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  1. Hi all, 1) With my last claim for JSA you didn'tt have to allow the DWP access to a UJM account. Is this still the case? 2) Does UC also replace HB? 3) Overall is the net money lower with UC (I'm guessing so). Thanks all, JB
  2. Hi all, question for the HR experts... I've ended my probation period with a large, benevolent organisation - the manager has sent me a formal invitation to a Performance Review meeting, in which he's explicitly stated that "Failure to meet company standards could result in termination.." etc, as well as reeling off a list of concerns. He also gave a couple of weeks notice of the meeting. So from an HR perspective he followed the Perf Review template exactly. Now, I've had a search around and haven't found any instances of people having formal invitations, AND HR were present, AND not being terminated. The letter makes no mention of performance improvements/plans etc. I've done nothing that you could call gross misconduct (or any misconduct), and oddly enough, I've fulfilled all bar one of my probation objectives (and the one I didn't, I've not had opportunity to). Two questions: 1) As HR will be there, and he's fulfilled all the legal/best practices for a termination, are such meetings typically just a formality for termination? 2) Probation objectives - this is confusing me, as I said above I fulfilled nearly all of them. Typically wouldn't most large organisations, in the above circumstances, simply extend the probation period with a demand the employee address and rectify the concerns raised? Thanks all !
  3. Nope. They don't even know who the employer is (for sure) yet. Though they either implied or stated the claim won't be live until they do.
  4. Thanks, but the link doesn't specify what constitutes 'misconduct', or whether that word needs to appear in a letter of termination.
  5. How on earth can anyone prove either of those? More worryingly, if the JC arbitrarily believe the employer over myself and sanction me how would I prove I wasn't out to get sacked?
  6. Just minor butting heads between myself and other colleagues. No swearing or abuse etc.
  7. Just to clarify, while the word 'Misconduct' is not mentioned, the letter mentions "reports and allegations from co-workers and customers", it LOOKS serious but as above it really is just oversensitive claptrap.
  8. Hi all, I was recently sacked (for reasons quite spurious) by my last employer, and now the DWP want to see a letter from them establishing why I left my job. The letter is pretty scathing about my behaviour ("inappropriate" comments and other oversensitive twaddle) but states they dismissed me, and I was NOT dismissed for Gross Misconduct. However, does the fact the dismissal was about 'behaviour', and not performance/attendance etc, mean I can't get JSA as before? Would appreciate some clarity as this is a concern. Cheers, JB
  9. Gotcha, now wish I'd done that instead my first month's salary going into keeping within the reduced OD. To be honest I don't have any significant public debts, 500 tops, and barely half has been demanded. I just want to feel comfortable while I'm jobhunting and getting back to the money I used to be on.
  10. Thanks, I can well see Santander using my current circumstances as a sales opportunity to swap an OD for a loan, which I'll avoid if we're talking about anything more than 20% APR, but I don't see how opening a 2nd account helps me.
  11. Hi all, My OD was cut by half recently, which will cause me some hardship, on top of which I also lost my job. I have a meeting coming up in branch to discuss, are there any do's/don'ts so I can hopefully increase my chances of getting my OD back to comfortable levels? Thanks, JB
  12. Nor advantageous. There are very few jobs that are pulled within the same day, most HR/Agents/Direct employers will allow the ad to run 2-3 days at least, so you might as well run your search at the fag end of the day, batch-fire your applications, and leave your phone on to answer calls/emails when employers reply. I was on my 3rd pint in the sunshine, about 50 steps from the JC when I accepted my last job Also, the "35 hour" thing smacks dangerously closely of a breach of human rights.
  13. Hmmm...are they making you go ito the JC to do your jobsearch? I use a couple of sites specific to my profession and can search and apply for half a dozen in about 5 mins, probably less. The site job application history doesn't timestamp the actual time, only the date, so JC just know I've applied for a few jobs a day, they don't need to know the exact times and even if the site DID specify those I'd edit out that info. Old enough to remember a decade back when ones jobsearch was your own affair, and even now it's still none of their f***ing business as far as I'm concerned, so they can do one with this 35 hours a week malarkey!
  14. Hi all, I know the max number of HOURS you can work is 16, but is there a cap on what you may earn? I'm fairly ok paid WHEN I'm in work and am toying with the thought of doing some very minor projects, these could (if I'm very lucky) net me more than I get from JSA but I imagine the DWP have an upper cap. Only problem is I don't know if those projects will be any kind of long term thing.
  15. A few grey areas here: If by "actually worked" you mean - and I suspect you do - the last day I attended the office, logged in etc, then yes, it was a full week after that. If however you mean my last day of my employment, well my claim starts "FROM" then, according to the award letter. Now, 'from' could either mean it started on the last day, which could cause suspicion (even though I explicitly specified my last day of employment to the woman in the call-centre ), or the day after. Knowing how shady the DWP are , I wouldn't put it past them to blame me for their sloppiness and attempt to accuse me of trying to reduce the initial 7 days non-payment period to 6 days.
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