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  1. Hi, I've just done a credit search on my mother (Equifax) and none of the debts are on the report. I'm waiting for the pin for Experian account but if they both don't show the debts...should I tell my mum to stop paying and send a CCA Letter? Or because she has been paying them for so long, does that 'prove' she has accepted the debt. Any advice would be most welcomed. Thanks
  2. Thanks for both of your replies. I'll do a check on Experian and try and go from there. Thanks again.
  3. Hi First time I have posted on this site so sure if this is the right place to post... but need some advice. I've just found out that my mother has been paying x2 DCA for approx 4 years. The debts are both are about 8-10 years old but she is still paying approx £40 a month to them. One via cheque every month and one by direct debit. After speaking to her, she is unsure if one of the debts belong to her. I was living aboard at the time and she just got scared by the letters and phonecalls she was receiving. I'd like to help her find out exactly what she owes and put a stop to it all
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