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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, I just wondered if anyone had gone up against Amigo Loans in irresponsible lending cases. i have had a few loans from 2015-2017 with various top ups just wondering if i might have a case? just checked what i had 3250 16/05/2012 2250 11/09/2014 4250 03/04/2015 5000 29/04/2016 was in a DMP with payplan during the first two loans started missing payments around 03/09/2015 for a few months as was in financial difficulty
  2. Hi All, I am a really, really irritated with Amigo loans right now. Each month, I go a week overdue on my loan, because they will not allow me to move the payment date back to the end of the month. I get a mound of emails, letters, texts and other crap each month, as does my guarantor. As usual I got all that this month, but an error on their website has prevented me from paying, not me. I have communicated this to them, but the 'account manager' ignores these emails, yet she has the time to email me and my guarantor threats still telling him soon he will pay. Can I complain about this, either to them or the ombudsman? Or am I being a bit OTT. I am just sick of them, and they are winding me up going after my Dad when I have tried to pay them, 3 times yesterday.
  3. had a letter come through the door from the land registry. this was telling me that amigo loans had applied to have a charge put onto my property due to my wife standing as a guarantor for her cousin. you can imagine this has come has a major shock to me as i was not made aware of this by my wife. my permission would never been granted. i have until noon on thursday to reply to the land registry as my wife is a bit simple she said she did not know what she was entering into and the consequences. can i add this was the first time we have heard about this the land registry letter. no letters have been sent to us or court orders or told the debtor had stopped paying . when i rang amigo up i asked them why we had not been informed of your actions and the debtors non payment he replied you have now. why have you not sent bailiffs in to recover your cash he replied we dont do that we have your house. i find myself dragged into someone elses non payment. the debtor has no worries sorry pal i cant afford to pay. need urgent assistance on what to do here im in panic mode.
  4. Hi...I am hoping someone can give me some advice regarding Amigo Loans. I 'stupidly' went guarantor for a relative with Amigo loans about 2 years ago. They paid their payments on time every month up until May 2018. At this time, their partner lost their job and they could no longer afford the repayments. Knowing this, they contacted Stepchange and went on a DMP straight away. Amigo will not accept the payment that was offered by Stepchange and have started to chase me for the money which is expected. I unfortunately am in the same situation as my husband lost his job last year and I went on a DMP 8 months ago. We have both contacted Amigo and explained the situation but no matter what we offer it is not enough for them. They have told us that due to our circumstances they can not tell us to make any additional payments as this would put is in financial strain, but the amount offered is not enough to keep the account on hold and that it would be passed to their litigation team on the 19th of this month to pursue a county court judgement. We have repeatedly asked them what they would accept as a reasonable repayment as we would try and get help and support from relatives but they keep stating it is not enough to repay it in an acceptable time frame. The debt stands at around £10.1k from a loan of £9.5k with £345 a month interest and a normal monthly payment of £375. We are offering them £175 between us. We do not want this to go to court but unfortunately can not afford to pay any more. Can anyone give me advice on how to avoid legal proceedings or is this inevitable?
  5. Hi Just a little advice please, or a lot of advice, any advice in fact is of course appreciated and I thank you in advance. I'm clueless; I have a loan with FLM which is now Amigo, the last time I made a payment was Oct 2011, the last time I contacted them was Feb 2012. This was a guarantor loan, the guarantor has never paid or contacted them at all regarding the debt. The account is still active on credit file, there is no default and it shows as 6 payments missed despite there being 73 missed payments inc Jan 2017. Is this statute barred, should it say defaulted, will this continue to be open and active on credit file? Should I contact them and offer them a reduced final amount in exchange for the account being closed and settled or.....?? I have recently returned to work and I am beginning to finally get all my affairs in order and it's a bigger minefield than I thought..... I have a few other debts that show as having default dates in Jan 2012 and Feb 2012, do these debts stay on my file, do they affect my credit score and if they do what should I do about these? Cheers Jac
  6. Apologies if this is sat in the wrong section. My son applied to Amigo loans in order to purchase a new car, He asked me if I would step in as a guarantor which after some consideration I agreed. I know many of you will say I signed it and that's just the way it is. I accept the position at the time. However what has troubled me since is as follows. My son borrowed a substantial amount of monies however he defaulted the first month, the second month and so on.. through to month five. I have paid every month to date as a guarantor. I have raised a complaint based on the due diligence and the affordability of the original loan applicant and furthermore the proof of affordability from me. I provided no proof of affordability although my credit file is perfect so I would expect ay loan application to be approved on my signature. However what concerns me is the following - My son who has now defaulted the loan every month, and also ignored me completely. I raised a complaint and challenged the proof of affordability. It has been confirmed in writing and by an authorised telephone recording the following.. My son has a poor credit file with defaults going back 4 and 5 years ago, poor credit rating full stop. It was confirmed Amigo loans did not look at Bank statements, but only looked at wage slips.. only took on-board the income and only discussed the expenditure but never had to prove this expenditure. I have borrowed monies from many various private and commercials over the years and the loops that I have to jump through are many providing bank statements both commercial and private etc to demonstrate affordability. yet Amigo loans admitted today that they never got physical proof of affordability and a month after pay out they received bank statements at my request and the statements demonstrate affordability and the statement were shocking. My question and getting to the point is were is my protection as a guarantor? How can any finance house lend monies based on income and no physical proof of expenditure especially with so many defaults on his credit file. This demonstrates that responsible lending is Clearly very distant from Amigo loans mind-set and they are just out to nail the Guarantor. Charging a 49.9 APR claiming it is because of risk, I have asked what risk? they take no action against the defaulted loan applicant unless the Guarantor stops paying. then they take action against both... I know I have myself and my unconditional love to blame but surely proof of affordability is key to how these people lend money in the first place. I have now had a final response and now submitted to the ombudsman too. Thoughts please. Thank you
  7. Hi All, Apologies if this isn't the right place to post this but it was the most suitable heading I could find. In April 2012 I took out a £5000 loan from Amigo with a 60 month term, I know the interest rate is ridiculous and anyone would be stupid to actually use these people but I needed the money and at the time this was my only option. I worked out yesterday that I had 10 months left of the loan and around £2200 left in payments to make but when I checked the statement the balance was £3095 (before they add any interest on for the next 10 months). So I called them this morning to ask what happens to the £900ish that would be left, if they didn't add any more interest. The guy on the end of the phone kindly advised me that I have 20 payments left and I'd made 50 - so 70 payments for a 60 month loan... When I asked him to explain he said it was because of a couple of things: 1. they paid the loan out on the 16th April 2012 and the first payment was made on the 1st June 2012 (this was the date they advised me the first payment was due) 2. I've changed the payment date twice, first from the 1st of the month to the 22nd and later from the 22nd to the 28th. I haven't missed any payments, just extended the payment to 3 weeks later and then a further week. With point 1 he said the first payment should have been made within 30 days of the loan payout to 'protect the terms of the agreement' but as I pointed out to him, I didn't ask for this to be the first payment date - they told me that was when the first payment was due On point 2 he told me that changing the payment date would affect the total loan duration and therefore may cost more in interest - I get that - I moved the loan payment by 28 days so instead of the final payment being the 1st May 2017 it would now be 28th May 2017 These two things apparently add 10 months to the term of my loan at a cost of 217 a month (£2170 for a 28 day payment change) How can this be and what can I do about this? As far as I'm concerned I had a 60 month agreement with fixed payments and the interest rate was variable - how can they just add 10 months onto the agreement and force me into paying so much extra. As if the £8000 interest on the original £5000 wasn't bad enough Help me please
  8. Hi everyone, j ust after a bit of advice i have run into a few problems with this company, they recently rang the guarantor at their place of work, which i did think was not allowed as they did have two other contact numbers for the person, i did raise a complaint but they said they have done nothing wrong, i am sure they cant do this, also the payments are meant to be 146 a month but they randomly took 66 pounds from the guarantors account without permission which agin as far as i am aware they cant do without permission, can they really do this isnt there a code of practice they have to follow and they cant just do what they want, can they
  9. Hi, Does anyone please have the bank details for Amigo loans? My brother has to pay them he is in an agreed monthly arrangement but does not want to give them his new card details as he thinks they might take whatever they want. He want to pay cash in at the bank so we were wondering if anyone has these details please to make payments? Or any other way? Thanks.
  10. Hi, thank you for looking at my thread... I will try and explain what has happened to me, hopefully I don't confuse anyone In the beginning of 2009 I took a loan out with Amigo Loans, at the time I was working full time and was paying my loan of fine... However, near the end of 2009 I lost my job (the famous recession) and I fell pregnant (not perfectly timed) my pregnancy was awful, I was suffering from horrendous morning sickness and the G.P had signed me off sick, up until Nov 2010 I continued to make payments from my savings... Till it ran out, amigos didn't really send myself or my guarantor any letters chasing the debt - and I just got busy with my daughter... In sept 2013 I received documents from Amigos to take court action (it was expected) and I did everything, fill in the income/expenditure form - I can't remember if I did a defence (I have never got into debt before so this is all new to me) In Nov 2013 I was handed a CCJ in regards to this debt. Now I was making payments which the courts had stated, I made them every month without fail - with an extra £20 on top to just cover me incase I fell behind. The payments were taken via direct debit without a problem, till March 2015 - Amigos didn't take a payment in a payment, I don't know why - the direct debit is still active. I then even sent a direct payment of £10 to see if it will start the direct debits off, but it didn't - at the time I was going through depression and counselling so I had other problems. Anyways in June 2015 I requested a copy of my credit report - now on there is the CCJ which is fine, but there is also an account with Amigos on my credit report which shows as though it is in arrears - the account does not have a default on it. Now I sent an email to Amigo on 11th August 2015 requesting that they put a default on my credit file therefore allowing lenders to see the account is defaulted and not in arrears - however they refused this?! The issue I got is, I feel like I am being punished severely as this arrear will never leave my credit file - my understanding is that CCJ's are removed after 6 years but a loan which is in arrears will remain on my credit file? Is there any kind of grounds I can use for them to put a default on the account 3-6 months after it went into arrears in Nov 2010? I will try and attach a copy of my credit file showing these... Sorry my thread is so long, I thought I'd give as much info as possible.
  11. I am posting this on behalf of a friend (yes i really am). She has been foolish to be a guarantor for a loan taken out with Amigo for her daughter. You can guess whats coming, her daughter has missed payments and amigo are sending threatening texts to my friend. She says that she cant remember signing anything as it was done online. Would the standard CCA letter apply here?
  12. Hi, there is there anyone whom can give me any advice about being a guarantor and the person whom I had the loan for can no longer pay, I have been harassed for ages and they even ring up my old work place which I was made redundant from 17 months ago. This went to court and the judge closed the case as no one from amigo loans turned up. Now they have appealed and its back in court. These people rang me from 6 45am and also rang people whom lived in my street, they also rang people from other streets close by, its so embarrassing, Thank you
  13. Hi guys, Just had a letter today from Amigo loans about "my £500 loan application" that had been passed onto them by "Loan Platform". I have not applied for any sort of loan for a good 6 months now and have no idea who "Loan Platform" are. I have rang Amigo up and they have said they have had other calls about the same broker but the guy on the phone said he knows nothing of them. Has anyone else had this type of letter? Could it simply be Amigo send my letters to tempt me? Thanks
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