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  1. 1. 8th of the month 2. April 18th 3. 2 x £9.99 8th March. April was returned as they attempted to claim DD 2 weeks early 4. Yes, both DD's cancelled I have received an email from the gym manager showing screenshots that my sons membership is cancelled and an email from head office confirming my membership closed. Just need to wait for it to filter to Harlands then see which way they will go as I was told that all charges will be dropped if membership is cancelled.
  2. 1. No. I am also within the twelve month contract period, but I am terminating on medical grounds. I have cancelled both DD's as they are whacking on penalty charges. When I call to discuss membership details either my son's account or mine, because the security details I provide are incorrect due to Xercise4less cock up, I can not discuss my account as they have the wrong address/postcode on their system. Because they need my son to give consent for me to discuss his account, they can not talk to me. Under 18 they can discuss it but as he is over 18 on their sys
  3. But if they wont discuss accounts, what can I do? I do actually have an email from Xercise4less to say my sons membership is cancelled, but Harlands are saying it is not.
  4. DD's cancelled. Lets see what happens now
  5. Hi everyone After a quick Google, I see I am not the only one having issues with Harlands and Xercise4less. You will like this one. Please bare with this one as it is a little long winded. My son and I joined Xercise4less in (I think) October 2016 as my son wanted to join a gym and we went along to see all about it. I went with my son as he was/is under 16, he is 15 and I knew there would be some kind of parental consent required. After chatting to the sales rep, I explained that I was involved in a very nasty accident just weeks earlier which resulted in broke
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