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Found 18 results

  1. My OH's elderly parents received a letter advising that their Gold account is being downgraded. When my OH discussed this with her mum, she was unaware that she had been paying a monthly fee etc so possibly a case of mis-selling. The letter also stated that they were downgrading account due to 80 year old age limit, yet they are 85 & 87 years old and therefore a bit late in advising. Now my OH's dad suffers from dementia and her mum is not very well and when mentioned about submitting a complaint she felt that she couldn't go through with it. Obviously my OH and I are disgusted with Lloyds and tried to assure her that all will be kept in writing. Can my OH submit a SAR on their behalf and deal with the complaint ? Any advice would be appreciated including relevant Lloyds SAR address. Thank-you
  2. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/better-care-package-for-severely-injured-veterans
  3. hi all i took the above accountout about 15 years ago and was told i needed to take this account to get an overdraft how would i get a copy of all my statements thanks
  4. Hi all. Recently my parents decided to move their Phone/Internet/TV over to Sky from Virgin Media, as there was an offer available from Sky for Free Family Package TV, £10 Unlimited Fibre Internet and £16.40 Line rental per month, so basically £26.40/month as opposed to the £56/month they were paying to Virgin for 100Mb Internet, basic TV and Phone calls/line rental. The day before Sky were due to install the TV, and a week before they were due to take over the phone line, my parents got a call from Virgin Media and handed it to me (as I tend to do all this kind of thing for them) and it was someone from a retentions team. I discussed the package we were going to get with him, and he offered to lower my parents monthly bills to £24.50/month for the same Internet and TV, but upgrading the phone package to the top XL package. We weren't too bothered about the phone upgrade, and my parents weren't bothered about the Sky Family package, they were fine with the basic Virgin TV package (basically Freeview with catchup), the whole point of the exercise was to save money. Plus the Virgin Media broadband was 100Mb rather than 40Mb from Sky, so we agreed to stay with Virgin Media and cancel the Sky installation. However, the following day my parents turned on the TV and found that all channels except 1-5 were now greyed out on the Virgin Media box. Upon logging onto the online account I found that the TV element of their package had been completely removed when the phone package was upgraded. I immediately called Virgin Media up, explaining the situation to them, however the person I spoke to said that the only ones who could do the package for the agreed price were the retentions team who spoke to me originally, however they could only call out and I couldn't be transferred through to them. He advised he could see the notes on the account fo what was discussed and there was no mention of TV, which there wouldn't be as we never discussed altering it at all. All he could do was send a form requesting they contact me within 48 hours. This was a bit of an issue as availability at home was going to be spotty over the weekend, then during the week everyone was going to be away from home. There was no call that day, so I called again the following (Saturday) morning, spoke to someone who said they'd mail the person I spoke to directly in order to advise them of our availability and again explain the situation. No call again late that afternoon, so I called once more. This time the person I spoke to discussed with me the possibility of re-adding the TV package as it was before, and downgrading the phone package back to what it had been previously, at a price of £26/month. I agreed to this, though asked for the contact request for the original person to be left open. The advisor assured me this was now all done and the TV package would be back in 24-48 hours. However, today, More than 48 hours later, no TV package showing on the account when I login online (and now nobody at home until Friday evening). I suspect the cause of the issue is simply some misunderstanding or mis-communication, but the main problem is the poor service I've received when attempting to resolve the issues. I know I know, should've recorded phone calls or got confirmations in writing and the like. Well that's exactly what I intend to do now. Does anyone have a good Virgin Media e-mail address to contact to explain the situation and attempt to get some resolution to this? E-mail contact is going to be the only viable option for the week anyway.
  5. If a credit card account is in arrears and PPI claim is up-held by bank, do they offset all of refund against arrears ? Will this also include the net 8% statutory amount or will that be mine ? I have tried looking on FOS website for some clarification for this circumstance but I cannot find anything ? Thank-you
  6. last week a post went up making me aware of a service BT provide called BT Basic package. It is a service they do not let known to the general public and readily available Thanks site team for making me aware of it and it suits me ideal. I contact BT and to begin with it was like pulling teeth, and I thought a debt collection agencies are economical with the truth. Any way all sorted and they said a letter will be going out today for me to sign and return to change package. This was last week. I have just phoned them and nothing has been done. There excuse being "it seems to just be hanging there in the system". I have been guaranteed that I will get this letter by Tuesday to sign and return next week All credit to the customer service chap at BT who I have just spoken to and after 20 minutes on the phone has now sorted it. The service BT offers such as phone and Broadband are fantastic, customer service is pants.
  7. Hi Guys In 2012 I purchased a car through Carcraft over a 5 year agreement. When signing up, I also paid around £2000 extra for their Drive Happy Package which included MOT's, Services, and RAC Cover for 5 years. Now they have gone bust I've been told they are no longer honouring the package. I was due for my "free" service next Monday. Where do I stand? Do i just have to suck it up or can i possibly reclaim something? Thanks for any help.
  8. Looking for suggestions for my step-son who has a handy man business which is doing well, but needs sprucing up to look more professional regarding estimates and invoices. He's really looking for something in which he can set up a template for standard forms etc and just fill in the details in a few minutes. He absolutely hates doing the paperwork! If it could also keep customer contact details that would be a bonus, as would some sort of diary/reminder system for chasing late payments etc, if such a thing even exists. He's prepared to spend some money to get something worthwhile since he hopes it will be a one off cost. He has a MacBook Pro running 10.6.
  9. Hi Does anyone know what Lloyds would have been charging for their packaged accounts back in 1987? I've gone back over my own records and can share the following just in case it is useful to anyone else. Classic account - package referred to either:- account fixed charge account service charge account charge around 1991 account charge was £8.00 per month around 2004 account charge £10.00 per month around 2008 account charge £12.00 per month around 2011 account charge £12.95 per month i assume that the account charges would have been the same for everyone with this type of package account, but am not sure if the month that the increase took place would be the same for everyone. if anyone does know about the classic package charge for the period 87-91, and willing to share the information that would be great.
  10. Talktalk phoned my father and told him his broadband contract needed renewing but told him that he was getting a free TV package as well. He got the reciver but he couldnt get it working so ignored it. However, they have charged him £172 for the "free" package and probably an increased monthly telephone/broadband charge as well. he has no paperwork to say what went on so i have obtained power of attorney to deal with them over this matter. Problem is, how do I get them to understand the authority i have so they desist from contacting my elderly parents and take me seriously. An email addy for the CEO would be a good start and then he can tell me where I send the legal papers and wont be able to avoid theconsquences of his own policies on forced selling of dud services.
  11. Hi, I have had a Lloyds gold package account since 1997 and it was upgraded in 2004 to a platinum account and then in 2007 the account was closed due to a personal financial crash. I'm very sure that i have never claimed anything. Could anyone point me in the right direction with a template letter. Thanks
  12. Can anyone please give me any advice on what I should do? I placed an order for two items from an ebay seller that never arrived at my address. I asked for tracking info the day after the estimated delivery date and to my astonishment found that my order had allegedly been delivered the day before. I chased up Royal Mail and after two weeks investigating they told me my package got delivered to another address and signed for. No red delivery card was issued to my address on that day and when I went to the other address given to me they claimed that no one there had signed for my item on that day. The thing is that I had asked for a refund from the ebay seller but both cases were closed against me because allegedly proof of postage to my address had been given in the tracking info. But that was not my signature. No one at my address signed for it. Now my ebay appeal has been closed. I have not received my items nor my refund. Does anyone know how I can go about taking action to get my refund?
  13. I opened a Natwest account in branch about 8 years ago and was very much guided into getting this account that had a monthly £12 fee. The associated policies were 'sold' as an aside really, just a bonus of that account and I was told that this was a very good account for my credit rating. In any case I had mobile phone insurance and breakdown cover elsewhere and nothing much else applied to me but I didn't know I was paying for insurance policies every month, I thought the £12 a month was what the account cost. a year ago I stopped using the account as such although it was still open and forgot about the £12 fee each month to the effect that when I finally opened some post from them I now owed them nearly £1k in charges due to the fee pushing my account into the red. I managed to clear the £1k, I couldn't face much of a fight with them at this time, I had major surgery in the summer and have spent all this time since recovering. Then I read about these packaged fees and they were unjustly sold. Am I right in thinking I might be able to reclaim these fees?
  14. DHL attempted to deliver a package to me on 10 December 2013. I have refused this package because of late delivery. It will be of no longer use to me after 8 December (I have made it clear to the seller that I needed this item to arrive before 8 December however, he shipped it late). I knew the problem was from the seller and not DHL. I have opened a dispute for this Transaction with my bank and it has been successful and my monies returned after Aliexpress were very slow in settling the case. I have been sent a text message from DHL telling me the invoice amount i need to pay for VAT and Duty. I phoned them and told them I don't need the item and no point of paying. After 2 months I receive an invoice from DHL (£10.93) to my home address asking that I pay the amount due. I ignored it because I didn't have the item and I didn't want to accept it. Today I received a letter from control accounts with an extra charge of £10 asking me to pay the debt I have. DHL informed me couple of months ago by email that the seller doesn't want the item back and that they can abandon the goods. They emailed me this infromation after I told them I didn't need the package and that they send it back to the sender. Ofcourse the sender wasn't interested of paying the return fees because he wanted me to accept the package and then return it at my cost. But I have refused. I don't know what action to take now? Should I pay the VAT & Duty invoice even though I don't need the package to be delivered to me? Will it ruin my credit file if I don't pay?
  15. Hi all Booked a Holiday with the travel house for a holiday to Cyprus a package holiday with Thomas cook. Upon arrival at airport there were no transfers booked for us we were eventually put in a taxi, upon arriving at hotel at 4am there was no reservation although we were given a room that was stinking was full of damp and blood stains on the sheets see the photos attached. Due to this i phoned Thomas cook duty line to register a complaint to be "told dont like it fly home do you know what time it is im sleeping" The next morning the Thomas cook rep came to site after hotel staff wanted to evict me as after 5 requests to change my bloddy sheets my partner went down and after a debate told them the room was not fit for a tramp he was not aggressive just a general frustrated comment. When the tour rep arrived at holiday we raised concerns with her including, no reservations or transfers, condition of room and hotel supposed to be 4*, location of hotel as was described as in heart of town was in middle of nowhere also I witnessed rats and cats in kitchen area and requested a hotel move and was told it would be 500 euro. She didnt resolve any of the issues the bloody sheets were still on bed when she left but she did kindly give me a final written warning for the comment to hotel staff about the room not being fit for a tramp. After she left I contacted the uk head office only to be told that they cant deal with complaints till I was back in UK. After a day of using the all inclusive facilities the next day which were available from 10am- 12 midnight at 11.30pm a group of six of us were asked to keep the volume down as other guests had complained, we were only 6 people under 50 as we were in a saga resort. we shortly left and went to our rooms. The following morning still being in the same room with dirt and blood stained bed after sleeping on the sofa we were evicted from the hotel for the disturbance we had cause with 4 others they were not penalized although there was no disturbance just sat drinking at poolside. The rep kindly informed us the eviction ment the contract with thomas cook no longer existed and waited for us to leave before driving off and leaving us stranded. I paid additional flight costs to come home as it was a holiday from hell that lasted 50 hours. Upon being back in UK I have made a formal complaint to Thomas cook and there response is below. Dear Mr ***** I am writing in response to the correspondence you sent to our CEO, Harriet Green, regarding your travel arrangements with Thomas Cook. As I act on Harriet's behalf in matters relating to customer service, this has been forwarded to me for investigation.I am sorry to read of the issues you have had with Thomas Cook, and have investigated this. I tried to call you, but I could not be connected to your mobile. Naturally I was concerned to read that you were unhappy with your hotel. It is your, and your travel agent's responsibility, to ensure that the location and facilities are what you expect from a holiday. Had the hotel been in a lively resort, I do not believe that you would have been so unhappy with the hotel, and the situation would not have unfolded in the way it did. Reading the notes, I can see that Travel House offered to pay 50% of costs to change your hotel, yet you were unwilling to accept this. You were also unwilling to accept any of the suggestions Thomas Cook staff made in resort. You became increasingly unhappy, and your behaviour was deemed unacceptable by guests, staff and other tour operators in the ******* hotel, and as such, the manager asked that you leave the hotel. Had you accepted any of the resolutions offered to you, you would not have been asked to leave, or had to pay for flights home. Unfortunately as a result of your and ***** behaviour, I am unable to offer any refund or compensation. If you are still unhappy, then please contact ABTA. Their website is http://abta.com/. I appreciate this is not the outcome you were hoping for, but our decision remains, and will remain, that no compensation will be paid. Kind Regards, ******* Directors' Office The travel house at no point offered to pay additional accommodation costs and Thomas cooks alternatives were move hotels at a cost of 500 euro. I feel i have exhausted all avenues even tried to do a charge back on my visa card but this has been declined by bank as services have been received. You may read this and think its your own fault but it was genuinely a quiet conversation in a group that warranted eviction apparently and telling reception staff the room was not fit for a tramp ( please see pics and advise for yourself) Any advice much appreciated[ATTACH=CONFIG]47144[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47145[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47146[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47147[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47148[/ATTACH]
  16. Hi Ive put in a complaint about the miss selling of my select account I was told at the time in order to get a loan and a bigger over draft I had to take out the account, they also said loans would be cheaper if I had select account. Was also told had to have account as no free accounts. lloydstsb have said via phone call complaints department. That i was not mis sold as I had select account so my loans would have been cheaper.Then in another breath he said I was mis sold account but would only refund first year fees. I said can you put that as your final response so I can take it to Ombudsman, he said we have good with relationship Ombudsman so they will just say the same. I've used the AA in 2009 2011.So they say its not mis sold.He said account was took out in 2003,i did not pass my test until 2007.So did not need cover then. My argument is I was told I had to have account, so surely even if I've used product that's still miss selling. He said nothing about cancelling my package account. any advice thanks
  17. Hi Ive put in a complaint about the miss selling of my select account.2001 to now. I was told at the time in order to get a loan and a bigger over draft I had to take out the account, they also said loans would be cheaper if I had select account. Was also told had to have account as no free accounts. Lloydstsb have said via phone call complaints department. That i was not mis sold as I had select account so my loans would have been cheaper.Then in another breath he said I was mis sold account but would only refund first year fees. I said can you put that as your final response so I can take it to Ombudsman, he said we have good with relationship Ombudsman so they will just say the same. I've used the AA.So they say its not mis sold. My argument is I was told I had to have account, so surely even if I've used product that's still miss selling. He said nothing about cancelling my package account. any advice thanks
  18. My friend used my address to send his V Festival tickets and I was meant to sign for them, but instead my little brother answered the door to the courier and told him since it was under my mates name that he doesn't live at this address. What will happen to the package? How can I get it back? The Festival is next weekend :/
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