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  1. I use to have an accountancy firm taking care of that, but I had some financial issues and couldn't pay them any more I stopped using the accountants one year ago
  2. Thanks for your advise, so how do I fill them? I don't know anything about that and don't have and can't pay an accountant now?
  3. What happens if I am prosecuted? can I still have a normal life, work? because it doesn't say anything about prision.. just a criminal record and penalties. What if I move to Ireland? I have a job opportunity there.. would it be more convenient to not be here ? (not planning to leave that unattended, just doing it from there) Thanks
  4. I am just back in the uK, I going to start work soon but don't have any money now... I am very depressed... thanks for your answer
  5. I have a problem and went out of the country for a while, on my return I have my company with a proposal of strike off flag, so as i wanted to keep operating with the company I called Companies house and asked what do I need to do. They reply this and I am scared, what are my options please? I still have time to fix this? --------------------------------------------------------------------- I can confirm that the following documents are outstanding: Accounts for year ended 31/07/2013. Annual Return (Form AR01) for period ending 15/07/2
  6. After posting the last one.. I found this.. what a coincidence.. http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2013/feb/15/force-payday-lenders-stop-trading
  7. Look what Step Change sent me regarding Minicredit: "We are currently not sending payments to Minicredit. They were not cashing the cheques we were sending to them. The company is currently being investigated. Minicredit are passing some of their accounts to third party collection companies. "
  8. What do you exactly mean with "report it" , I am willing to do it but don't know actually what that means Sorry and thanks for your continuous support!
  9. I received this today, what do you think? We do provide the option to make partly payments of any amount on Your MiniCredit.co.uk online account 24/7. We accept all payments You make on Your MiniCredit.co.uk account. All the overdue charges and interest will be added daily until full repayment, we do not have the option to freeze the balance according to the Loan agreement and the Loan should be cleared by the 120th day overdue to avoid Legal action. All payments have to be made by a debit card according to the Loan Agreement. The possibility to make payments using a different debit car
  10. I gues this is very bad as well: "Please bear in mind that Microcredit Ltd is not able to stop the automated debit attempts so if You have the possibility then cancel the card that is registered in the system" How it would be possible that they cannot control their own automated system? Total Rubish, this is not an excuse. I guess that they need to stop taking money if I tell them that I don't authorise them anymore or I am wrong?
  11. I just think I didn't have time for all that, but will see, if they don't do their job right I will step in Cheers
  12. Thanks guys, I was surprised that Step Change doesn't avise like you do, they just said, "try to speak to them so they transfer the debt to a third party as they don't accept DMP"... don't like that.. Anyway I will go with your reccomendations, thanks a lot.
  13. Ok, but should I try an contact them to know my options.. or... I can maybe the payments like £20 per month or something like that? Just in case they want to go to court to show my willingness to pay. Original loan was £400, current balance $650, what would you do renegadeimp? DMP is all set for other creditors and first payment of £200 is due in March. Thanks million.
  14. Hi I set up a plan with Step Change (formerly CCCS) and Minicredit is not happy. Apparently they don't accept DMP's or something like that, but what is more strange is that I recieved a call from Step Change saying that I should contact them to tell them to send the debt to a third party so Step Change can deal with the debt. (DCA or something). I don't know.. it doesn't makes sense to my, this is the email I received from them, what should I do please? Thanks! "Microcredit Ltd does not deal with debt management agencies directly due to the Loan Agreement and the payment methods
  15. I am wondering how they can take money only knowing sortcode and account number, can they do that on any account or only accounts related to cards that they previously used via CPA? Thanks for coming back
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