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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, I'm currently struggling to pay off $AU 7k debt that is owed to an Australian bank, which has now been sold to a Debt Collection Agency in Oz. T hey tried to find out where I was living by contacting my ex partner and have tracked me down in the UK. They said they will forward this to their overseas affiliates Stevensdrake. I received a couple of letters from SD, the last one stating 'in the absence of any response we are instructed to commence legal proceedings against you. Court costs and interest will become payable (where applicable) in addition to the basic debt if those proceedings are successful.' Having studied most of the threads most people would recommend ignoring them. I have made no contact with them at all and this debt is pretty recent, only about 1 year. So I have about 5 years before going down the SB route. It looks like SD do bring people to court in relation to this...which is my fear. Unfortunately I have zero money or assets here. Just UK debts which I'm trying to pay off every month, I'm on min wage salary and I actually can only just about pay my bills, rent and food every month. My Mum isn't well so I had to move back within a year of being there. When I moved back to the UK from OZ I was unemployed for 6 months because I couldn't find work. I'm just not sure what the best way forward is as most people say to ignore them but I've seen some people recommending to make contact as to not let them think they will get an automatic judgement against me if they did bring proceedings forward. Any advice would be so appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new here and have read threads about Austrlalian credit card debt etc but cant see any current ones open. I am being pursued by Stevensdrake. They were acting for credit corp. I left Western Australia in March 2009. My husband & I parted and he went to live in Asia. Our farm was sold last year and everything was paid off apart from my credit cards. The main one was with the National Australia bank with whom we had all our borrowings. I don't now why mine wasn't included as my husbands was settled from proceeds of the sale. I am guessing mine wasn't secured by the property. Credit corp wrote to me, I ignored it.Then I got a letter from Stevensdrake. I got advice from Citizens advice who advised me that they didn't think they would pursue it as it would be costly for them. The next thing was a court summons on 30th October last year. I asked for the original agreements which I received just before xmas and the terms and conditions of the agreements. I have spoken to two solicitors here but neither of them could help. Can anyone advise me as to the best course of action? I don't want a CCJ against me but I can't afford to pay either. I could offer a small amount to settle but the debt has increased so much from the original amount that there's no way I can pay the whole lot. Please, can anyone help!
  3. In 2005 I had an Australian credit card in Australia and then moved to the UK that same year. In 2010 the credit card company passed the account to Credit Corp and as I have been living in the UK since 2005, they used all their tricks to intimidate and harass me over the phone, calling at all hours, demanding I pay in full, asking me to access my superannuation etc and when I didn’t settle the account they then transferred it on to Stevensdrake - I was advised of this by an email from Credit Corp. Stevensdrake then sent me a letter advising me that they act for Credit Corp and requesting a good faith payment. Since then, almost all communication with Stevensdrake has been email. Uninformed and scared of legal proceedings I immediately made a good faith payment as they requested – and have continued to make monthly payments. I haven’t ever received or signed a contract but I fear that the emails and my payments constitute a contract. In addition to the payments I have written in emails things such as ‘I am trying to secure funds to make an offer of payment’ and ‘I will make payment each month’. Acknowledgement by me of the alleged debt was under duress and was uninformed. Reading other threads, I also havent received notices or any letters from Credit Corp - just the bullying phone calls and then an email. In my emailing with Stevensdrake have i put myself in the position of a contract? Any advice very much appreciated.
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