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Found 6 results

  1. We recently had a flood upstairs and our downstairs room was destroyed. We've had no claims insurance for more than 10 years. We put in a claim to our insurance company who were dragging their heals ( like they do) they came and asses the damage and we thought the claim was going through. Then out of the blue we were sent a letter by a different insurance company stating we had to renew our policy. My husband had insured is twice by accident for home and content insurance!!! He called the other insurance company and told them about the flood - they asked if we had any other insurance company and he said no, but he wasn't really listening to the questions properly either. Straight away they stop all claims and sent it to the investigation team.! The same underwriter looked at both cases and the second insurance company said they've rejected the claim due to fraud and the 1st insurance company who took 4-5 weeks to come to this conclusion And informed me today they also stop the claim for fraud! This was a genuine mistake - getting two policies (why didn't they tell us) and not telling each insurance company about each other. He thought they were the same company!!! We now can't get any compensation for £4000 worth of loss....my house is a mess and I've waited 8 weeks for them to come to this decision. With 4 kids running around it's quite dangerous now Can anyone help or advise on what to do? Will this effect future insurance? Have I got a leg to stand on at all?
  2. Hi, Hope I'm not breaking any rules here , And that I've posted in appropriate section and see past my bad punctuation and grammar . On 31/01/17 Kidderminster morrisons 7:10pm upon leaving store I was confronted by manager and two members of staff ,apparently they had reason to believe I had been stealing. Asked to view my bag. Shocked I gave the manager my bag he didn't even check items which I thought strange .next hands me bag back and then says I was caught shoplifting two three days ago and thrown out of store. Now I'm gob smacked. He confirms this again twice with female member of staff right in front of me .couldn't believe what I was hearing .I said I hadn't been here for about 3weeks, Couldn't believe what I was hearing .I said I hadn't been here for about 3weeks and very mistaken .Again in front of me staff confimed was me .He wasn't intrested .I said would you like me to get crb .he said that's not proof,could just mean haven't been caught yet .wow unbelievable. I ask would he like to see receipts next he says I'm barred .my self my family and friends are disgusted !!2nd part, when I got home , I phoned asking for other member of staff present , and again to tell the manager how wrong he was and I'm taking this further head office number and something has to be done about this ..he said he would look into this .I said yiu have my number now ,would you phone me back his reply you can phone back !and put me through to someone else at Kidderminster store who was lovely on phone with who I told events too .. Morrisons if I had been shoplifting why not call police there and then as surely you would have CCTV .why would a manger ban a loyal customer of years by just going on staff members word ,when I'm completely innocent ? What happened to checking a customers bag seeing receipt and then sincerely apologising .. I had a reply from there fb page ie: Morrison's Hi Alan, I am very sorry to hear that please could you PM us with your contact details so I can look into this? Thanks - Harriet LikeMore · Yesterday at 08:17 Alan Morrison Hello Harriet, as you can imagine very embarrising, but the humiliation of the experience isn't going to go away in a hurry. And I have sent a pm , I'm on lunch break so you should be able to catch me free.Alan And then in private messaging Alan Morrison Hello Harriet, Im on a lunch break right now so please phone me as soon as you have chance Alan Yesterday at 12:08 Morrisons Hi Alan, I have investigated this with the store Manager who has advised that you were already banned from the store due to breach of security they said admittedly you where not caught shop lifting last night however you was banned from the store already. If you would like to speak to the store Manager about this let me know and I will arrange for them to contact you. Thanks - Harriet Yesterday at 12:47 Alan Morrison Hello Harriet , this is my point I haven't been in store for weeks who ever they thought they had thrown out days previously .I assure you was not me ... I woukd like to view or at least get them to view cctv .... How would you feel .. If you went into you're local store then asked to show you hadn't been shop lifting ..and then be told you had been banned days before ..and thrown out when you haven't even visited there in weeks ? I'm not happy with this out come at all Yesterday at 22:22 Alan Morrison Morning Harriet, I've never been banned from a store in my life, I never breached any security I hadn't been in store for about three weeks is it possible for manager to review CCTV eveidence of what ever date of incident I'm at work till after 5 so I'll be free then if manager would call .thank you Alan Today at 08:12 Morrisons Good Afternoon Alan. After my colleague has spoken with the Manager who said you have not been caught shoplifting recently, in the last few weeks, however you have breach security on previous occasions. This is down to the Store Managers discretion and you would have to speak directly with them about this - Cam And now I'm stumped don't know what to do about this I'm looking for a way to resolve this matter and not be branded and barred from morrisons and an apology is this to much to ask
  3. Hi All, I have just received a call from the Police regarding an accusation of the theft some photographs by a previous employer. I worked for this lady for 10yrs and in this time there has been a high turn over of staff due to her behaviour. I finally had enough and left in November of last year and since then she has had several staffing changes (one of which she accused of stealing her money). Last week she sent me an email almost accusing me of the theft of her photographs, which I ignored with no longer working for her and it being quite snotty. Today the police called to advise that she had been in touch with them and named only myself as having possibly taken them. She told them I had only given my notice in last week (I have been working for my new employers for over a fortnight, having taken Christmas off. I gave my notice in November, took my holiday entitlement and also sick leave as she made me ill) and the police were lovely, advising me that as far as they are concerned the items may not actually be missing, but that they had to follow up on the call. I know that she is doing this out of spite as that is the kind of woman she is, but where do I actually stand if she persists? The police are welcome to check my home, but this is beginning to make me ill again and I do not want it to effect my new employment? Thank you
  4. Hi all, Few months ago I have been assaulted by several persons (causing serious and remaining injuries) and then made a complaint but for unknown reasons (despite of cctv clearly identifying my offenders) I have been informed that my complaint/file has been closed for lack of evidence: I am also trying to save money in order to move and later hire a private detective for an investigation regarding my assault with a better standards. However, as I stiĺl at the moment working in the same area than my offenders, these lasts are trying to work by harassment and intimidation (obviously using other people (who even told me that my case could be worst)). Few days ago, one of their friends who is a lady wrongly accused me of assaulting her and callex the police to me.When I have been put on custody by the police due to the wrong behaviour of some officiers (an few days before) I signed a statement drafted by a custody solicitor saying that I recognised a crime I didn't commit. I have been now wrongly charged for a common assault that I didn't while I am innocent (I have refused the caution). The trial at a Magistrate Court will be next tuesday but despite of my low income I have not been granted legal aid. As a resutlt I would like to know how I can make my own defence. Can I send a written statement to the court before the trial (by special delivery explaining that I am totally innocent)? Thanks in advance.
  5. I paid off my NDR (Speedcredit/toothfairy) loan from these crooks around the end of April. I reported the issue of these companies taking money out of my account and reported that ndr, paydayexpress and PDUK all took money out without my authorization. My bank did refund that money back to me as they were at fault because I had cancelled my continuous payment authority in letter and over the phone. I received this email of NDR yesterday- A payment made on your file has been cancelled. Your card issuer has indicated you have requested this. 1. If you do not contact us today we will pass this file together with evidence of your agreement to pay this amount to the Police. Fraudulent activity on the account includes but is not limited to: 1. Using stolen cards to pay off loans 2. Using your own card and then cancelling the payment later. 3. Cancelling a payment taken in accordance with agreed payment plans and/or terms and conditions. You should note that ANY such fraud may be pursued through the Courts together with all evidence including our IP tracking technology which traces the origin of the payment application to yourself. If you do not contact us within 24 hours - Recovery Agents will visit all addresses we have on file for you. - Your file may also be passed to the Police with a view to Criminal Prosecution. This will add charges to your file and increase the cost of repaying the debt. We expect to hear from you today. Yours sincerely, ANTI-FRAUD (218) NORTHERN DEBT RECOVERY 0843 381 0843 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Further to a phone call they said I did a charge back and I need to pay off what was £700 from a £200 loan... we had a bit of an argument and he then said I had to pay £300 in 2 installments in May and June but my email says June and July....this is causing me alot of stress. Please advise me what my next step should be. Thank you.
  6. I had a payday loan with Minicredit due out on the 1st of this month. I contacted Minicredit via email on 2 seperate occasions a few days after my repayment date stating that I would need to setup a repayment plan...I recieved NO response to the 2 emails I sent to two different email addresses I found for them online including their own internal email address on their website. They then removed £50 from my account around a week later which I requested be reversed by my bank to which they agreed and credited the funds taken. After finding another email address for them online I requested yet again that I setup a repayment plan to which I recieved this response Dear XXX A MiniCredit Claims Department member has replied to your claim, # with the following response: The following response is being sent to You according to the Formal Complaints Procedure. Microcredit Ltd (trading name MiniCredit) has received a chargeback regarding the payments debited from Your debit card. We would like to remind You that by signing the Loan Agreement You have authorized Microcredit Ltd to debit payments from Your Bank Account using the debit card details registered with us. It is considered fraudulent behaviour to file in a chargeback when You have registered and received the service regarding which the payment has been taken. We have no alternative but to forward the information regarding Your fraudulent chargeback to our Legal department and also report Your illegitimate actions to the National Chargeback Register. The National Chargeback Register will provide information to other Companies and will severely reduce Your ability to receive credit or other services in the future. We advise You to immediately contact Your Bank and withdraw the chargeback claim to avoid further Legal proceedings. We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email. Instead, reply to this email. Kind regards, Minicredit Claims Department Can you tell me if what they are saying is correct and the best way to proceed please?
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