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  1. the original total owed was £2225 Now Rundles say i owe them £1683 thats the control goods order and minus the £420 already paid. Been told this might not be included in the DRO. Marstons say i owe £1120 (see attached documents) so the the new total is £2803 If i speak to the council today do you think they will be able to take the debt off the baillifs so i can include it all??? Payment plan i agreed to pay back that day cant be done, only agreed it to get the guy out of my house. Isnt the fact the notice of attendance was given to me on the same day and also has "enforce warrant from 6am" stamped for the next day mean its not been done properly??? im confused.. marstons.pdf Council Tax summary.pdf Paid Rundles.pdf
  2. No I never received a letter giving me 7 days notice. He gave that to me on the day....and the warrant date stamp on the letter is dated for the day after he came. yes I moved nearly 2 years ago and they had my new address. I am phoning the council late. I have checked online all the liability orders. I just need to know who has what between Marstons and Rundles. Can I ask the council to take the Debt back so it can be included in my DRO?
  3. For years I have been struggling with debt but I got in contact with payplan and applied for a DRO. All the paperwork was set up with all my debts on. Council tax is with Marstons. I then received a letter from Rundles saying they were recovering council tax. I thought the council and changed agents and now everything was with Rundles. I informed payplan and they amended the paper work. I was just about to pay the £90 fee when last week while I was in bed asleep after a nightshift. An Enforcement guy...tapped on the front door and walked in scaring the life outta my partner who was in the living room. He demanded that I pay £420 or he would take my living room items away (tv dvd player units ect) Tried to explain that I was paying my DRO fee at end of week. He was having none of it. I was scared and shaken up...I did not receive notice that he was coming. I didn't have the cash and he was adamant he was not leaving till I paid £420 or take my goods. I made some calls and manged to get about a months wages from my boss.( Agreement from boss that I pay from my wages straightaway which means at the moment i don't have money coming in to live on) Anyway I paid him and got a receipt. He was now arranging a payment plan for the rest. I told him I couldn't afford anything but he was insistent...All I wanted to do was to get him outta my house so I agreed to 20 a week. He made me sign what I thought was the payment plan but in fact was a control of goods I later noticed after he left. He also left an envelope on table which had inside a notice of attendance letter dated that same day in pen with a stamped date of the warrant for the following day. I got back k in touch with payplan who advised me that now that I had signed a control of goods order the council tax can not be included in the DRO. I am mortified as council tax is the main debt. I am now ready to pay the fee but holding back as I don't know what to do or where I stand. Oh and to add it,2 days ago I've received a letter from Marstons warning of a notice of attendance... Now I thought everything was with Rundles. I have checked the reference numbers and it's all from different years. Confused and scared is not the word!!! I don't know what to do. I am finally facing my debts and this happens a week before my DRO is finalised
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