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Found 23 results

  1. I have been paying CBS Transcom £5 by Standing order However my payments keep getting returned does that mean that I have paid the debt or does it mean that they have sold the debt onto someone else I am afraid to contact them as in case I have not finished paying the debt off and they have passed it onto someone else !. as i have other debts which I incurred some time ago and am trying to pay off due to my circumstances cannot afford to pay them outright as with CBS TRANSCOM . what should I do? I cannot keep up with these people! and I am not getting any younger and it is a worry!.
  2. Hi, Just wanted some advice/reassurance so I can be prepared when eBay's dca try and contact me please. Sold a car in November, buyer didn't pay or collect. He bid and won the auction at £350 then messaged me to say he'd just checked and only had £230 in his bank account I opened a dispute and he never responded. Once a certain amount of time passed eBay automatically resolved the dispute in my favour and said they would refund seller fees. To be honest I thought that meant all seller fees. through December I've been getting reminder/suspension emails to pay £10 fees (listing fee I think) I started a new job which pays 2 months in arrears so I've had nearly 2 months without being paid and obviously had to prioritise my spending I removed my automatic PayPal payment. In fact I think I may have removed automatic payment when the dispute was open but the guy wasn't responding to stop them taking £45 when he wasn't going to pay. To be fair I was quite annoyed about paying anything in the first place after getting messed about. I had a voicemail and email yesterday from transcom. The email said I owed £18 (£8 fee on £10 "debt"... I don't think so...) I logged on to my eBay account today and had a message from them yesterday, same day of transcom email saying pay today to avoid further action. my dad lent me some money yesterday to tide me over till payday I've just been on and paid eBay direct and my account has now been reinstated and showing a balance of zero. What do I say to the dca now for them to leave me alone? They've tried to ring me again this evening. I don't want to be continuously contacted or them to mark my credit file for the sake of £10. Thanks
  3. Hi, I just received a letter from Transcom Notice of Debt Collection amount £99.28 Transcom Worldwide (UK) limited is a specialist Debt Collection Company. We have been instructed by eBay Europe S.A.R.I to collect this outstanding amount on their behalf. etc... I had an eBay account in 2011 which I didn't pay the last sellers fees, no idea how much it was. Before I contacted Transcom I wanted to know if there is anything I can do to get the breakdown on the amount ( I didn't think it was that much) and really am puzzled as to why it's taken 5.5 years to get in touch. During this time I have never acknowledged the debt to eBay and not heard anything in those years. Thanks for your help
  4. Hi all, I need some help re my problem. I am now at the stage where Morgan Solicitors are threatening that if I do not contact them with an offer of payment on the Charging Order on my property, they will apply for an order of sale. A bit of history..... I have never responded to any letters or proceedings (my fault, nasty divorce and burying head in sand). Can I start the original process of CCA, then SAR, then CPR? If so, could it work at this stage should no-one have the requested documents? Please advise and many thanks.
  5. I have received a letter from a company called Transcom who are a debt collecting agency. Stating I owe £24.15 to ebay. I wasn't aware that I owe ebay anything as they have been sending me emails it states as I owed them selling fees. The problem is I never check emails as I have no reason to and not used ebay in the a long time. I have just checked my emails after receiving this letter and it states I owe £16.15. not a lot of money obviously... Well on the letter it states I owe them £24.15 which is more than I originally owe. I have checked google and it states sometimes [problem] letters are sent out to house holds asking for money, but I am unsure what to make of this at the min. I have checked my ebay balance and it states I can still pay the balance of £16.15 and my accounts (on the selling side of things) has been put on hold until I payup. Lets say I just pay via ebay the normal price of £16.15 and lets the letter is real would they still chase after me for the difference with it stating more on the letter. Can anyone help please. cheers.
  6. I sold some items on Ebay and I paid my paypal late and got a letter from transcom claiming the fees (roughly 20 quid). I had paid ebay directly by the time I got the letter and my account is £0.00. Firstly can transcom take me to court if the "debt" was never assigned to them. Secondly, if not I assume ebay cannot assign anything to them now as my account is paid up. Cheers all, Billy.
  7. Hi, I received a letter from transcom saying they were collecting my eBay debt on behalf of eBay. I contacted eBay and they said my details were forwarded on, so I know this isn't a [problem]. I got a call and then told the operator I will pay in full on Saturday. However on the eBay forums someone told me to tell them this before I pay "When you pay Transcom, you need to make sure they will mark your credit rating as the debt being paid in full and final settlement - get that in writing before you pay." Can anyone tell me what this means and when I should contact them saying this
  8. Hi, I received a letter from transcom saying they were collecting my ebayicon debt on behalf of eBay. I contacted eBay and they said my details were forwarded on, so I know this isn't a [problem]. I got a call and then told the operator I will pay in full on Saturday. However on the eBay forums someone told me to tell them this before I pay "When you pay Transcom, you need to make sure they will mark your credit rating as the debt being paid in Full and finalicon settlement - get that in writing before you pay." Can anyone tell me what this means and when I should contact them saying this
  9. Does anyone have an email address for Transcom Worldwide, preferably yo a person who has some influence and who can be held responsible if the cretins continue to chase an dead, statute barred account? Many thanks
  10. So it looks like my other half has received a fairly standard Transcom letter on behalf of Motormile. My instinct was to fire off a 'prove it' letter, but I'd just thought I'd ask you guys 'n' girls your opinion in case different actions may be better. Anyway, here's a synopsis of the letter: re: Motormile Finance UK Ltd A/C No: xxxxxxxxx Quote ref: xxxxxxx Amount due: £xxxx.xx Banner: RECEIPT OF PAYMENT Dear Miss (old married name) With effect from 18th September 2012, BCW Group Ltd sold the above detailed account to our client Motormile Finance UK Ltd [MMF]. We have been instructed by Motormile Finance UK Ltd to collect the outstanding balance. The balance outstanding under the agreement is £xxxx.xx. It will now be reported to and recorded by the credit reference agencies as a debt which is outstanding to Motormile and not as a debt which is outstanding to Greenwood. Motormile Finance has appointed Transcom Worldwide UK Ltd to administer you account on their behalf. You should now make payments under the agreement by calling us on 0844 7422064. Our client will accept a suitable repayment plan, if you are experiencing financial difficulties please contact us immediately for assistance. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the ownership or administration of your credit agreement, please contact us, as above. Your sincerely Generic Squiggle So, I gave the other half a good grilling after doing some research on what this alleged debt might be, as she has had some outstanding bills when I met her. She remembered that she had had a 'payday' type loan a few years back when she lived somewere else (a few houses back), but not with any of the companies listed in the letter. This was a weekly doorstep type collection loan, and she informed the agent in writing when she moved. She thinks she had paid it off but can't be 100%sure, and won't have any paperwork. The timescale is around 2005-2006, and as far as she can remember the last contact she had was around Christmas 2006. Questions: 1) as the timescale is around the 6 year mark I am hesitant to fire off a 'prove it' letter... but rather hang out for a couple of months just to get some clear air. Good idea....? 2) what exactly defines the 6 year period....? Would a standard 'prove it' letter and the ensuing communications, using the wording available on this site, restart the 6 year period (if liability was not admited obviously)...? 3) if a debt really has previously been reported to the CRAs (as Greenwood), she wouldn't have been able to get a credit card recently would she...? Cheers for the assistance people Rich
  11. Hi I have a debt with ebay. The balance atm is £2000.transcom have been taking payments off me for around £30.-40 a week for few months now does anyone know the timescale these dca keep the account for as when I first starting paying they said they only keep account for 3 month then one said 4 then 6 now it's 7 months before ebay recall it. Does anyone know the truth? Any info would be appreciated
  12. received a letter a while back from Arrow Global Limited about a debt I knew nothing about but have a sneaking suspicion is a catalogue ran up in my name by ex, I fired off the prove it letter to them asking for all original documentation to do with debt and never heard a thing back, stupidly assuming they'd written it off, today a letter from Transcom comes through acting for clients Arrow Global Limited, do I fire off the prove it letter again or do I need to divulge somehow that I've been in contact with Arrow Global to prove this debt and they never did! I know DCA's just pass debts on but surely when a debt is disputed on who's it is they are under obligation to provide information and to not just pass the buck, ok ok I know....that's a stupid thought! The old PC crashed and burned, stupidly I didn't print off a written copy of the letter but I know it was one of the bog standard prove it letters from here! I'm not phoning them, they are however threatening Scotcall will door collect if I don't comply help
  13. Hi, I have contacted Transcom over an old debt which I am repaying at 75.00 per month. They have offered a settlement of 50% which equates to 1750.00. This seems like a good option and something I could do however they told me this will show as a partial settlement and this would be shown on my credit file. Now .. this debt is not showing on my credit file as it is over 6 years old however there is an oustanding CCJ which i am keen to get marked as satisfied which has 1 year to run. What will be the status of that CCJ with a partial settlement ? 7zarkie7
  14. Hi everyone. I'm new here so please be patient with me. I have been looking at various threads on this forum and found a template letter regarding "statute barred". I received a letter from Transcom Worldwide saying I had an outstanding debt for £265.16 and couldn't understand what the debt was for. However as the letter was to my address but in my previous name by marriage, I responded with the template letter where I stated I did not acknowledge any debt with that company etc. etc. Today I have received a letter saying the contents of my letter have been noted. They say they confirm that this particular account does not fall under the Limitation Act 1980 and therefore is not statute barred!! They then go on to ask me to forward my payment proposals! Heeeelp! Does anyone know what my next course of action should be please? Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me.
  15. Back in 1997, I helped my mother who is mentally ill and physically disabled enter a payment plan to help pay her £200 debt off to JD Williams (T/A Ambrose Wilson). By 1999 we noticed that the amount she owed was not going down so I wrote and asked for a full statement which was revived within a couple of weeks. I noted that although they had in fact frozen the interest and had not added any charges all her payments were showing as a debit to the account and not a credit, so I highlighted the transactions and wrote off to JD Williams for an explanation, we heard nothing and time went by and it was forgotten. In 2007 a letter came from Reliable Collections asking for £475 for a debt owed to Ambrose Wilson. I wrote back to them explaining the situation and as we had had no contact from the original creditor for over 6 years then it was Statute Barred, again nothing not confirmation they had received the letter or any follow up demands nothing; and again we thought it was over... Now today 02/11/2012 my mother has had a letter dated the 26/10/2012 from Transcom Worldwide (UK) Ltd threatening legal action if they don't hear anything from her by the 5/11/2012, I have quickly fired off another Statue Barred Letter and posted it via Recorded Mail at 10am today 02/11/2012. Of course after 12 or 13 years there is no way they can take legal action, but I was wondering is there anything that can be done to stop JD Williams/Ambrose Wilson from keep sending this debt out to other DCA's Do I send another SB letter to them or is there another type of letter I have to send to the OC or do we ignore the OC as they have not bothered in 12 years to contact her direct.
  16. In July 2006, I defaulted on a number of debits. One of them was for a visa card with Shell. This was sold on to Arrow Global and in September 2008, Arrow got a CCJ for the £3523 outstanding. I have been paying the shell/arrow at £14.37 a month since 2006. There is still £2790.77 left to pay. I have tried to make a settlement offer to Arrow of £839.55 which is there amount, pro-rater from a lump sum I have received, but they have turned me down saying they can only offer me a 50% discount. All other defaults have been removed from my credit file, but this CCJ will stay until September 2014, so I would like to settle it. Does anyone know how firm they are on the 50% rule. It seems silly that they would rather have £14.37 for another 16 years rather than have the 839 cash now.
  17. Hi There, I wondering if someone can give me any advice on this. In 1989, I lost a house through Neg. Equity. I had a Mortage with two other parties - who did a bunk - with Mortgage Express for 95% and the ramining 5% with Top-Up Mortgage Services. I settled with Mortgage Express and paid a peppercorn rate to Top-Up (£10 per month) ever since. Transcom are now - sporadically - chasing me about the remaining debt, which I had them confirm is not earning interest. I have recieved a form letter from them saying; Do you want to put this debt behind you for Good? We have recently reviewed your account and can now offer you a significant discount. We are currently willing to accept a lump sum payment, in most cases up to 50% of your liability. It finishes. In Capitals. Remember this offer is only available for the next 30 days and cleared funds must be recieved by this date. After this date the full outstanding balance will become due and payable. I am interested in your opinion and advice on this and best course of action.
  18. :mad2:Hi, can anyone please help! I have been chased by debt collectors for 9 years over a debt of my ex wifes. She fraudulently transferred her littlewoods account into my name. I can and have proved that the account was not in my name but the debt collection letters keep coming and i keep sending them letters basically telling them to stick it. What can i do to stop them?? I have written to the citizens advice but have not had a reply. I have really just about had enough of this now, will they ever stop!? Regards Darren:mad2:
  19. Hi On Sept 11th i recieved a letter from Transcom Worldwide Ltd claiming i owed a debt of £284.93 and they were collecting on behalf of Arrow Global Guernsey, i sent the letter stating i have no knowledge of any such debt being owed and have today received a reply stating Dear sir/madam we write in reference to your most recent correspondence of which your concerns have been noted please note our clients Arrow Global Guernsey Ltd purchased this debt from Kays and now legally owns all rights to to seek recovery of this debt and we are legitmately instructed to act on their behalf if you believe the matter to be a case of fraudulent activity please provide proof of residency for 2007 so we can investigate this matter further Can anybody point me in the right direction of how to reply to this letter ,i have no recollection of ever having a Kays account so why would they need proof of residency in 2007 when they are already writing to me at my address? i checked my CRA and nothing shows up there and the electoral roll shows i registered at my current address in 2005 so surely they should know this? Thanks
  20. Hi, New to this. I have problems with reading & writing: pse treat me gently. Got the standard ltr by all counts on this site. With the IA required note. E-mailed 10/7/12 : Dear Sir, With regards to your letter dated 4 July 2012 in the mater of Arrow Global Guernsey Ltd. Firstly, I have NO knowledge of doing business with this company. So in this matter the following is required before payment will even be considered. 1: The original signed agreement in regards of the sum outstanding. (it will be a copy if they have it.) 2: The original signed copy of an agreement between Arrow Global Guernsey Ltd and Ms Susan Grant of 117 Main Street. Frizington. CA26 3PE. (this should be the notice of assignment)( you are not entiled to the deed of assignment it is confidential) Yours. S. Grant Reply E-mail 11/7/12 : Dear Ms Grant, We write in reference to your most recent correspondence, of which your concerns have been noted. Please note that our client Arrow Global purchased this debt from Littlewoods, and Arrow Global now legally owns all rights to seek recovery of this debt and we are legitimately instructed to act on their behalf. Please contact our offices on the telephone number shown below to discuss your plans for repayment of the above account. In the mean time if you believe the matter to be a case of fraudulent activity then please provide proof of residency from January 1997 to present, so we can investigate the matter further. If you have any further queries then please do not hesitate to contact us on the above details. Regards Correspondence Team Transcom So what is my next step? I believe this is the second time this has happened. The last was before 2007/8. I am hope I can find the ltr's. Also no proof forwarded to me. Of any dealing with 'Littlewoods'. There is one thing to be noted. Our address is not 117 Main Street. Does this make a difference {YES} Thank you for your help. Mole. Reply to: Reply to UK ENQUIRIES You need to make it clear that this is a Consumer Credit Agreement request made under CCA 1974 and enclose £1 postal order for the fee, and state the payment is to be used only for that fee and is not to be credited to any account as a payment. Add I do not acknowledge any debt to you or any company you claim to represent. If you have trouble with this letter come back to me and I will draft it in full for you.
  21. I just got an unwelcome letter through in the post today demanding I pay £250 to Arrow. This is probably an old mobile phone bill from several years ago that I have been ignoring - I think my old housemate added me to the electoral roll which would probably explain why I've been traced, I've been at this address for years now with no-one bothering me. Anyway can anyone give me an indication of how litigious this bunch are? From looking at previous threads it seems they are pretty active. Also what next steps should I take? I suspect the last time I made any payment on this was at the beginning of 2007 so it's not long before it's statute barred. My current plan is just to sit tight and see what other letters arrive, but then if they do get on my case what should I do? Thanks in advance...
  22. Hi, I went to uni 1998-2001. In that time I used loans from SLC. In 2002 I moved to Australia ad every year provided SLC with my financial info and contact detail. I moved again in 2011 and emailed SLC with my new contact details. my auntie received a phone call from Transcom looking for me - I have no idea why they contacted her as I have never given my aunties details. SLC must not have got my new address details and passed my debt over to transcom. I have never started paying my debt back as I became a mum and have not worked since I finished uni. I have always intended to pay my debt as soon as my kids start at school and I gain employment. I'm worried what it means that transcom now have my debt. Can anyone please explain this to me. thank you.
  23. Hi all, anyone heard of Transcom? This is for an old NW Mastercard, sold (allegedly) to Global Arrow in late 2010 and been going the rounds between Allied International who I CCA'd in early 2011 and got nowt.. .sent the in dispute letter to them, it was then passed to Fredrickson Jan this year, they got the bemused letter, heard nothing more from them, now get a letter from a company called Transcom.. .never heard of them before. Had a number of missed calls from them, but they got my Mrs tonight, she thought they was a telephone company and passed them over to me, asked for security, I refuse point blank and asked who they were.. .they refused so they then get told to **** off. Will be sending another bemused letter to this shower. My Credit Report is STILL showing Natwest has owners not Global Arrow. Like I said anyone heard of Transcom before?
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