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  1. Hi Good News and Bad but just! We have just been notified that they will accept 5577.26 from the guarantor as full and final settlement of liability based on the information put forward. However they will pursue the costs and interest from my daughter. To a large extent I do agree with what has been posted but without being biased, my daughter didn't quite bury her head in the sand but was naïve in taking on board what they said to her. The emails I referenced in my previous post, she has confirmed she has them and they confirm that she didn't need to pay anyth
  2. Hi I have attached the pdf, on reading the particulars only points 1 and 2 are correct. point 3, agreement was terminated in august 2017 (to which our daughter was told that they would negotiate a payment plan when the equipment was sold and not to worry, she may have emails to support this, she is checking). point 4, a breakdown of costs and no documents have ever been received. point 5, The claimant has never corresponded with us regarding repayment. It appears I was a little zealous with the 1000.00 costs, the difference between the balance 5577.26 and 6479.48 is m
  3. Unfortunately it does seem that way. Ok I have tended to the SAR's, they just need signing and posting recorded delivery. It turns out that the forms were not posted but done online. so I have requested our claims form back from the solicitor, actually asked her to scan and email so will attach pdf as soon as it is received. I will see my daughter tonight and collect her form also. Thank you.
  4. Hi and thank you, 'customer services' very good, will definitely take this on board and do as you suggest. I will prepare a SAR and get it posted. The claim form has been posted with the intention to defend as advised by our solicitor, this was so the solicitor would have time to correspond with the Admiral Leasing solicitor regarding the process and in the event that they would accept the payment. I will see if my daughter has copied her claim form as we just gave ours to the solicitor. (can we get a copy from anywhere) As for intentions, we just wanted to pay
  5. Hi, This is a frustrating situation and time is pretty limited so hopefully someone may be able to help. Lol due to the fact that i'm the family banker this post is on behalf of my partner last year our daughter acquired some equipment and used Admiral Leasing, (my partner was the guarantor). The equipment was not proving to make the profit that was required and our daughter contacted Admiral Leasing, explained that she could not afford to keep up the repayments and asked for a solution. She was informed that they would collect the machine and it would be resold. She w
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