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Found 24 results

  1. Feeling like I could do with some advice please. I have had 2 PPI's that HSBC have agreed to pay out on. I sent all the forms back on 16th Feb and was told that the offers were sent out to me that week. Nearly 7 weeks on and I have still had nothing in the post. I have been chasing weekly and have been promised calls back on 8 occasions. Can someone give me a direct email address of the head of complaints who deal with PPI at HSBC? With a husband who has been out of work for 8 months, this PPI payouts really will ease things for us and was hoping that they would have been in out accou
  2. I agreed to a Tomlin order back in 2012 with an agreed payment of £50 per month. My solicitor recommended we agree, having nuked a couple of other credit card debts for me. One of the terms was a voluntary charging order which never happened, I sold the house in 2015, never even considering the Tomlin Order. I have been paying the £50 pm since inception(2012) and not heard a peep from anyone until this week when RobWay, the DCA have been texting me to call them. Is there anything they can do, given I am in rented housing, to vary the Tomlin order? It does say subject to 6
  3. Hi! I bought a used car last month with 3 months warranty. The other day the head gasket was blown. The dealer said it will cost £320 to sort BUT wants me to put up £100 of the cost. Any advice welcome, why am I expected to pay?
  4. Rich was attacked and had his head stamped on by 2 kids. They threatened him on the bus the day before and he saw them the next day on the bus. He not thinking straight and took the bus ID off one of the kids and whilst doing so got him in a headlock. The Police said this was assault and theft. The kids chased him down and called friends to join in. They stamped on his head and punched and kicked him to the ground. He had grit in his head and he had a seizure. The police has said he needs to write a letter of apology to the kid he took the bus pass off.
  5. HELP! I have claimed unfair dismissal following whistleblowing and have a 3 days hearing scheduled in September. Due to funds I didn't take on a solicitor, but I am very scared that I have bitten off more than I can chew and will ruin my case due to inexperience. I have had support previously from CAG but in honesty have never been in a position to make a donation, if anyone can help my I will make a donation of whatever I can afford. So the situation, i was dismissed, 5 days before my 2 years service for a completely unfounded, ridiculous allegation of gross misconduct. I was actuall
  6. Well, I'm usually asleep by this time but totally stressed with a situation because of my incompetent husband. I received a NIP for a speeding offence in Oct 15, I am the registered keeper. As I wasn't the driver of the vehicle, I signed the form and dated it and gave it to my husband to fill in the details. At the time we were separated, so I left it at his and told him to deal with it. It's August now and god only knows the truth whats happened but one of his mates was called into court to fill in a statutory declaration because he wasn't driving the vehicle at the time. I've come to kn
  7. After reading from the faily mail today and reading that TV fees could be linked to the value of the property, this has got to be a joke surely? Here is a quote What am I going on about you may say so have a read here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3228682/Minister-suggests-TV-licence-fee-levy-paid-council-tax.html
  8. 4 months ago in my Citroen Berlingo multispace petrol 1.6 (2009) the temperature gauge shot to the top and car warned me to stop, I was in slow traffic and had to continue for 10 minutes as on a dual carriageway. In this time the dial would go back to normal and then a couple of minutes later would shoot to the top. I was by a kwik fit so took it there for advice and was told it sounded like the sensor. They rang at work to say cracked radiator and replaced for £300. Yesterday creeping in very slow traffic and temperature gauge shoots up, car overheated, radiator water very low. Took
  9. I am at my wits end with Hastings Direct. My 20 year old daughter was insured for her car with them. In December 2014 her insurance was up for renewal and I found a better cover with Endsleigh. I tried to contact Hastings on the numerous numbers without success but I was aware that the auto renewal would not take place because I had recently had a replacement debit card. The payment was not made and the first letter arrived saying to contact them with new payment detail. I eventually rang them with my daughter and told them that we did not want the insurance. As it had never been paid you w
  10. http://diaryofabenefitscrounger.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/new-job.html The worst part of this is she went from being deemed unfit for work indefinitely to a £60k salaried management position, a nice point for IDS to press i am sure. Is she a sellout or could she do some good from within? (Her own words)
  11. My unenforceable journey is coming to the end! At last I have been to County Court to fight ccjs and high Court to fight HCE Bailiffs and only lost once on an un- regulated loan I have been checking through all of my creditors and dca accounts Most are now statute barred or coming up to being statute barred in the next couple of months Most of the dca do not know my current address. I am considering writing to each one in turn once I consider that it is SB notifying my current address so that they can't sneak in and get a ccj at my old address and informing them that
  12. Hello I have posted in the forum a few times over my issue with HSBC and as this is still going on I could do with some more help please. I agreed with HSBC that as they owed me more in a PPI claim more than I owed them for an outstanding loan that the PPI would repay the outstanding debt. I signed a form to this effect and returned a long while ago. Since then I have had a few debt collection agents call me to chase this debt and I told them politely about the agreement and the matter went away. However, I have been receiving letters from MKDP chasing the same debt. I told them
  13. First of all hello, just recently found the forum. Oh, I have been so so silly. I bought a caravan on HP in 2008 over 60 months, last year I sold the caravan and didn't get enough for it to pay off all the loan. I know now that I shouldn't have done this, that I could have let them take it back as I'd paid half the loan. I feel so stupid, but I really didn't know this, and I didn't realise I couldn't sell it on either. I've made such a big mistake. I have never defaulted on the loan payments, I'm still just about managing to pay everything I owe (there are o
  14. Hey everyone. Total noob here attempting to resolve some of our debts and looking for some advice.. . I've read some great success stories on here and some very valuable advise, which will no doubt help me towards being debt free so thanks for all the info that has been about. To start with I have the below debts I'd love to get rid of one way or another Barclays Overdraft - Wife's £1,500 Halifax Credit Card - Wife's £4,600 Virgin Credit Card - Mine £1,250 Natwest Overdraft - Mine £2,000 Natwest Loan - Mine £
  15. Hi All, Am trying to get opinions from members on the car issue am currently having. On 14th December 2013, I bought 2003 reg Peugeot 307 1.6L with 101,200 miles on the clock for £1,000 from a car dealer. I saw the car on Autotrader. It fitted what I wanted in terms of look and price. I test drove the car and was satisfied with the drive. I paid with my credit card and took car home. The car came with 3 months warranty for maximum repair worth £200 with Halfords. For me this was only an extra, as I would still have bought the car even if it didn't come with any warranty. On the 28th
  16. Dear all, My first post here I will try and make this as simple as I can. Car in question is a 12 year old vehicle (rover 75) which are prone to head gasket failure the vehicle had done 99000 miles when we had our first failure in August of last year, the vehicle in otherwise excellent condition and maintained regardless of cost. The vehicle did hit high on the temp gauge and was stopped immediately, the vehicle was recovered by the AA to our local garage The garage: the garage in question is a local out of town garage that we have used for servicing and mot work since moving into th
  17. I'm trying to compile a list of what each individual bailiff company charges under Head C. If anyone has been charged this fee, or knows what a certain bailiff company has charged previously, I would appreciate it if you could post the figure. Thanks in advance.
  18. I have tried emailing the boss but been completely ignored. Need advice on what way to proceed (this is my story copied from facebook but it's pretty much what has happened) since september I started getting calls from a 0845 number (I ignored at first) 1 night I happened to log on to my t-mobile account and noticed I had upgrade options. I clicked the no sim only as it was unlimited everything (no 4G) unsurprisingly a couple of days later the order refused to go through. Meanwhile, the 0845 calls on my phone increased (sometimes to 2/3 calls a day)
  19. Hi there, Does anyone know who is the actual head of the energy ombudsman for England? I need to complain about the ineptness of one of their investigation officers. Many thanks
  20. Antonio Simoes has been appointed deputy chief executive of HSBC Bank plc and head of UK bank, effective 1st November 2012. Replacing Joe Garner, Mr Simoes will retain his current role as head of retail banking and wealth management Europe and will continue to be a director of HSBC Bank plc. Commenting on the appointment, HSBC Bank plc chief executive, Brian Robertson, says: “Antonio has been instrumental in shaping and implementing HSBC’s group strategy and will provide that focus to develop the UK business further in a challenging and changing regulatory environment.” Mr Simoes joined H
  21. No suprises there then. http://www.fsa.gov.uk/about/media/facts/fines/top
  22. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum but I'm desperate for some advice from anyone out there who can help me. Here goes !!! My daughter passed her test last June and in the first month got 3 pts for speeding SP50. I am getting a motability car on Friday and my daughter wants to have my current car Mazda 6 that is on finance and has 18 months left on it. The finance company won't let me change her on the V5 though say it's ok for her to drive if she's insured. Her insurance on her megane is due mid June but they have quoted her with the change of car £6500 yes that's right you did h
  23. My VW golf 1.4 fsi went to the garage after the timing belt tensioner broke. we paid £1300 for a rebuild (head machined etc). 1 week later we had to pay £75 for 1 ignition coil. a couple of days after that another £75 for coild number 2. 4 litres of oil bought and used over 3 months, and the garage said nothing was wrong. 4 months after the original repair and the car broke down. Becuase the garage did the rebuild, i had the car recovered to the same garage. (although i did not want to). the problem was the timing was out and basically the same problem again. It was not the ten
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