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  1. Thanks, I have now informed them of the rough amount I've paid myself, and requested a review via the notes, but apparently they only review if I've been actively self-employed. What they want is for me to report payments made after the self-employment to the "Benefit Centre", split per Assessment Period - ouch . I haven't uploaded any payslips yet, which is another failing seeing I've had the company a few months now, and that will probably incur some fines, but I've now installed the HMRC Paye Tools software which enables upload.
  2. About the only thing they don't know is that it's a Ltd company, it's name, and I'm Director. On top of that nobody told me it makes a difference what Assessment Period my payments to myself fall in.
  3. Just to add I only set up the company after the beginning of this same FY.
  4. No such To-Do action. I informed them of the fact I'd been self-employed, that I intended to draw down money that would not bring me over the capital limit. I recently got a message asking whether that money had arrived in my account. I haven't yet logged into the HMRC PAYE portal, I just got the access codes last week, I will enter all monies taken tomorrow. Reason for not paying myself in full was because my agent is a con-artist who wangled 30 days on an invoice that should have been paid in 14, and I'd read up that if you withdraw money that leaves the company immediately unable to pay its Corp Tax upon demand, the payment is ultra vires, and thus the company is technically insolvent. Hence I've taken it out in small monthly chunks that don't attract NIC or Income Tax. Surprised the JC haven't asked for all this already - I suppose the issue now is whether they will accept the above as reasonable grounds for delayed payment, I have a raft of emails from the agent trying to get out of paying, and of course the date he released the money.
  5. Well the company is still live although not active. The only thing in proof I have is timesheets up to just before I stopped the last contract.
  6. Drat, yes. I was doing a bit of reading and confirmed the same. Dammit. Now I'm a grand down.
  7. Hi all, I'm on UC when I initially made my claim, I stated that I had an amount of wages still due to me. I have since paid myself about half of that (from my Ltd co). I just got a notification that I need to report these earnings, however that is what the HMRC PAYE portal is for. The earnings aren't high enough for Income Tax or NI, nor are they enough to take me over the personal capital threshold. this post is just a reality check to see if I've done the right thing so far.
  8. Hi all, 1) With my last claim for JSA you didn'tt have to allow the DWP access to a UJM account. Is this still the case? 2) Does UC also replace HB? 3) Overall is the net money lower with UC (I'm guessing so). Thanks all, JB
  9. Hi all, question for the HR experts... I've ended my probation period with a large, benevolent organisation - the manager has sent me a formal invitation to a Performance Review meeting, in which he's explicitly stated that "Failure to meet company standards could result in termination.." etc, as well as reeling off a list of concerns. He also gave a couple of weeks notice of the meeting. So from an HR perspective he followed the Perf Review template exactly. Now, I've had a search around and haven't found any instances of people having formal invitations, AND HR were present, AND not being terminated. The letter makes no mention of performance improvements/plans etc. I've done nothing that you could call gross misconduct (or any misconduct), and oddly enough, I've fulfilled all bar one of my probation objectives (and the one I didn't, I've not had opportunity to). Two questions: 1) As HR will be there, and he's fulfilled all the legal/best practices for a termination, are such meetings typically just a formality for termination? 2) Probation objectives - this is confusing me, as I said above I fulfilled nearly all of them. Typically wouldn't most large organisations, in the above circumstances, simply extend the probation period with a demand the employee address and rectify the concerns raised? Thanks all !
  10. Nope. They don't even know who the employer is (for sure) yet. Though they either implied or stated the claim won't be live until they do.
  11. Thanks, but the link doesn't specify what constitutes 'misconduct', or whether that word needs to appear in a letter of termination.
  12. How on earth can anyone prove either of those? More worryingly, if the JC arbitrarily believe the employer over myself and sanction me how would I prove I wasn't out to get sacked?
  13. Just minor butting heads between myself and other colleagues. No swearing or abuse etc.
  14. Just to clarify, while the word 'Misconduct' is not mentioned, the letter mentions "reports and allegations from co-workers and customers", it LOOKS serious but as above it really is just oversensitive claptrap.
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