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  1. the chances of them 'sending' debt collectors are slim to none. Even if they do, debt collector's can't actually take anything from your home, like a bailiff can. Debt collector's can only ask, not force. See: https://www.stepchange.org/debt-info/debt-collection/bailiffs-and-debt-collectors-differences.aspx
  2. I need to lodge a Subject Access Request (SAR) to Natwest and ask for information they hold about any previous accounts. Remember having an account with them around 2006-2007 but it was closed a few years (two or three years) later. There is no longer any record of the account in any of my credit agency files. Chances are that Natwest won't have either. Anyhow, it seems Natwest have automated the SAR process and are using HooYu for the identity verification (the same ID verification system they use for account opening, I believe): https://personal.natwest.com/personal/gdpr-triage-page.html#continue Has anyone lodged a SAR to Natwest using this system? Is it straightforward? The reviews on Trustpilot about HooYu isn't great. 87% of 1 star reviews from a total of 39 reviews. None of the reviews have been responded to by HooYu. They have a facebook fanpage, however, no review section and comments by customers are not responded to.
  3. Apparently, royal mail does have one line freepost addresses. i.e. 'Freepost Royal Mail International': https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/the_address_for_freepost_royal_m However, according to that customer, they (one line addresses') such as those are frowned upon by royal mail staff.
  4. Turns out she's put: Customer Service Centre Customer Service Advisor FREEPOST P O Box 740 Stoke on Trent ST1 5XZ Pretty sure it's not conventional to put the person/job title of the person it's addressed to after the team/department, but I can't see it causing too much confusion. The FREEPOST soon afterwards makes sense. From what I've seen on the RoyalMail twitter account that's the usual practice. See tweet attached: royal mail tweet with customer service centre address previously based in Plymouth The tweet is from 2012 with the same P.O.Box number but Customer Service Centre was then in Plymouth then, not Stoke on Trent. Can't see the convention changing though. I think the Freepost at the top comes only if it's accompanied by a code or a name. As mentioned in this website. See (5) below (note that the webpage is not from the royal mail website): I wouldn't use that address these days though, for the simple reason mentioned before. i.e. customer Service centre seems to be now based in Stoke on Trent. BTW, just discovered from the Royal Mail Website, it seems businesses/charities can buy a licence for a Freepost name. So, we (customer/donor) only need to put 'Freepost [NAME OF BUSINESS/Charity] when writing to business/charity. Wonder how come Royal Mail don't have a similar Freepost name for Customer Service Centre. Something like...'Freepost Royal Mail Customer Service Centre'. Just one line. Could it be to prevent customers complaining about trivial matters, such as postie not closing the gate after delivering mail or postie walking across the grass lawn. At the moment, only select few customers are aware of the Customer Service Centre freepost address, and we have to write a few lines for the address, not a single line. Seems there is a ROyal Mail Customer Services in Plymouth, as opposed to Customer Service Centre (in Stoke on trent). Address is listed on: Royal Mail Complaints Email & Phone | Resolver WWW.RESOLVER.CO.UK Find the contact details including Royal Mail Complaints email & phone number with Resolver Royal Mail Customer Services FREEPOST Plymouth PL9 7YB Also here: https://www.royalmail.com/sites/default/files/Mail_made_easy.pdf..unpublished as: Royal Mail Customer Services, FREEPOST, PO Box 740, PLYMOUTH, PL9 7YB But that is talking about making a claim for loss, damage, delay. SO it seems depending on the query/issue we may have to contact one or the other address. i.e. Plymouth or stoke. Not sure if they are other customer services related addresses depending on the area of expertise. i.e. loss/damage/delay, redirection of mail etc.
  5. I made a complaint about my redirection to Royal Mail via phone. Royal mail send me a letter saying if I had any more issues I can contact them via the address on the top of the letter. That address was/is: Customer Service Centre, P O Box 740, Stoke on Trent, ST1 5XZ Within the letter the staff member said the address is a freepost address. I found the need to contact the customer service centre again. So I wrote a letter to the Customer Service Centre. As I'm unable to post the letter myself, I asked a colleague to post it to the address above. I also told her that it was a freepost address. So, as 'freepost' was missing from the address she had decided to write the address on the envelope as: FREEPOST P O Box 740 Stoke on Trent ST1 5XZ Any ideas if the letter will make to to the recipient? I think she may have felt that as the address did not have 'freepost', sorting office may delay or not deliver the item as they may not be aware the address is freepost Is it common knowledge (among postal staff) that the address is freepost and do we not need to specify this on the address? I'm attaching the letter from Royal Mail that said the address is freepost: letter from Royal Mail with Customer Service address that says it's freepost
  6. Any idea why the U.S. suddenly withdrew?. How come no gradual approach? or am I missing somethings and it has been a gradual approach. If there was a deadline set and a more gradual approach then maybe planes wouldn't have to leave half empty?
  7. Unbelievable. Logged in to my Paypal account on the off chance (on 5 August 2021). The transaction was there clear as day. Couldn't believe it. I reckon the reason is because the card I used when making payment was linked to my PayPal account. PayPal automatically linked transaction to my PayPal account. That's how come when making payment I didn't see any login screen to paypal (or invitation to create account). I definitely wasn't logged in to PayPal on the browser either. If anyone can suggest another theory please feel free. I immediately raised a 'item not received' claim. It took a few attempts as every time I attached the evidence (screenshots), filled the 'add more details about the issue' and clicked submit an error would pop-up. So, if you have lots of details to add, I recommend typing it in notepad or word and copy and paste to PayPal. Finally was able to submit claim successfully and message pops up saying 'we'll review your information and get back to you by 04 September 2021 at 16:02...' On Sunday (15 August 2021) I receive email from paypal saying 'Case closed in your favour' and that they've issued a refund for 29.99 USD. Yesterday £22.48 has been credited to my Monese bank account. Please mark the thread as won.
  8. Bought an old computer that was on special offer online. URL of website: https://www.informationwind.com/ When it came to payment, website showed paypal as an option. I selected it. It then asked if I wanted to add debit/credit card. Added my monese virtual debit card. It then said 'we have received payment successfully' and showed payment method 'Paypal2 WPS EC'. On monese app feed I can see transaction description 'Paypal *Dehuishizha De' and amount £22.48. After about a week or two I emailed their customer support to ask when I will receive order. No response. Checked their website and it's down even today. When I completed the purchase it never offered an option to create a paypal account, so I'm unable to login to Paypal to raise a dispute. In this scenario, is my best (and only) option to raise a chargeback with Monese?
  9. you do realise that the BBC will now have to serve their presenters SPAM instead of sirloin steak.
  10. Please mark this thread as won. Received cheque for £61.54. Cleared yesterday. So I will be updating claim status on MCOL site today as 'paid'. Just some background for others in similar situ. If I hadn't received payment, I would have heeded your advice and approached the Financial Ombudsman while having the 'request warrant' option in the backburner (for later use) if ombudsman don't uphold the complaint. The reason I didn't go to the ombudsman to begin with was because i've had a few unfavourable decisions from ombudsman lately (only a handful were favourable and they were very strong cases). The ombudsman complaints also take ages to be decided and it's pretty much luck of the draw when it comes to the adjudicator's competence. I wanted to try the MCOL for first time, because it is similar to a Court and cases are not decided on 'what is fair' but according to law. I took a case against Paypal to the ombudsman once and quoted the specific terms of the agreement. Adjudicator responded with: First, please allow me to explain the role of this service. The Financial Ombudsman Service is an alternative to the court system and, as an alternative, we make our decisions on a fair and reasonable basis. This is in accordance with section 228 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, which defines how we can decide on complaints. The arguments you’ve presented may be better suited to a court of law as it’s primarily courts who have the power to interpret legislation and EU regulations. So, there’s nothing to stop you from pursuing your complaint through other means. Notwithstanding the points you’ve put forward, I still don’t think it’d be fair or reasonable to uphold your complaint.... Rather than pussy footing around with endless emails to and fro with the adjudicator (and maybe even have to complain ABOUT the adjudicator), I figured MCOL was more certain because of the time limits in place - so no cases dragging on for months/years. Also, the final response from Curve I received telling me about the right of appeal to ombudsman seemed they were sure how it was gonna turn out with the Ombudsman (may be this is conjecture - but it's just how I feel). If I did go to Ombudsman and they did not uphold complaint, I would have paid the 75 quid and gone ahead with requesting warrant. Hopefully, the bailiffs would have visited Curve offices while there were some clients/customers there at the reception. How embarrassing. If anyone is interested this is what I said in the MCOL 'Particulars of claim': 1. The Claimant's claim is partly for the sum of £34.03 being monies owed by the defendant for fees levied contrary to the agreement between them. 2. In accordance with the relevant pre-action protocol, the Claimant has asked the defendant to rectify the matter by refunding the fees of £34.03 and pay postage costs of £2.06, but has not received a response. 3. The sum of £36.09 remains due and outstanding. The claimant claims interest under section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at the rate of 8% a year from 04/08/2020 to 11/09/2020 on £36.37 and also interest at the same rate up to the date of judgment or earlier payment at a daily rate of £0.01. Thanks to everyone on this forum for their advice and support.
  11. The value of final judgment is £61.54. Are you sure that I shouldn't contact Curve by email or letter (they only have a phone number to report a lost/stolen card) and give them 7 days to pay-up before enforcing judgment? Maybe I can attach a copy of the judgment to the email. If I do enforce judgement and Court sends bailiffs to the Curve office, what are the chances of them recovering the money?
  12. I made an MCOL against Curve card (see previous thread). Judgement was issued just over 30 days ago. Curve hasn't responded. So now I want to request warrant. Happen to read on this newspaper website that when we request warrant we need to ensure that the defendant's address is correct and that in the case of a company we should be careful when putting the company's "registered office" address, as there may be nothing there for bailiffs to seize. The address for Curve OS I put on the form is the one on the Companies House website: 15-19 Bloomsbury Way London WC1A 2TH I've also checked the Curve community forum and this is definitely where staff come to work. Seems they were based in Shoreditch before and they moved to Bloomsbury way in 2018. They happen to mention that the name of the building is Labs House. I noticed that when we go through the MCOL request warrant, it asks 'Use the address for the defendant that was originally entered with the Judgment' or 'Enter a new address for the defendant'. Was wondering if I should enter a 'new' address with the 'Labs House' part. So: Labs House 15-19 Bloomsbury Way London WC1A 2TH If Curve don't settle and the Bailiffs visit, it may be useful having the building name so they can locate the place easily. Or should I stick with the address on the Companies House website? BTW: With MCOL, can claimant apply for a 'third party debt order' instead of requesting warrant? or is 'request warrant' the only available option?
  13. Not sure which post you mean. Anyway, re. complexity afterwards - can always hire a lawyer if it becomes that complicated. I submitted claim on 09/09/2020 and put 11/09/2020 for issue date. Just logged in to MCOL site to check claim overview. It says issued on: 10/09/2020. So, as you say it doesn't seem to matter, except it's used when we calculate the interest (presumably we can't put a date way ahead and claim interest until that date ) BTW, I found a good post on this site, which suggest keeping a calendar with all the dates/deadlines marked. Sounds good advice.
  14. An important paragraph from MCOL user guide: If you are claiming interest under the County Court Act you will need to complete some extra fields for step 5, including the daily rate of interest. You need to add this amount of interest to the total claim amount and enter it in the box for ‘amount claimed’ as shown at the bottom of the example. This ensures that any interest due prior to issuing the claim is included in the total amount claimed. This cannot be added to the claim at a later date without making an application for permission from a District Judge which incurs a fee. You didn't tick the box '...send detailed particulars direct to the defendant...', no? Looking at the dpd_claim_form.pdf file above it seems you didn't, because that adds the following line automatically to your statement: Your form doesn't have the above line, so I'm guessing it wasn't necessary to send detailed particulars.
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