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  1. Just had email sayin someone Will come to my door to DEMAND payment and they Will return until they have it all! If i ignore i Will be taken to court without further warning! Xx
  2. VISIT ARRANGED. Call now on 08433811111 to confirm a convenient time for this as waisted visits will be charged for if no contact is made and you are not home. Just received this text. I received an email yesterday sayin debt is now 925. Do i contact them or just not answer door?
  3. Spoke to soon. Had a text and email today sayin as they haven't heard from me, i now have another 7 days to reply or they Will continue to phone, text, email until i do answer. Someone Will visit my Property and they Will start preparing a case for court. Should i reply?
  4. I can't believe I've had a week of peace after weeks of dozens of emails, letters and phone calls every day. Am just gonna leaving it and see if they ask again then try pay back what i can afford
  5. Well, haven't heard from them since that email last week. But seeing as it said i had until yesterday to pay, am expecting some today. Thanks everyone for al the help
  6. what's a cpa? can i really write to them and they can't take money out? i'm not clued up at all, sorry
  7. so do i reply to them? or ignore it? what if they try takin money from my account? can they do that? i don't wanna be overdrawn!
  8. ok, so had email today from Marshall hoares saying basically, the debt has now risen to 760 and more costs Will be added on 24th august. if i pay now they Will reduce it to 600! or i can pay 100 per month til i have payed 760 and no more money Will be added. what now?
  9. I've now read quite a bit about them and see how awful they are. when next Friday comes Will i get taken to court? is the worst that i pay back in installments? god, I've never been this worried and Will never get another pay day loan. doesn't matter how skint i am!
  10. just had a thought, surely if it has been passed onto NDR and now marshall hoares, toothfairy shouldnt be texting me saying i have agreed with them to repay today? is that right?
  11. BY LETTER AND EMAIL Client: ToothFairy Finance Ltd - ToothFairy Pay Day Loan** Date: 10/08/2012 Dear stephenson, We are writing to give you formal notice that ToothFairy Finance Ltd has legally assigned the rights of the above debt to Marshall Hoares Bailiffs. This means that Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited now legally own this debt. Our records show that you have failed to make payments / not come to an acceptable payment arrangement/ not responded to correspondences / when agents have visited your addresses you have not answered. We intend to pursue you fully for all outstandin
  12. i don't know how i could record the calls. i only have a basic mobile which cant really do much.
  13. so i should answer the calls? i only stopped coz they were asking the same questions over and over and every time i told them i was on benefits and could only afford a small amount
  14. just recieved a new email saying they have tried contacting me but i havent replied, i ignore the phone calls and when they have sent people to the door i have ignored it! i have answered some of the phone calls but got sick so ignored them, no-one has came to my door! it says next it will be going to court if i dont repay by 1pm next friday! they know i cant afford it, they know i am on benefits. what now?
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