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  1. I paid off my NDR (Speedcredit/toothfairy) loan from these crooks around the end of April. I reported the issue of these companies taking money out of my account and reported that ndr, paydayexpress and PDUK all took money out without my authorization. My bank did refund that money back to me as they were at fault because I had cancelled my continuous payment authority in letter and over the phone. I received this email of NDR yesterday- A payment made on your file has been cancelled. Your card issuer has indicated you have requested this. 1. If you do not contact
  2. How are we even sposed to pay loans off if they want us to? What a disgusting company.
  3. I spoke to them and they said even though they have put a note on the system I will still get calls and texts until it's paid.
  4. I just contacted Wonga and spoke to one of the South Africans...they were surprisingly friendly and have just set up a new payment plan starting from the 19th October for £87 a month for the next 12 months... Seeing i've already broke 2 payment plans with them and now this is my 3rd...they said it is my last chance.
  5. Wonga- Your account is 81 days in arrears Your due date was: Sunday 15 July How much you owe today: £1044.35 I broke a payment plan I had with them so currently I haven't done anymore. Wonga Email- As explained previously, from 10pm this evening we’ll cancel your repayment plan and attempt to collect the full balance you owe - £1,187.37. This includes all the interest and fees you would have avoided if you’d kept to your arrangement. Interest will continue to accrue until the full balance is paid. Quick Quid- This em
  6. Hi there. I have defaulted with quickquid and speedcredit. I have a payment plan with text loan and the others are ongoing. I recieve calls from express everyday, wonga nothing yet.
  7. Hi there..I hope you can be of some use. I am currently a student living at home. This all started in September 2011 when I took out a Wonga loan as I was struggling for cash at the time. Since then I have had to pay them off and take more loans out from them as they want you to. I realise how stupid this is now. Since around May this year however it has all spiraled out of control. I currently owe 6 different companies various amounts which work out roughly to- Wonga- £1,200 Quickquid- £600 Speedcredit- £359 Txt.Loan- £100 Minicredit- £100 Payday Express- £300.
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