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  1. This is all correct. No signatures are currently being given due to the pandemic, so it is solely relied on GPS or a picture of the parcel. I have knocked on approx 5 doors and all with no luck. It’s really alarming to see that Autoid have received an email from someone claiming to have received my parcel. Absolutely madness that they think it’s me!
  2. Thank you. Have sent the SAR and will await their response. I will post it here when they do!
  3. They both are in the same industry and I just assumed they have been speaking with each other. Bit of background in regards to MLP... I was in a forum on Facebook in where I put a picture up of my car (on the morning of expected delivery from ML Performance) and stated that I will be fitting the said parts to my car next week. ML Performance found this post and are using this as evidence that I have received the goods. However, this post was put up at approx 8am and I put it up because I was excited I would be receiving my delivery later that day and fitting the parts to my car. The delivery was supposed to be coming around 2pm however it never did. He then posted my Facebook profile and said evidence within this group and called me a scammer and wanted to warn other people about me. The post has since been removed however I was removed from the Facebook group (owner of ML Performance is the group moderator). That is correct. Autoid claim they have evidence of an email received from a different email address claiming to have received this lost parcel. For some reason they think that I have emailed them from a different email address saying I have received it - it's crazy! The items are car parts. ML Performance was approx £500 and Autoid is approx £400. Yes, I have had some issues with deliveries in the past to my current address but also so have my neighbours. We have had a case before where something was supposedly delivered and left outside my flat door but we assume was stolen. A door literally next to my front door leads on to a busy main road and is unlocked. Autoid is the company. autoid.co https://autoid.co/ Yes that is the correct second website.
  4. This is from one company after I made the dispute: Auto Oid is the company. We’ve been made aware from a number of companies about your fraudulent activities and have built a case against you. We have it in writing from Royal Mail that the item was successfully delivered to your address via GPS tracking and have evidence that you have contacted us via a different email address confirming you have received the item. I suggest you retract your chargeback with immediate effect or you should be getting a call from our solicitors and the police. This will be my final warning. This is from the second company: M L Performance We've kept all the information on file relating to your case, including your Facebook profile, your business info linking your details to your Facebook profile, proof of delivery of both shipments, and should you decide to take this matter to the bank we will present all the evidence, and also seek legal action to recover any losses that occur as a result of this, as well as report this to the relevant authority.
  5. I purchased various items from two different stores. I had issues with both stores in where items where tracked and shown as delivered to my address but unfortunately have not been. I have had a few issues like these in the past due to me living in a ground floor flat in the city centre with various unlocked entry points to the communal area. As both stores have refused to refund me, I opened a dispute with my bank. Since then, the merchants are now clubbing up against me stating they have built a case against me and will be contacting relevant authorities and solicitors if I do not withdraw the dispute from my bank. Where do I stand here and should my course of action be? I genuinely have not received these items but obviously do not want to get in trouble with the police!
  6. I know but like I said, I just feel bad as the charge is directly from the hotel and not Hotels.com
  7. They told me over the phone and I am also speaking to them through Twitter, they said it is the Transaction Processing Team. Yeah I guess you are right.
  8. Not yet, I will at a last resort. I am still pursuing them. They have said they have contacted a special team who are getting back to me by Tuesday. If that doesn't work then I will have to do sec 75. I just feel bad as the hotel was great and it is a large amount of money that should be refunded by Hotels.com.
  9. Even though the dispute is with hotels.com and not the actual hotel??
  10. No I paid using credit card. But I paid the hotel when I checked out
  11. I can’t do that as I paid the hotel directly. Hotels.com was supposed to reimburse me after.
  12. I booked a hotel last week on Hotels.com. I found it a lot cheaper on another website, filled out the online form for a price guarantee and Hotels.com responded and confirmed they would match it. I was told that I should pay the hotel directly and then within 72 hours after check out I would be refunded.. I did all of this, on day of check out I contacted them and they said to wait a little longer. They then said that they would not do the price match as they could not verify it, I said I am not accepting that etc. They said they would but they said that my details are not matching (email or telephone number that I booked with). I am 100% sure that I booked with the details I have given them, plus I have email confirmations of my reservation going directly to my email that I have given, along with my phone number. They have told me that they cannot do anything without the correct details. I have provided screenshots etc but they are not having it. I think that hotels.com have changed my details so that I can not benefit from the price guarantee. Any idea what I should do? It is quite a bit of money that I am due back! Thanks!
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