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  1. thanks for the replies ,what is AST please ,I have passed on your replies to my girlfriend
  2. hi all, my girlfriend needs help, she paid a deposit for her granddaughters rented flat it appears the documents she signed stated that she was a guarantor ,now the granddaughter is being evicted and they want the arrears from my girlfriend , she has been in touch with the letting agent and told them that as she is an old age pensioner she cannot afford to pay ,I suggested that she pays them a £1 a month but I cannot find the template letter can someone point me in the right direction or give me advice .thanks
  3. hi redbat, thanks for sending those docs, to tell the truth i can,t remember getting any of these ,it looks like i will have to pay cabot but will carry on paying a £1.00 a month
  4. i took these out over 7 years ago but as stated i was making the monthly re-payments on time until 4 years ago when i got made redundant from work and my wife became ill ,so i became her carer, i tried to make the payments but found i couldnt,so i got in touch with the national debt counselling service and they suggested i pay lloyds a £1.00 a month which i have been doing for 3:5 years now ,i even got letters from lloyds solicitors S.C.M.in brighton and they seemed happy the debt counselling said that as i was paying something there was nothing that the bank or anyone can do ,once again any a
  5. thanks for the info ,just read through the first letter i received from cabot said that they had bought the debts from lloyds ,also in the same letter was one from lloyds stating they had assigned all of its respective rights title and interest in respect of the referenced accountsto cabot then further down the letter it says they have sold them to cabot ,any more help would be apprieciated ,and what further action can they take please if i havent got the money. thanks sandy
  6. lloyds bank/cabot, Hi All, help needed, i have three debts with lloyds bank , (1) current account (2) loan (3) credit card ,up until about 3 years ago i was paying these off every month but have fallen on hard times ,so i made arrangements with lloyds to pay £1.00 a month on all 3 debts as i say for the last 3 years i have been doing this ,then on thursday last i received a letter from cabot saying they had taken over the debts and could i please telephone them ,so i did (stupid i know ), the boy on the other end agreed i can carry on paying the £1.00 a month to them this morning i received
  7. no they didn;t ,i have heard nothing from them for years,she just turned up out of the blue,if she comes again i;ll tell her to sling her hook,written correspondance only.sandy
  8. i am glad you showed the faces of these **** bags,my wife had a provident check about 7 years ago and the repayments were collected every friday,when the collector stopped coming round for the money i got in touch with the provident and they said that they were organising a new agent ,nothing happened until we started getting phone calls from B.C.W. so i came on here seeking advice and i was told to send them the letters about the agreements. I never heard anything more about it until this morning when a scots woman purporting to be from the provident pushed a provident card through the door s
  9. thanks for that odc.the phone calls haven;t started yet no doubt they will.sancov
  10. this is starting to happen to my wife,a fortnight ago we recieved a telephone call supposed to be from the gas boardthey asked if we were mr.and mrs mcc ****** and when i said yes they said that we were entitled to a free gift,they also asked if we were disabled which we are,so they said that the gift should arrive shortly i thought nothing of it as we had just changed gas suppliers,i then recieved a mckenzie hall red postcard on the 1st of february asking me to phone 01563 556545 qouting a ref.no before the 29th of january. i have done nothing about this yet as i have had trouble before from
  11. hi all, i too was getting letters from scotcall but when i asked them to send me the original credit agreement enclosing the obligatory £1.00 they sent me a letter back saying that they were sending the debt back to the client,now i have recieved a letter from another company, RESPONSE Credit Management,also based in glasgow asking for the moneyand that i must phone them within 14 days and pay immediiately by debit/credit card,should i deal with them the same as scotcall by asking for a full and original credit agreement,and could this be the same company going under a different name thank yo
  12. it is now the 30th june still no paying in book looks like i will have to take the last letter down the bank on the same day as normal the 15th and pay a £1.00,if the book came tomorrow it still wouldn;t clear for three working days so s*d them.sandy
  13. Hi All,i have now recieved replies to my letters and the results are good B.L.S. have now sent my letters back to lloydsand they are sending me a paying in book and **** have asked for an expenditure sheet for a month;s expenses and are willing to accept a £5.00 per month for the next six months but i shall carry on paying a£1.00,they said they want the first payment by the 1st of july but no paying in book yet,i have been to the local branch and enquired but no luck,will keep you informed.sancov
  14. i have now got the letters printed off and postal orders ready to go,but today i recieved a letter from sechiari,clark & mitchell saying that if they don;t recieve the full amount within seven days they shall begin court proceedings,do i send the same letters of to them as i know they share the same building as lloyds in brighton?.thanks sancov
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