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  1. after waiting for 2 weeks for some kind of acknowledgement. I messaged UKCredit and asked whether the complaint was being actioned. As they provide no email address to make a complaint, the complaint was sent through their online form. Funnily enough, they have no record of a complaint ever being sent.
  2. You have 8 weeks from the send date until you can send to the FOS.
  3. Well this was my original concern, that it would just be passed to my partner. I have put the complaint in and i'll update this thread with progress.
  4. ok thanks , my worry was that even if this went to the FOS, it would be taken off me and fully passed to my partner.
  5. The DMP begins next month and is for £329pm total. First payment will be tomorrow.
  6. Hello, I've had a gambling addiction which has lead to thoughtless borrowing and large amounts of debt. Earlier this year i decided to do something about it and I've currently got the gambling under control, put in complaints with all the PDLs i borrowed from and joined StepChange. The CAG guides have been a massive help, so thank you to all those involved. One problem I still have is a £7500, 4 year guarantor loan with UKCredit. I've currently paid UK Credit £3,800 but have fallen short on the payments since March. I've found the guarantor loans really cause problems on a dmp, as StepChange are suggesting £97pm and UKCredit are making my guarantor pay the rest. When trying to go back to StepChange to get this increased to full 281.50pm, they've refused. Jan 16 | £7,500 | £281.50 a month | Current Balance £6998.09. My guarantor is my partner. My question is can I claim irresponsible lending like I did with the PDLs or does having a guarantor stop that claim? When I applied for a loan with UKCredit I had the following outstanding: 118 118 MONEY | £2500 | £190pm AVANT | £3800 | £175.42pm Sunny £900 | MyJar £1000 | £495.29 pm Payday UK £800 | £969.36 Marbles £900 - £25.36pm Mr Lender £250 | £274 Satsuma £300 | £88.40pm Santander Credit Card £1900 | £30pm Vanquis £450 | £45pm My credit file was littered with missed payments and my bank statements showed my gambling situation.
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