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  1. Hi guys, A quick update on this one. Court action has been stopped by COSL, I have received a reply from CC. Basically they only answered selected items, which prove part of my complaint and they have not provided everything I requested. The figures don't add up, and are totally different from the court claim. I won't reveal too much just yet, but have fired off a response to them and requested again what I had originally asked for and passed the response onto cosl. Will await the reply from CC and the cosl
  2. Thanks again for info. Just a quick update, complaints have been done to FOS and COSL and credit coorp have been told to stop proceedings. Ball is in their court now. It will delay it many months, now will see how serious they are. Will keep you informed with the outcome. Cheers
  3. Hi, Yes there would be a statute barred defence, as it has been six years, but credit corp have failed to acknowledge this. It is mentioned in my complaint to asic. In the mean time I have to curb their county court claim, which is no further than the acknowledgement and challenge to jurisdiction. So at this stage I do not know how serious they are, or whether they are trying it on. Their county court claims states, it is out of jurisdiction and the original agreement with the bank had been terminated. But they state the are the assignee for the assignor(the bank). I have never seen
  4. Hi peeps, Thanks for the prompt replies. Am I correct in thinking I have to fill out the N244 within 14days, following my acknowledgement of service, having ticked the contest jurisdiction box and is there a fee for this does anyone know? As this case is in review with asic, should I also note this on my N244 form, as well as the statutory limitations? Basically should I reveal all on the N244 form, as to the background of the case, to help them decide on jurisdiction? I thought the more complex the case seems to the county court, the more likely they will find in my favour and not
  5. Hi guys, I have been reading over these threads with much interest over the past week. My situation as follows and any tips, help greatly appreciated. I have 2 alleged debts in Oz,16 000 au, last contact with original creditor "which bank"was feb 2007. Alleged total of debts by Credit Corp in 2013 is 25000au. They only contacted me about one debt then, they tried to bring the other into the conversation many weeks later.I have not heard from credit corp for 4 years, until now, I have been in the UK since March 2006. Credit corp has entered a county court claim through Stevens drake
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