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Found 12 results

  1. Dear All, I have had a scary incident today! I was rushing through a saintsbury's local and accidentally tagged one item worth 2 GBP as carrots, I purchased 4 items and only one had the issue. The security guard asked me to go to a room with the manager who claimed that I did this 3 times without showing any proof! It did happen a time before and I assured her that it was a mistake and I re-scanned the item I wanted to purchase and paid for it (it was a glitch in the system which she did not admit, the self checkout was already waiting for carrots to be scanned and did not take the barcode of my item) This time, she was shouting, she was scary along with her large security guy. They asked for ID and I was getting my wallet to show him my ID, he took it without my permission and they started going though my bank cards and my driving license. They recorded my address and name and gave me a ban, they even insisted on treating me badly by taking a photo of me with the paper and the item which was a small bag of crisps!!! I feel really disappointed but I am also very worried that DWF or other companies might ask me to pay more money as I am an international student on a full scholarship. I am working hard and I have never had such issues in my life and would never do such things. I asked them the same question: why would I "play" with your system after scanning all of my items properly except one?!?! I even asked her that if she has a proof of what she claims, she can give me a full invoice of the items she is claiming and I will pay her for everything immediately to prove to her that this is unintentional and surely not my doing! I am really worried that this could affect my residency in this country or my scholarship or so, and I do not want to be forced to pay 150 GBP or more if it is not really owed! Sorry for the long text but I am shaking and I honestly do not know what to do, I cannot forget how they took my wallet and started taking my cards one my one!!! Please advise and I would be extremely thankful to all of you!
  2. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this. Apologies if not. I have a mortgage with Paragon. I recently changed current account from Natwest to Santander. I called paragon and gave them my new bank details. Mortgage payment was due out on the 30th May. The money never left my Sanatander account. Called Paragon the day after payment should have cleared who advised the dd mandate was active and all up and running correctly. They re checked my new account details... all fine. Paragon said it could be delayed due to Monday having been a bank holiday. Told me to call back today if it had still not debited my Santander account. I called Santander to see if they could advise what was happening. They advised Paragon had never set any dd up!! Called paragon today as its still not cleared and they advised it had been paid and they had updated my account with the new balance after payment! I am not sure what steps to take next, as one day they will realise its not actually been clearing and it will cause all kinds of issues. Any advice good people of CAG on what could have happened and how to get it sorted?
  3. let's start at the beginning. CMS took over the case in February 2016 , I cooperated with them fully and paid the amount I was told . I informed them that as from April 2016 I was being made redundant I sent proof as requested. Since then I have had nothing but trouble. For a few months I didn't work and relied on my wife's income . Now as I didn't send them this in writing as to how I was supporting myself (I was unaware I needed to). the case defaulted back to my previous income therefore accruing arrears. Between April and October I spoke 5 different case workers who all assured me they had updated my records and everything would be sorted out. All to no avail . Finally after asking to complain and speak to a manager I got a case worker to stay on my case . I started working again in September and informed them of this . I spoke to them again in December as they hadn't received my payslips so I resent them. Then to my surprise in February payslip they have taken 40% of my wages . After speaking to them again I was told she had been to busy to adjust my payments they had applied a deduction of earnings. She informed me there is nothing she can do about this and they will continue to take 40%. what can I do I'm at my wits end. They say iam in 10k worth of arrears from 2004 as my ex wife says I didn't pay for 4 years lucky enough I always paid via bank I have sent sar form off to hopefully prove this.
  4. I stuck my head in the sand with council tax last year and ended up having my debt passed to Equita. It got to enforcement stage before I managed to get someone to agree to a payment plan with me. I agreed to 250pm at the time as I was in full time work. I lost my job in April and rang Equita before my payment was due to advise them that I wouldn't be able to pay the same amount but would be willing to carry on paying a much smaller amount until I get back into work. (I'm currently waiting on an award of benefits from the DWP and have been given a council tax reduction for this year based on nil income until awarded universal credit because of this). When I rang Equita I was told that final payment had been taken and my account had been closed and that it was all fine by them. I didn't think to get the name of who I spoke to On the 8th, I was rung by one of their enforcement agents who told me that my last payment hadn't actually been made and they were informed of this on the 4th. He told me he would be coming round on the 9th. I rang him back later on in the day, he said he'd call me back in around 45 minutes and never did. He also has;t turned up at my flat. Since then I haven't been able to get in contact with him. I've called and texted, I've rung Equita, they said they couldn't do anything and out me back through to their bailiff who didn't answer the phone. I'm totally lost, I can't afford anything near what I was paying them back. The most I can spare is around 20 quid a month and I don't even know how much benefit I'm actually going to be given at the end of this month. I've been trying to find someone to talk to about it in the company but I'm at a total dead end. I can't spend forever in my flat waiting for him to eventually decide to show up!
  5. I purchased a car on 27/11/15 from a car dealer named 'wonder value' in south London. when I bought the car I was advised of no problems at all however on the invoice the dealer wrote a note that the vehicle may need new cam belt, brake pads or sensors. I accepted the offer as the car had only recently passed its MOT and I had looked at the certificate. I purchased the car for £1795 and paid £60 for him to drive it home for me so I could insure it once home. The day after a note on the dashboard was flashing up saying 'anti pollution faulty' and 'oil level low'. I obviously expected the oil to be low that was not a problem, when I got home I then put oil in the car thinking both lights would disappear. Both lights did not disappear I took it to the garage, I paid for a diagnostic and new spark plugs. the next day again, the anti faulty pollution light and oil light was still showing. the garage checked my oil level and it was not low at all. i then took it back again and there was still a problem they wanted me to pay another £350 when i have spent £320 on diagnostic, spark plugs, sensors for the car and the oil to be filtered. I have contacted the man who sold the car and he gave £120 towards the repairs, however this does not even cover the cost of repairs. I have had to pay insurance for the car and all these repairs and have only owned it for 3 weeks. I have not even been able to drive the car apart from to and from the garage and had non stop problems. i am a student and cannot afford to pay all these expenses. i have contacted the dealer and told him i want a full refund and he needs to pay for all the expenses. he then replied stating he has refunded the £120 and that was the final offer, however i believe due to my statutory rights i am able to return the car as he has sold it faulty and it was not advised of any of these problems when purchased. I have threatened him that i will take him to trading standards and take this to court if he does no agree to the terms. Please advise the best and first course of action Regards Mashmallow
  6. Hi Guys, Have received a copy of my ESA Decision Makers score sheet, on it she has put the following statement under the heading below! Can anyone understand what it means! :s Limited Capability for Work Related Activity Evidence to support the opinion that the person does not meet any of the descriptors for limited capability for work related activity "The condition history, physical examination, mental state examination and medical knowledge of the condition does not suggest there would be a substantial risk to the mental or physical health of any person if they were found capable of work related activity." What does that mean, I have been put in WRAG but don't get any money as I have already had 365 days of Contribution based ESA. I scored 6 for mobilizing and 9 for Standing and Sitting. Stupid thing is went to WRAG and she told me to go home and that she would phone me.
  7. This maybe a long thread. I will try to keep it short and add info as required. Major concern at the moment is the constant council tax bills. Since May they keep sending me bills for higher amounts because my circumstances have changed. No changes in May though. Quick bit of basic info. I have been off work since 2007 with a prolapsed disc which in turn affects my toilet and bowel works. Originally on IB but now i guess ESA? The job centre call me overy 6 months or so and say hello any change. Then say they will call in another 6 months. In the meantime my Daughter has grown up. Done 6th form and 2 years at college. But her grades in Maths is holding her back from the next stage in the courses. She will be 20 next month. Wife also doing Math's and English courses at a different college to my daughter. I spoke to the Council (Birmingham) in May about the bill. They said its because my daughter has left college. No she is still at college and not due her exams until June. Bill revised and all quiet for a month. Then a late payment letter and they said they didnt receive the proof she was still at college. Sent again. Another bill with the original figures on it. And now 2 weeks later another higher bill. Daughter went to sign on but told she shouldnt sign on until tax credits and family allowance expire. In September she will be starting a Maths and English course. But will she have to sign on still? She is hoping to get a part time job also. But just missed out on one recently. And what happens about this council tax bill? Our money will br drastically reduced yet they want more money? I wont be able to afford to pay it. I dont even know where to go to get advice these days. All the offices seemed to have closed. And the job centre is deserted except about 10 security guards for each person signing on. (exaggerated of course. But it looked that way). Thanks.
  8. In November 2004 we took out a loan for £53300. We sold in February 2006 and repaid £48411. There was still an outstanding balance of £5773. We have been paying approximately £70 per month since then to pay off the balance. Adding up our all our credits to date shows we have paid a staggering £87887. That is Eighty seven thousand and eight hundred and eighty seven pounds! We still owe about £4400 to settle the account! On the outstanding balance alone we have paid £5168! I wish there was some way we could get rid of this debt. The last payment is due in November 2019 6 years after we are on state pension! Surely some mis-selling going on because as pensioners how would be have been able to afford a repayment of nearly £600 per month?
  9. Are British Gas just thugs - or are they just complete idiots? https://www.facebook.com/groups/236931403038408/permalink/492277307503815/
  10. Hi Consumer forum please help, n o matter how many professionals I ask I'm getting several conflicting answers. My husband is thinking of filing for bankruptcy, however that's ok for him but I have supported him in his business and put the deposit down on the house we live in to the tune of £57k. I also paid off his c/c(monthly) to the tune of £7k. I invested in his failing business because of his pleading to the tune of £11k! Now he wants to go bankrupt( I don't blame him) & wants to divorce me giving me his share of the equity in the house. Because he lost the "repossession case" with Lombard they have put a charge on HIS share of the equity, the judge ruling If you have no equity in the house they can't touch your wife's share nor force you to sell!" but I'm really worried, this is my 2nd marriage and the money I put down on the house as deposi,t I wanted it to go to my son (eventually). Where do I stand with the bankruptcy should I divorce before his files for it? I also think divorce is the best thing as it will give me back my excellent (once) credit file if I'm not attach to him. And to add insult to injury the house has got subsidence from next doors trees( being dealt with by the insurance company) Life can't get worse. ......I do blame him for these mistakes as he never listens to anyone advice. Please anyone, does anyone know where I stand in all this. He agrees with me getting my deposit returned & the investment & other payments I've made. Thanks so much T.D
  11. Hi, I have been trying to reclaim the PPI that I was paying to Freemans. I was honestly never asked if I wanted it and up until recently I thought it was standard and had to be on my account. After writing several letters and then several more to chase any form of reply I have received the letter which I shall type below. Does anyone have any advice as after hearing about other peoples PPI claims I feel disappointed now. Thanks Dear X I am in receipt of your letter dated 29 September 2012 regarding Payment Protection Insurance. I can confirm that my investigations are now complete and I would like to make the following observations. Our sales processes have always had regard to the legal requirements in force at the time. As the policy was applied to your account on 16/05/00, you will be aware the detailed rules currently enforced by the Financial Services Authority were not applicable at this time. I can also confirm that cost to the customer was always part of the sales process and that full consent was always actively sought. This was only obtained when the customer confirmed eligibility and suitability. The polices we have previously sold have changed over time. However, those which carried benefits associated with unemployment were equally valid for the self employed providing you worked 16 hours a week or more and paid the correct National Insurance contributions. Furthermore, every monthly statement you have received, where applicable, always referred to the policy giving transparency of all transactions taking place on the account, giving you the opportunity to review your account on a regular monthly basis and raise any matters you may wish to. It has always been possible to cancel at any time, by whatever means, and without penalty. Having considered all the matters raised, I regret to inform you that I am unable to uphold your complaint. The issues you raise appear to fall outside the jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service owing to the length of time your policy has been in force. You are, of course, at liberty to contact them and they may, in exceptional circumstances, waive the prescribed time limits. In accordance with the legal requirements as they apply to the investigation of complaints, I must inform you this is my final response regarding this matter. I understand this is not the outcome you have been looking for, but I hope that you understand the reasons for it. Yours sincerely XXXXXX
  12. Hi all My name is Darren and this is my first post on here. I received a phone call earlier today asking about claiming PPI as I got a car with Welcome Car Finance back in 1999. I had completely forgot that I got the car with them. I don't know if I am eligible to proceed with a claim for the repayment of PPI and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I need help with the following: - 1)I no longer have the original documents and agreement due to moving around a lot while in the Army. How do I go about getting this agreement. 2) I have heard that Welcome Finance have gone into default so where would I send any correspondence to them. 3) As it was way back in 1999, am I still eligible to try and claim back PPI. I was paying back nearly £240 a month over 4 years on a £7000 car. I was young and dense at the time and just went ahead and signed it as I wanted a car. Any help on the above questions would be greatly appreciated. I have never thought about claiming back PPI and don't know where to start. Cheers Darren
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