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Found 18 results

  1. Hi I set up a Payment Plan with British Gas in September16, following an unexpected huge bill. I have been paying monthly as agreed (£160 fwiw). In Feb BG sent a letter advising my Payments haven't changed. End March BG sent a letter saying I'd missed my monthly payment - and quoted a figure of £600 more than my monthly payment! I immediately wrote stating BG must have made a mistake. I made the normal payment. Then start April BG wrote saying they were cancelling my Plan. I again wrote to complain. BG have failed to reply to both letters.. I did try
  2. Let me start by saying I messed up and i know that i'm completely dishonest and in the wrong…is there any getting out of this?? i went into the station the other day using my brothers under 16 oyster card as i was really struggling financially and wasn’t getting paid till the following day. I am a student and had to travel that day as I had an exam and I had missed previous days of college because I didn’t have the money to top up my own 18+ student oyster card. After i tapped in, i was walking towards the platform until i was stopped by an inspector. He suspected that i had a
  3. Hi all I need advice. 2 years ago we had a minor car accident which we believed had been resolved by our insurers!! Last week we received a letter from the court asking for £1556 as the insurance company had not paid the total amount we now have a CCJ. I have spoken to the insurance company who have assured me that they will resolve the issue ( they have admitted fault) someone forgot to pay some of the fees and they have not responded to any letters sent to them!! Now to me even though they have promised us that they will resolve the issue I can't help but feel that this
  4. Hi everyone After a quick Google, I see I am not the only one having issues with Harlands and Xercise4less. You will like this one. Please bare with this one as it is a little long winded. My son and I joined Xercise4less in (I think) October 2016 as my son wanted to join a gym and we went along to see all about it. I went with my son as he was/is under 16, he is 15 and I knew there would be some kind of parental consent required. After chatting to the sales rep, I explained that I was involved in a very nasty accident just weeks earlier which resulted in broke
  5. let's start at the beginning. CMS took over the case in February 2016 , I cooperated with them fully and paid the amount I was told . I informed them that as from April 2016 I was being made redundant I sent proof as requested. Since then I have had nothing but trouble. For a few months I didn't work and relied on my wife's income . Now as I didn't send them this in writing as to how I was supporting myself (I was unaware I needed to). the case defaulted back to my previous income therefore accruing arrears. Between April and October I spoke 5 different cas
  6. Complaint was about Bank of Ceylon (BOC) United Kingdom (UK) branch. After months of waiting in the assessment queue, my complaint finally ended up on an adjudicator's desk. Adjudicator from what it seems to me went through the file so quickly he missed vital details I'd given on the form and via email. For example, I told the FOS I had further evidence to produce and also to contact me by email, as I was abroad. He ignored both these. He concluded that he had enough to issue a decision. He then attempted to call me on the mobile (even though I said - contact me by email on
  7. after reading around this forum a while, I realise I may've messed up. But still seek a little advice... A bit of history: Parked a family members car incorrectly in a car park, whilst I ran to buy something. Literally 2 minutes, maybe 1.5, but when I got back there was a guy taking a pic of the car. By incorrect parking, it's a small car and a small car park and I found a spot which wasn't a defined car space (no painted lines), but was just a little space on the side. Not blocking anyone or anything. No yellow box or double lines or anything either The
  8. 1. Bought audi on balloon CCA agreement It ended Feb 2012 Requested vehicle to be collected They ignored request and then from then until now all default notices incorrect All their paperwork shoddy 2. Kept vehicle in storage for first 8 months Actually bought a lease Audi thinking they would collect. 3. They wrote to me Jan 2013 saying they wouldn't pay storage charges Had to remove and asked garage where it had been kept to leave their awaiting audis collection 4. Wrote to audi numerorus times They failed to collect. 5. Had a court date booked 19th oct
  9. Tawnyowl here with how to completely mess your car insurance up.Through rushing,not checking,many things. Now when i write a story when completely stressed out with a situation i mix a lighter look at things,helps me cope somehow.Knocking on a bit now so things prey on my mind.Especially after reading many stories over many years in the CAG So i hope before you read this you can understand that.I expect some stick,fair enough i can take that. I might even make a couple of mistakes but over time things usually become clear. Writing this at 1 in the morning so it is bothering me sligh
  10. Hi all, My Accountant just recently started working with me but he's off on hols now, I'm really concerned here. I have worked via a LTd company the last two calendar years, and on the understanding that 1) Dividends are payable on all income received from the company, and ; 2) You should keep aside 23% of everything you intend to pay yourself aside until the end of the fiscal year. So as per 2), I just paid myself 77% every few months of whatever money was left in the account. Then, in February this year, thinking that the end of the first accounting period was c
  11. Yes everyone my family has a lot of bad luck. I never mentioned this before because I forgot. About two years ago my adviser at Ingeus put me on self employed, because I found a leaflet job. Which I never went for because I didn't know how to do the self tax thing. Last year I got a letter asking for £30, I phoned back up and said 'I am not self employed my adviser did this for me'. He said it was OK and everything would be sorted, well it wasn't. Last week I receieved another letter now asking for £100, my dad said instead of phoning them we can send the letter attatched and I fill
  12. Hey guys, sorry I am very new to this, I got a letter off these guys and I called them, did the dpa, as they would not talk about the letter without this, they said I owed them money which I said I did not accept and consider and dept to be out side the statute of limitations, they said they would pass it into to relevant department to clear, and send me a letter to confirm, I told them I do not accept any dept they are trying to collect, have I made a big error?
  13. I would like some help to see where I stand with the CSA. After complaining several times over the telephone about my case, never receiving anything further than an “I’m sorry Mr Dowson”, not following the complaints procedure, no body taking initiative for the errors and now totally messing up my case, taking YEARS to work out what I should be paying, DESPITE having my payslips, I find myself in £4606 worth of arrears. This is down to no fault of my own, this is sheer negligence, and maladministration at its absolute highest. I would like the following points to be add
  14. I ordered 3 items on Sunday 27th November, leaving plenty of time for the Saturday or Sunday 3rd November that I need the items (Items were Hard drive, PC case and RAM). The next day I received an email saying one item isn't in stock and I remembered that I forgot to add one item to the order (WD HDD). I phoned up and the item was added on. I emailed again on Wednesday 30th when I checked that it had not been processed yet and was told the RAM (missing item) will arrive with with them on the 31st (today). I checked again today and apparently the item is now due to be in stock on the 9th Nov (e
  15. week ago took my new (to me, my old mans perfecly serviced 4 year old 60k swift) car to be serviced at a local indy garage I supplied the oil and filter when I collected it the had used an oil flush, I was not made aware theu where going to use it (something I would never ever agree to in a million years) since then its not sounded quit right I'm suspecting serveral things 1 they left some the old oil with the flush in, and have contaminated the motul brand oil I supplied 2 they left some old oil with the flush in they used their cheapo own oil and has been conta
  16. My name is Mustafa, and I was a customer of Vodafone until November 2011. My credit score has been messed up by Vodafone, and it has ruined my life completely. I failed my loan application and mortgage refused. I made an upgrade in November 2011 with Vodafone and never received the handset, because at that time there was a waiting time log for Iphone 4s handsets. Therefore I cancelled the upgrade. Vodafone staff also cancelled the order BUT never reversed the upgrade. It therefore showed as if I continued the contract for another 24 months even though I never received the device. On
  17. Hi All So long story short, I renewed my contract with Vodafone part of the deal was that I would get my new phone Saturday just gone and not pay for the delivery. That never happened, called up about it and complained and got informed that a Saturday delivery actually takes 5 working days to process no one told me that originally. They are offering a poxy £30 as compensation. How do I get more out of them. I don't want to go elsewhere because my deal would be in excess of £40 and I'm paying nowhere near that. But I need to make sure I make the most out of this whole situation bec
  18. I think i might have messed up here so any advice would be helpful. i had a loan with this lot sometime ago, i defaulted and as most people on here i did try to setup a repayment plan with minicredit but to with no luck. I dont mind paying off what i owe but i am not going to pay there silly charges. Any way after about six months i got a call from a DCA requesting payment for this debt. when they told me how much i owe i disputed this and told them how much i am going to pay in total and i will pay £40 pm untill i reach this figure. then they can take me to court. my question is would
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