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  1. Hi all I have debts with Littlewoods, Next and hubby has one with Very (along with other debts such as credit cards and a store card but these are the 'catalogue' debts). We are struggling to pay any of our debt and need to make some payment arrangements. I have noted that there is a CCA request which is often used by people to see if the debt is enforceable, I am not sure when these ONLINE accounts were set up but believe it was 2007/08. Can anyone advise if we are able to take any steps in regards to CCA... Also, would you advise to CCA them anyway and see
  2. Really appreciate anyones help here!! I ordered an iPad quite a while back now back in 2013 from Very. It never arrived and I only got an empty box. I complained to very.co.uk and they would not refund me. I contacted my bank and they suggested I raised a chargeback and I got my money back. I kept getting letters from Very stating I owe them the amount and if I do not pay I will be contacted by a debt company. I contacted my bank and was told not to pay the debt as I had not received the device. I now have a letter stating I have a default not
  3. Hi guys, wondering if anyone can advise...sit ya self down get a coffee as this long winded !!! My son 22, had not long returned from Afghan where he was serving in the Army, and was involved in a serious bike accident 18 months ago and has resulted in him being physically and mentally injured to the point that he is being medically discharged from the Army. Part of his mental injury has resulted in memory loss, deep depression (to the point of attempted suicide). Some how he has managed to rack up debt with all of the above companies. He was living with his girlfriend but has s
  4. Hi all. I have a Very account with a credit limit of £750. The balance is currently £294. I've only ever spent £200 on the card. I paid way more than the minimum every month until i had a dispute with them. I ordered a rug but didn't like it and sent it back. the money never got credited back to my account. They sent it to NDR. and then capquest. there's loads of late payment, administration fees and interest every month. Its now under my debt management plan with step change but i really think its wrong. I dont have all the statements and letters but have wri
  5. Hello everyone - I hope you can help, I’ve been reading through the forum but couldn’t find answer, I have a catalogue account with very opened 2011 - I went into arrears at the end of 2012 - I’m not to sure what my balance was including interest but I know it was over £2000 - I did the usual thing burying head in the sand act - then I received a few letters from NDR and I set up a payment plan Feb 2013 to pay them £105 per month. This was on the premise that they (NDR) will be freezing interest on my account and I would be making regular payments - I ha
  6. Hello to anyone that can point me in the right direction! I owed Very around £550.00 and the debt got passed to NDR Money as I could not pay - I made an arrangement with NDR to pay £25 a month. I spoke to them and setup a standing order and was usprised to receive a letter last year saying they had charged a penalty becuase the payment was late, I think - if i can remember that far bck they said that it was becuase i said id pay every 30 days. On the standing order i had set it to pay a certain date, i.e 1st of every month and they said becuase of this it had made
  7. I have catalogue debts which have been passed to NDR (I understand these are part of Shop Direct). Like many others, myself and my husband got into a situation where we could not afford pay the minimum amount. I have written numerous letters informing them of our situation and even giving them a StepChange reference (which they requested), all ignored, until this morning. I have now received letters for each account from NDR to say they will not accept a our offer of repayment. What do I do now and where do I go from here. I understand I owe this money
  8. Hi All I have 2 catalogues of which I owe approx £3500 to each, the company I worked for went into liquidation on 1st November leaving me with no job and in a situation where by I cant make the minimum payments of £160 each per month, I have contacted both to be told, I have to make the payments and they cant make a payment plan for me Im so worried the payments are due on the 3rd of March and I cannot meet them, I did offer £50 to each but this was refused, can anyone help
  9. Hey, My partner has found herself in a bit of a mess with her a specific pay-day loan from Speed Credit (Who I think shows up as Microcredit on her Noodle Credit Report). The loan with Speed Credit was initially for £400, but since they've been closed down, the debt was apparently transferred to NDR (Northern Debt Recovery) who are now requesting a total sum of £3,329. Seeing as Speed Credit was closed down, and NDR are recovering the money for Speed Credit, does it need to be paid? At the moment her Credit Report is... Bad. Simply Put. And we're looking at improving it so
  10. Hi all I was wondering if you could help with a question I have. I originally offered NDR a payment plan (worked out via a personal dmp). They refused my offer of payment, even though it is all I can afford. Upon searching for help on the internet with what to do next, I realised I could send a CCA request, which I did and they replied quite promptly with a written report of my account and a printed version of what I agreed to online. This is where I'm a little confused. As my account was set up online, they have a box which says 'tick for signature', which has a tick in it
  11. Had 1 of those messages about being taken to court etc from each so called firm. Phoned both up and guess what our postcode didn't come up on the system. And for some reason NDR can't take it off their system. what can I do ?????????????????????? It seems someone has put my home number on a form, but put a different address and email. We have reported it to a fraud team, is there anything else we can do?????????????
  12. Hi all, I'm really hoping someone would see this and help me out I'm a 20 year old student and I stupidly took out a £300 loan with TOOTHFAIRY and I signed onto a DMP shortly after, agreeing to take £40 a month. At this point, I apparently had to pay £800. I paid them month by month and to this day I've paid them £310 and I am currently in the process of switching DMP's from Debt Advisory to Stepchange (because they're free) and I received an email from Toothfairy saying that I now needed to repay £1711!!!!!!!!!!!! Bear in mind I have kept up with payments consistently! The £40
  13. i am with a company called 123ds i pay £60 a month and have done so for 18 months my debt was £4000 its now £5000 cos ndr have charged me so much interest on a £300 debt, its now £2000, they get £12 of the £60 the rest goes on my other debts ,they say they wont stop interest unlest i pay them £58 a month ,i went with this debt company beleiving interest will be stopped, but ndr are the only company not stopping the interest ,i am trying to get out of debt yet i have got further in debt how can i stop my debt getting bigger ,if i could afford more i wou
  14. Hi, I am having huge difficulty with NDR/Marshall Hoares. I have read several threads on them but not entirely sure what I should be doing next. I wasn’t able to handle my debts anymore so I entered into a DMP with Step Change. As per instructions, I sent an email to all my creditors that I was entering a DMP and that they will be receiving details shortly. While the whole thing was getting set up, Speed Credit kept trying to call me. I spoke to them the first few times explaining that they need to wait a while. Few days later they passed it to NDR and then calls
  15. I paid off my NDR (Speedcredit/toothfairy) loan from these crooks around the end of April. I reported the issue of these companies taking money out of my account and reported that ndr, paydayexpress and PDUK all took money out without my authorization. My bank did refund that money back to me as they were at fault because I had cancelled my continuous payment authority in letter and over the phone. I received this email of NDR yesterday- A payment made on your file has been cancelled. Your card issuer has indicated you have requested this. 1. If you do not contact
  16. Just paid them what I am due(loan +1 months interest!). They think that I am still due them over £800 in charges/interest!!! Ha ha ha they aint getting another penny off me! TAKE ME TO COURT FOR THE REST NDR/MHB!!!
  17. Hi everyone I'm new here so bear with me I'm having problems with Very & NDR and they aren't very helpful at all when you want to sort it out. My original debt was £1200 but it's now £1800 due to all the charges and interest they've added on. I've offered to pay what I could which was £15 a month as I'm stuck on JSA at the moment and I don't get much from that but they won't accept any less than £70 odd a month! I usually receive a letter monthly telling me to make a minimum payment of that and i usually just send in a small token payment as I can't afford it!
  18. im new to this site i will be glad if i can get some help to my answers. after my wife was off work to have our second child we got behind on payments to catalogues. i phoned them august last year to reduce my monthly payments the reply i got was a snotty no, i just payed what i could but they kept on chargeing me £12 a month i got nowhere. ndr got in contact with me and i did my best in paying them the min i could afford but im just hitting a brick wall. now my wife is about to leave work to have our 3rd child and they still want payments that i tempo
  19. Hello, I had a bad experience with these people. I borrowed £400 and today it is over £2400 in debt with them. Continued harassment by NDR and MH Bailiffs, who for those who dont know, are owned by the same owners as ToothFairy. It's all a [EDIT]. I am refusing to repay, and I am happy for them to take me to court where I will fight them. There is no note on my credit file regarding ToothFairy. I'd like to know if this is the same for everyone? Has anyone ever been visited by a real bailiff, or been taken to court by these people? I have launched a website to w
  20. Hello I've been reading posts on here and need some advice, I have littlewoods and very debt that have been handed to NDR. I haven't been able to make the full payments they require and I never answer their calls as I hear they try to get you in a corner and demand more money off you. It seems like the right thing to do is send a letter offering an amount per month, who should I send this to? NDR or very/littlewoods ? Also I have no idea what to write in it, I just want to get something sorted ASAP as its really stressing me out worrying about letters or maybe bailiffs, any help would be great
  21. Hey guys i don't know if anyone can help. I haven't a clue about debt collectors, agencies etc and i am finding it a little over whelming ! I did something very stupid back in November and took out at loan with tooth-fairy finance for 450 pounds. I missed the repayment date as i was a way my own fault really. There was no contact on their part bar one email when i got back home stating that they have emailed me and phone me etc which they hadn't and because i haven't contacted them my case has been passed to NDR, i rang up tooth fairy finance who then stated my debt had been passed on to NDR
  22. Hi everyone, I took out a few loans with quick quid a few years ago, paid them all on time until the last one. I cant remember exactly what happened but i do remember i was having some sort of problem with the bank at the time and tried to resolve the loan with qq several times. After a while I started getting those "please contact us" letters from Mackenzie Hall but because i had never heard of them i didnt contact them. About a year or so later i got a letter from i think Motormille Finance asking for repayment of the qq loan, i arranged a payment plan with them and the first payme
  23. I have just received this email from marshall hoare regarding my outstanding loan with toothfairy i have sent them an offer of repayment the most i can afford submitted a income and expenditure form yet they are still refusing to accept my offer and i have now received this email below, i am happy to pay what i owe but they have added over 400 in charges and are now threatening doorstep agents and court action please help. I dont know where i stand with regards to the charges and everything eles. any help with regards to a reply to them any help whatsoever i would be really grateful of. O
  24. Hi to everyone I took out loan 400 pound from paycheckcredit which is MCO capital November 2011 i rolled over couple off times end up my job gone. I tried despite to contact them for repayment plan but they never accepted.So usual things was happen everyday lots of mail text phone call but i didnt answer and i sent their email address i want everything in writing.Still no reply by the time every months i paid their account 1 pound. My outstanding balance right now around 3000 K. The thing is last night when i checked my credit file i saw there is a default by Toothfairy and outstanding bala
  25. Hi i am having the same problems with NDR, i offered them £10 a week and they refused. They keep sending me letters charging £12 every time. How can i deal with them? I have lost my hours at work and i am really struggling. I am sick to the back teeth with there nasty letters. Can anyone help and tell me how to deal with them please.
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