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  1. Update: A couple of weeks further along, and the charge has now been cancelled. In that regard alone the outcome is acceptable. In the interim ... There have been additional demands from CPP/PE in the most glorious and laughable obfuscated prose/legalese I have pressured PALS I have chased past correspondence I have contacted other Execs I have involved my MP who has now acted I had primed the local newspaper who was planning a piece this week However ... - PALS didn't respond until I complained in person after almo
  2. Thanks for dropping back on to this, ericsbrother. All noted, plus I'll be chasing up the Estate Mgr for sure.
  3. Just got home far later than expected and very grateful for the further advice and more that has been added. I will form a focusing response and have it in the post tomorrow, possibly also some further approach given some of what I have just quickly read here. Brassnecked and Lookinforinfo - the PE/PCC reassurance is most appreciated, thanks! Won't waste any time on them. Manxman - Thanks for the further words, and for troubling to check. I am very familiar with that link from frequent use on the way to various Hosp and Trust pages at different times. It dri
  4. dx100uk - Entirely agree, and my draft reply kicks off with exactly that correction even though I suspect that the writer didn't even think to check and probably thinks that they are interchangeable anyway. Manxman in exile - Thank you for those excellent new-avenue suggestions and info! I will re-read and put something together when I am back later this afternoon as I have to head elsewhere for a while shortly. Yes I thought about videoing the process/result too - a couple of hours after I had reached home! Iy came to me as I sat to write a letter to the Hosp registeri
  5. Thanks, ericsbrother I got on to PALS who said they would look in to it. I also emailed them copies of the PCN & my letters to the Hosp so they would have the specifics to refer to. They've now emailed their response which is bewildering in its confident incompetence. I have copy/pasted the body of it here so it is exactly as written: “Unfortunately, our car parks are run by an external company and so therefore do not have the ability to override any fines that they issue. The only thing that we can advise is to use the appeals process to co
  6. Thanks dx100uk .... Thought not, but just checked to be sure and no neither one used ... A parking/penalty slip, and in just the above post only.
  7. An update 2 weeks further-on for the benefit of anyone coming along later in similar circumstances or currently following for a directly related reason. No response to date from the Hospital, either to original correspondence or subsequent chase. No response yet from PALS, written-to with all details/copies just a week ago after allowing a period for the Hospital to respond to a chase letter and step-up and have the penalty charge cancelled. All corres. Special Delivery. Parking charge reminder received from CPP dated 11 days after original
  8. Thank you HB, and I will certainly take up your suggestion on the next occasion - which regrettably I am sure will not be a long way off. Kind regards HH
  9. Hello Ethel Street, and thanks. No, no reply ... of course! Yes a written record straight away has extra value, which is why I set it all down to them within a couple of hours of getting back home ... useful in all kinds of situations! Thanks for your kind interest.
  10. honeybee 13 Yes I agree, it's a complete disgrace, a tax on being ill! Mum's grand age, increasing physical frailty and horribly escalating dementia is increasingly seeing her hospitalised for emergencies ... 3 times in the past 7 weeks alone. inevitably it is many hours getting through assessments and more, and whilst the last thing on my mind is paying to be with her, almost £10 a pop for the Emergency-event parking and then a fiver-plus for subsequent days until she is stabilised and able to return, amounts to a penalty for loving! I'll bear PALS in min
  11. ericsbrother Oh, I can do Awkward Thanks, that sounds like an excellent approach and I will start those wheels turning - though it is annoying of course that it is even necessary. Regarding the FOI request ... I send that to the Hospital Trust, yes? No doubt there's a form/template for that? And notification to the same senior individuals as other hospital correspondence too, just to reinforce my stance? (Or is that a little OTT?) Thanks again!
  12. dx100uk Thanks, and completed as requested. I don't know if this is at all overwritten by ericsbrother's grand advice that came in as I was going through this list, but I have completed it anyway in case it is/becomes relevant/useful. Appreciate the input. For PCN's received through the post [ANPR camera capture] 1 Date of the infringement - 30 May 2019 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] - Unfamiliar with the jargon, presume this means th
  13. I would appreciate any further thoughts regarding: 3 weeks ago my 96 year old mother was rushed in to University Hospital Coventry from her residential care home shortly after midnight, I was notified and arrived there a little after 2 a.m. Not long ago parking control and payment there switched from ticket-issue to ANPR-based terminals and no barriers, when I went to pay and leave just after 5:00 a.m. the system did not recognise my registration number and display the usual proof-photo and charge. I retried assuming I'd entered it wrong, but with the s
  14. No I didn't record the call, however that's an interesting line of thinking that I will tuck safely away in case a similar situation arises elsewhere at any time ... thanks.
  15. Thank you ericsbrother, useful thoughts and options! Since coming back to find your additions I have in fact followed similarish paths - I went to e-on's payment portal to pay the legitimate bill direct - with which I have no argument. The process wouldn't complete and a window opened offering an apology and asking that I call the customer support number and someone would take my payment. The Agent online was surprised at first that she couldn't put the payment through, but then reviewed the details and advised that my user account from that property/time w
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