The particulars of claim are 'T
  3. I am approaching 68 with no savings or assets following a business collapse that also included our house being repossessed. Our sole income is my Pension Credit entitlement, and we now live in rented accommodation covered by HB. With the help of CAG I have so far been able to have 3 out of 7 related debts written off. I have been asked at intervals for I&E statements. I have always felt very strongly that these matters are nobody else’s business, so have not filled-in their forms but have responded simply re-stating our poor circumstances in general and referring ba
  4. Hello all, I need some advice, I was at work last week and received a phone call my HR department to attend a meeting they wouldn't say what it was about over the phone. so at this point I had no idea I was going to be suspended. I work at a local branch where you can drive in to work, I was asked to attend the meeting at a city centre branch and therefore had to go home to get bus fare at this point I became ill. I called up my manager to inform them I would be unable to attend and she passed the phone to a guy from HR, who became very rude over the phone and deman
  5. Last year I was on the sick for back problems (kept slipping a disc and I swear to god it is total agony) and problems with my knee randomly giving way. I was seeing a physio regularly etc but ATOS decided I had nothing the matter with me. After a while, I managed to get a JSA claim sorted. To begin with they were trying to say I couldnt get JSA as I was ill..how crazy is that Anyway, while on JSA I obviously continued to see my physio and a few months ago I was having next to no problems with my back or my knee. I found a job as a door supervisor 2 months ago. It is a 0 hour contract an
  6. Hi guys, Bit of a strange one possibly! My Dad had 2 reasonably large loans, as he has been permantly signed off as unable to work again, the PPI he has is actually paying these off until clear, have it in writing and a few years to go on them yet. This is obviosuly very good and peace of mind. Now I believe the PPI could have been misold, but are obviously being used and needed now, however there have been several loans prior to the current two, each time clearing the old and borrowing a bit more. Really makes me cringe and wish I had know each time another was taken
  7. Hi, I currently live in a 3 bedroom rented property with my wife and two dogs in Leicester, we were very fortunate to find a private rented property that allowed us to have dogs in the first place. We pay £575 rent per month and having lived in rented property before this house is not up to rentable standards however the landlord is "mates" with the letting agency he uses so all is good as far as hes concerned. As I said they allow us to have dogs and pretty much allow us to do as we like with the house in terms of decorating etc so we dont complain. However when we approached him to
  8. Good evening all I hope I don't get burned on here, just looking for some honest advice... my life is in a real mess at the moment and not sure if I can keep going... I have some UK debt that I have been servicing from Australia and cannot keep it up as the rising cost of living is pushing me to the edge... The UK debt is in the tune of 14,000 GBP and I'm not sure what to do... I have had to stop the Direct debit from my UK Bank before my UK Bank freezes everything. No one in the UK financial institutes have my address and I am not sure whether to contact these people now I have st
  9. Hi, I am not sure this is the correct place for this, but I will write anyway. I will split it into two sections, heres the first one. My Father is 70 year old. He was born in England, has a British passport, but moved to Australia when he was a young lad. He had pains in his stomach, and was rushed to hospital in Leicester. They couldn't/haven't found out what was wrong him exactly, his spleen is damaged but they aren't sure why, but while doing tests they discovered he had 2 blocked arteries and was rushed to a coronary hospital nearby (not sure if its cool to mention the name)
  10. Hi First time I have posted on this site so sure if this is the right place to post... but need some advice. I've just found out that my mother has been paying x2 DCA for approx 4 years. The debts are both are about 8-10 years old but she is still paying approx £40 a month to them. One via cheque every month and one by direct debit. After speaking to her, she is unsure if one of the debts belong to her. I was living aboard at the time and she just got scared by the letters and phonecalls she was receiving. I'd like to help her find out exactly what she owes and put a stop to it all
  11. Hi there! I'll try and keep this short but it's a bit complex. I am currently experiencing a relapse in M.E. (CFS). I last had it 9 years ago and it took me about 18 months to get right. I have been signed off by my GP for just over 4 months. My 28 weeks SSP ends on Sept 17th 2012. My current employer did not want me to return until I could manage one full days work (7 hours) which I explained could be some way off achieving. They were happy to run to the end of the SSP period and see how I was and even wait after that for me to get fit enough to return. I am awaiting an ap
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