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  1. Of course. However, only for the purposes of keeping the same format ongoing. In all honesty, common sense, decency, reasonableness, fairness were the real victors. So, really, it's a win-win for both sides. Thanks to everyone for their valuable insights and encouragement. p.s. once marked, can we still keep the thread open? I can then update the outcome of the SAR request as and when.
  2. SAR Update: SAR lodged on 08 July 2019. Cleo didn't respond to my SAR within the statutory one calendar month, so I complained to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) on 14 August 2019. The next day (15 August 2019) Cleo responds to my SAR message, with one of the strangest emails I've ever seen: How on earth can a SAR be confused with the complaint with the FOS?..Has Cleo ever seen a SAR before? I've sent many a SAR before and used the same template. It clearly mentioned the personal data I was requesting. i.e. all personal data held under my name or reference. BTW, heads up on personal information complaints to the ICO. My complaint lodged on 14 August is still 'awaiting allocation'. Looks like ICO is dealing with heavy backlogs.
  3. update: I emailed the FOS staff member (who said Cleo isn’t a regulated company) to complain (make service complaint). The email was returned undeliverable. Tried again, same result. Forwarded my service complaint to the FOS generic email address. Didn't receive any acknowledgement within 14 days (which is FOS policy for acknowledging service complaints). So, contacted my MP (Member of Parliament). After he wrote to FOS, they agreed to look at my complaint again. A senior adjudicator (SA) contacted me and said Cleo hadn't actually been regulated at the time I complained to FOS. They've only become regulated since 01 March 2019. I checked the FCA website again and although the the Trading/brand name ‘effective from’ date says: 09/04/2018 the 'Current PSD Status' date under 'regulators' is showing 01/03/2019. the SA liased with Cleo on several occasions and managed to resolve it. Rather than the £60 I was claiming as compensation, Cleo had agreed to pay £100 compensation in 2-3 working days. However, it was never actioned. I contacted the SA again. He chased-up with CLeo. Turned out the Cleo staff member handling the payment had gone on leave. Now that he was back, I was told payment will come through in 2 working days. This time it did come through. All's well that ends well.
  4. Okay. Subject Access Request (SAR) lodged with cleo. Will keep you posted on what happens. Btw word of warning about the financial ombudsman service (FOS). Simply put. It's a circus. Most of the people working there have no clue what they are doing (apart from the one or two exceptions). I've made about 20 complaints over the past 10 years or so. Only one was handled properly. That was the first ever complaint I made (back in 2010/11). Every single complaint since then has included a service complaint (sometimes one complaint would have several service complaints during the course of the process). For example, my latest complaint against Marks and Spencer (M&S) Bank, spent months in queue. I sensed there was something wrong and contacted the FOS. It turned out it was put in the wrong queue. FOS apologised, paid compensations and said they will start investigating immediately. They did this. I received email from investigator immediately. But it turns out that he either can't read, won't read, or don't read. Huge chunks of what I've said in the complaint form was completely missed. Seems he doesn't understand that credit cards have something called interest AND fees, because he kept going on about just interest. He asked the bank for the terms and conditions when the bank had already sent them. When I asked how come, he tried to cover it up by saying 'upon fully reviewing your case file I've now seen that it was not necessary to ask for the terms'. Heavens forbid. There are so many complaints waiting months/years to be resolved and he is duplicating work! I've seen in another forum that FOS allocates the best adjudicator's for those complaining for the first time. I can see truth in this. Because after my first time I've come across some real numpties. If it's your first time you may be lucky. Otherwise don't bother guys. Take it somewhere where common sense rules.
  5. I've left google review. couldn't help noticing that my usual contact (I use 'usual' in the loosest possible way here as I've not heard from him for months) has also a left a review with the following: Presumably he's left the review as a customer?, The review is a year old. I definitely had a few email exchanges with him in June 2018, so he was working for Cleo back then for sure.
  6. I just checked the FCA register: https://register.fca.org.uk/ Cleo AI Ltd is definitely on there. When I check 'Trading/Brand name' it shows the 'effective from' date as 09/04/2018. I complained to the ombudsman on 28/10/2018. This is the reply I received:. Why would the ombudsman tell me Cleo AI Ltd is not covered?
  7. I already complained to the Ombudsman. Cleo isn't covered. i.e. Financial Ombudsman does not have jurisdiction.
  8. Hi everyone, I've had a few issues with Cleo (meetCleo). The latest has been the last straw. It started when I attempted to withdraw money from the Cleo Wallet. A message came-up on screen saying: I contacted support and was duly told that it was because I had reached the maximum withdrawal limit and that I had to upload ID. I immediately uploaded ID. However, few hours later received an email saying the verification has been unsuccessful. Tried the upload again, only to receive the same 'ID verification unsuccessful' email. I then contacted support to let them know. Didn't receive a reply. So tried the ID upload again. Failed. Contacted support again. I was then told that the issue will be escalated to the technical team and that they 'will get back to [me] as soon as possible next week'. I waited patiently. By mid-week I hadn't' heard anything. Contacted support again (On the cleo facebook app, I could see that this message was 'seen' by support). By Friday I hadn't heard anything, I then contacted my regular contact at Cleo. I didn't receive any reply. Checked online and saw that Cleo was experiencing some problems with handling support queries. Waited patiently thinking it will be sorted sooner or later. Weeks became months and no reply. Then decided enough was enough and contacted the CEO using twitter, linked-in and email. No reply to any of these communications. I then decided to write to Cleo using the pre-action protocol requesting refund of the £16.88 kept in my Cleo wallet back to source (This amount comprised of two payments that had been made in to the Wallet using credit card). Also, I asked for £50.00 for the inconvenience suffered as well as £10.00 for printing, photocopying and postage in lodging the claim. Received letter from cleo with accompanying receipts showing two transactions (£7.45 and £9.43) refunded back to source. I checked credit card accounts and the two transactions had been refunded. However, Cleo refused to pay any compensation saying 'Unfortunately, we are unable to provide compensation on such matters, with this being the same for all users'. They have provided an explanation for the lack of support: I have written to Cleo again stating that I had actually communicated with my contact at Cleo and also written to CEO Barnaby Hussey-Yeo using multiple channels. I then explained that the time spent on this has caused me financial loss, detailed the loss suffered (3 hours), attached payslips and requested that they settle the amount within 28 days. I also told them about paragraphs 15 and 16 of the Practice Direction and that if I do not receive a response in 28 days 'I anticipate that court action will be commenced with no further reference to you'. Now it's well beyond 28 days. How should I proceed?. Should I go ahead and make the money claim now or should I first make a Subject Access Request (SAR) to obtain all my personal data, then make the money claim? I think Cleo has definitely flouted the BCOBS rules and possibly the terms of the agreement. The terms of the agreement says: I was never given any notice.
  9. What does 'coming soon' mean? ...here's an example. If you go to apply for a TSB classic plus current account online, you would click on 'apply online today'. The next page to load on your browser will say 'coming soon'.
  10. BAT customer services got back to me soon after posting this saying they received the B&H cigarette packets, and that they've been sent off to the quality dept. for analysis. THey also gave me 2-3 week time frame for results. Last week I heard back from them with the results.
  11. When I applied for a Barclays SAR back in June I wrote to: The Data Protection Team Block 12 Barclays Bank PLC Radbroke Hall Knutsford Cheshire WA16 9E They replied saying 'you've recently requested copies of telephone conversations. In order for us to retrieve these please provide the following information: the number you called, the number you called from, date and time of call). That letter came from: The Manager, Barclays General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Team Barclays Bank Plc, Privacy and Data Protection Leicester LE87 2BB I wrote back saying there hasn't been any calls. (I should have said 'if there was I would have recorded them anyway ') They sent me paper docs on the 40th day. (this was pre-gdpr, so 40 days for SAR, now it's 30 days and you can request docs in electronic format, and they have to comply) I think the most up-to-date address/email to use for SARS now is: The Data Protection Officer, Barclays Bank UK PLC, Leicester, LE87 2BB email: DPO@Barclays.com. the last address/email above is what's on their website: https://www.barclays.co.uk/important-information/privacy-policy/
  12. I contacted Jes on 08 August 2018 by email. Received reply from executive team saying they will conduct a 'review of the circumstances' I outlined and arrange for me to be contacted with an update as quickly as possible but no later than 13 August. I received an email from a different staff member of exec team on 13 August asking for a 'convenient time to call'. Little bit skeptical about how this has suddenly turned in to 'doing things over the phone' exercise. What's next?, asking to meet face to face at a random location?
  13. I contacted these jokers a while ago. Everything was hunky dory then took a sudden twist. Here's my story. Contacted British American Tobacco (BAT) customer services to ask if there was someway to find out the manufacture date of a carton of Duty Free Benson and Hedges cigarettes. Answer was 'Yes', there's a code on the carton, which also appears on each packet of cigarettes inside the carton. Send an empty pack to us, we will send it off to Southampton for tracing. I heed this advice, enclose 3 empty packs along-with a covering letter, and post it via recorded delivery to the Customer Services Dept. based in Richmond-Upon-Thames. I had confirmed where to send the packets via email before sending it. Customer services assistant also told me it would take 2 weeks for Southampton branch to get back to me. Two weeks pass, three weeks pass, a month passes. No news. So I email them. Not a whisper. Contact them via the web form. Still nothing. Telephone the same customer services assistant who's been dealing with it and ask if he received my email. ‘Yes' is the response, but no explanation about the lack of reply. I tell him that as my letter was sent via recorded delivery, I have a receipt issued by Royal Mail with the name and signature of the person signing for it. He asks me to send that receipt via email and that he will look in to it. Now a week's gone by and still no reply. I've emailed him. No reply. Such a shame that after 25 years of buying the same BAT brand, the only occasion I reach out for support they build-up my hopes then abandon me. Should I email the CEO Nicandro Durante?
  14. Looks like the ICO has delegated complaint handling to the organisations (banks) themselves!. A bit like the farmer, who is inundated with many duties (and a lack of funding) who delegates the role of looking after the chicken coup to the fox. BTW, When I follow the ICO link, the interactive wizard asks me 'What is your concern about personal information? *' No matter what I select here, it then asks me 'Have you contacted the organisations? *' If I choose 'No', it says 'Contact the organisation', and there's a link to a template letter. Seems we can only report to ICO if Barclays' response to this letter is unsatisfactory (or we don't receive a response). For reporting to ICO we use a form: https://ico.org.uk/make-a-complaint/your-personal-information-concerns/personal-information-concerns/personal-information-concerns-report/ Couldn't help noticing that 'has sent you someone else’s personal information.' has disappeared from the new (spruced up) form. (It used to be one of the 'concern types' in the old form) Guess we need to select 'something else' and then specify. What a palava!
  15. Well spotted. I've now redacted the house number. B's replied to SAR, I believe, slap bang on the 40th day. Basically, they received my SAR on 16 May 2018, I received SAR documents (including other person's docs) on 26 June 2018. I think the clock starts ticking from 17 May (next day after receipt). Not sure if the day I receive documents is counted. If it is, then it would make it 41 days. Barclays-Mr-X-Child-Saver.pdf Barclays-Mr-X-Restraining-Order-Freeze-Accounts.pdf Barclays-Mr-X-Accounts-Closed.pdf Barclays-Mr-X-Unfreeze-Accounts.pdf
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