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  1. Hi to everyone, i hope i have posted in the correct area ! I had a halifax credit card which i have defaulted on , due to being off work for 6 months and 2 operations, we have been surviving on SSP and tax credits . I sent them a letter explaining my situation with an expenditure form and an offer of £10 a month till things get better . It was sent recorded delivery and was delivered okay ( i still have proof ) i recieved no reply . I have been paying £10 every month but it was given to Blair Oliver and Scott ,their in house dept , although i have now recieved 2 letters from a firm named Wescot and a letter from BLAIR stating that the debt has now been TRANSFERED ! to Wescot . Can anyone put my mind at rest , i get daily phone calls , mobile/landline which i ignore but its making me a nervous wreck !!!!! Has this debt been passed to Wescot because there is no original paperwork ? Is it a fair bet that this debt wont be enforcable in a court of law ? Are they just trying to collect the debt and have bought it from the Halifax ? If any one can give me some sound advice i would be grateful. TIM
  2. Hi everyone, hope i have posted in the correct area ! i have been searching these forums for many months but keep reading conflicting information. I am emigrating to AUSTRALIA in June 2013 ,cant let this opportunity go by ! My story is i have had 2 operations in 6 months and have been on the floor ,never thought this would happen to me as i am the only bread winner in the family ! I have basically defaulted on 2 credit cards £4000 and £2000 ,now i really dont like running away from my commitments but i am now in a low paid job and cant see any way out !!!!!! What i would like to know is are these agreements enforcable in OZ ???? I have come to an agreement with both lenders and have been paying something every month one is halifax the other is RBS although the Halifax have demanded the whole balance via DEBT COLLECTORS BLARE OLIVER AND SCOTT. Can i avoid a CCJ on both ? do i just give them a P O BOX NO when i get there ? how am i on the legal side of things ? I understand that if a CCJ is issued it is for EVER! ANY HELP PLEASE WOULD BE GREAT, thankyou TIM.
  3. Hi everyone, i hope i have posted in the correct area ! I really need some direction a credit card debt i have with the HALIFAX , the card was taken out early 2011 the current balance is £2300 , i was unlucky enough to have an operation last year and had 3 months off surviving on SSP and tax credits ,the same happened this year again another 3 months off work. I got behind with this card and a default was issued , i wrote to the Halifax with a budget sheet with all my financial commitments and offered them £10 a month as a goodwill gesture untill i got ack off the floor. I know they recieved the letter but they never replied so i rang them and i was told to just keep paying the £10 a month. Since then i have been recieving daily phone calls ,mobile /landline and have had a load of letters from BLAIR ,OLIVER AND SCOTT , the latest one demands the whole amount by 8/10/12 or notice of intended court action BLAH BLAH BLAH etc etc . Firstly who are these people ? have they bought the debt ? or are they Halifax (other dept). I have been continuing to pay £10 a month but i am starting to wonder why i am bothering ! ANY help would be fantastic TIM.
  4. Hi thanks for your reply, i have recieved a letter from a debt collectors called BLAIR, OLIVER and SCOTT who says that there client has instructed them (HALIFAX) to collect the full outstanding balance £2300 as soon as possible. when i first got behind with payments i sent a budget to the halifax (recorded delivery) and i have proof that they got it , offering £10 a month till i got back to work after being on statuary sick pay for 3 months and they didnt even reply. I recieved a default notice so i rang them and they told me just to pay £10 a month which is what i have kept up with. what i would like to know if you can help, are the above debt collectors owned by the Halifax or would you say that they have just sold on to these clowns, i have done some digging online but cant seem to get any answers , can they pass this on while i am paying the halifax? or is it just lack of communication in the bank? any advice or help would be appreciated Tim.
  5. Hi , thanks for your message and i am sorry that i have not replied sooner. I thought i would give you an update and ask for further advice if you are able to help ! I have reached an agreement with R B S CREDIT CARD , just under £30 a month and they have stopped interest and late charges etc, they say that they will review my situation in 6 months, i originally offered them £10 a month which they rejected. have now returned to work ,although i am still dealing with depression ,but the HALIFAX c/c have again given me a default and passed the whole debt £2300 to debt collector in manchester and i have been paying them £10 a month for the last 2 months. Can i ask why they would do this , does this mean they have no CCA to enforce . any help or advice you could give would be great . Tim.
  6. Hi thanks for your advice, i am in the process of opening a basic bank account with the coop . There is no ppi to be had unfortunately but i have done a budget but cant see anything really to cut back on, all my bills have increased except my wages !!!!!! Whats your personal opinion on a DRO ? thes debts are only a year old and i have only just been able to hang onto my working tax credits since it all changed in april and they will now take an average on my weekly hours ! my main bank is hsbc who i have an overdraft with . any help would be great TIM
  7. Hi thanks for your reply, the level of debts are rbs £4200 and halifax £2200 they both increased the credit limits last year after i requested them to but i thought they would send me another agreement to sign. at the moment there insisting on this budget sheet to see wether i am eligable for token payment £1 this is what one of the debt charitys suggested. There is no p p i on either account but each have added on 2 x £12 for late payment and the interest has now taken me over the credit limit hence the extra £12 ,talk about getting kicked when already down. I dont intend to send personal medical details to any old tom dick and harry !!!!!! thanks for any advice you can give TIM
  8. Hi everyone i hope i have posted in the correct forum ! I have just defaulted on 2 credit cards and owe money on my overdraft due to long term illness last year and again this year . i am dissapointed with myself and will take what evers coming ! although in about 18 months i have a fantastic opportunity to emigrate to OZ no returns !!!!! and what i would like to know is would these debts be ENFORCABLE in OZ ??????? the amounts are £4000 with RBS £2000 with halifax and a £2000 overdraft with HSBC . I only work part time (20) hours for £6.50 an hour and when i get back to work this will take me about 10 years to get straight ! I am trying to negotiate with the crediters at the moment ,looks like i will only be able to make a TOKEN PAYMENT . I was hoping to keep them sweet until i jet off but are CCJs transfered to other countries or is there any agreements in place????? already done some swotting on here but i am confused and the banks have had a lot of money out of me over the years thanks for your help TIM
  9. Hi everyone i hope i have posted in the correct area !! HELP my story is that i have recently defaulted on 2 credit cards ,i am only 1 payment behind . i was unlucky enough to have two operations last year and borrowed money from 1 card to pay the other i have had to undergo further surgery april gone and i have been living on stat sick pay/ tax credits and housing benefit . I have approached two debt charities and as advised done a budget which has surprised me , my outgoings are £350 more than i have coming in !!!!! I am being treated for depression and have been for 3 years after losing both parents to horrible illnesses. I have been straight with both lenders but the HALIFAX wont enter into any agreement because of my budget and the RBS have now sent me a financial form to complete ,they are also asking when i will be back to work and can i send them a copy of my DRS certificate are they entitled to this ????? by the way late charges and over credit fees keep getting addded. Can anyone point me in the right direction , total debts approx £9000 iand i work part time for £6.50 an hour and my situation doesnt look like it will be any better even when i return to work. any help would be appreciated TIM
  10. hi thanks for your reply, forgive me i am a bit GREEN to all this ,can you explain what you mean by SIG ??? and the only other obstacle i can think of is that i have no paperwork or account numbers to any of these accounts, does this SAR also include loans secured on property that we owned in 2001 which was payed back to BLACK HORSE FINANCE at their silly rates !! is it sufficient to just work out where i lived at the time of these agreements and give them a few adresses to go on ??? thanks for your patience and advice TIM
  11. hi everyone, have been looking through the posts for ppi reclaiming , can anyone point me in the right direction i e suitable template letter which i can tweak. my wife and i have had about 8 credit cards between us stretching back about 8 years these were all paid back in 2008 , i have no account numbers but would know my adresses at the time these were active and obviously who they were with . Is there anywhere here in the forum i could find addresses for these banks and credit cards companies or would you recomend doing a free credit report trial likec EXPERIAN ? I am currently on statuary sick pay ,and i am not expecting to get any money at the first hurdle but i do have plenty of time onj my hands !!!!!! THANKS FOR ANY HELP TIM
  12. hi can anyone help me further with barclaycard, i enjoy reading the threads they make me laugh !! to cut a long story short did a CCA to barclays got nothing back its now been 6 months ,been harassed by MERCERS , BARCLAYCARDS IN HOUSE TEAM , now we have recieved a letter from a firm called POWER 2 CONTACT based in CREWE , has anyone in the forum heard of these TOILET BUGS ? they reckon they will send a contact manager to conduct a pre legal visit, which sounds nice ! any advice would be great, keep up the good work its nice to know that i am not alone !
  13. hi buzby, i hope i am posting in the right section i am pretty new here! i too have a problem wit BT, had a final bill from them before xmas just before moving my line rental to sky who i pay my call charges with, just got back into part time work and am in the position to pay the £50 bill but have now recieved a letter from MOORCROFT DEBT RECOVERY LTD stating that the bill has now increased to £70 and failure to pay by the 5th feb 2011 will result in increased fees approx £160 ,and they confirm that with a major public utility that i am in occupancy at my address ,and are threatening with a county court judgement, have tried to pay the original bt bill on line but their website doesnt allow it. can you give me any advice, how do they justify these fees ? when i have been out of work for about 12 months any help you could give would be great THANKS .
  14. hi all ,thanks very much for your replys, would like to wish you all a very happy xmas ! just an update on my wifes barclaycard, 8 weeks on and still no CCA , normal monthly credit card statements, still loads of phone calls despite sending ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE LETTER and HARASMENT BY TELEPHONE LETTER ! we have though received a letter from CABOT FINANCIAL saying that our CABOT account is overdue ,as far as i am aware we have no such account with these toilet bugs, did some digging on line and from what i can make out they are puppets attached to barclaycard, am i right ? if anyone can give me any information about these slimey creatures i would be grateful, and does this now mean BARCLAYCARD have breached the data protection act by passing my wifes details to a third party ? thankyou tim
  15. thanks vic for your reply, just an update , the wife recieved her normal monthly barclaycard statement in the post today stating the obvious , she is behind with payment and they have added £12 late payment charge and £12 total default sum charged this month . another seperate letter came today cancelling the repayment arranged by them months ago ,it also says if immediate payment is not made we will instruct MERCERS LTD to deliver a default notice with a home visit, how nice !. it seems to me that there customer services are ignoring our letters and burying their heads in the sand ,what would you advise, perhaps a follow up letter , or would i be wasting my time . in our ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE LETTER it clearly states no charges can be added while the account is in dispute ,and what about section 10 of the data protection act ie MERCERS, any advice would be great, getting stressed with the 10 phone calls a day so we think we will send the telephone harrassment letter thanks again for any help you can give TIM
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