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  1. Hi, I'm a new user here. I don't underestand forums very well, but I am going to tell you what happened me yesterday. First of all, my English is not very well, because I came to England a few months ago. I am from Spain. I'm so humiliated and disgusted with myself but I was caught shoplifting £80 of goods from Primark. I am having bad money problems so I decided to do it. I honestly don't know what went through my mind. When I were about to exit the store, two guards were waiting for me and we went to a dark and close room on the ground floor, and we were there for about 1 hour & half. They asked me for my address, my identity card, and then they called the police. The police man take me a picture and write all my information (date of birth, parents names, my address on Spain...), then he told me the typical movie's phrase ''Everything You Say Can And Will Be Used Against You…'' and I said I'm sorry. Then, we went with his car to my house because he want to prove that I am currently living there. Also I'm absolutely petrified that this will stop me from getting jobs in the future. Do I have a criminal record and will employers be able to see what happened? I'm constantly worrying about this, I am 18. He told me that I would receive a RLP letter in the post, and I am so sad because I do not have a lot of money and I have read that maybe I would have to pay a lot. I have read on this forum a lot that I should ignore the RLP fine, however i would like to know how people on this forum know it. And what would happen if y do not pay the money. I really won't have time to collect so much money!. What is better, ignoring or answering? And do you know how many money should I pay? Every advice much appreciated. Please accept genuine apologies, I am not a bad person. Many thanks.
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