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  1. Thank you for your reply SGTBUSH Alibaba is similar to Ebay, where it is a platform for Wholesalers to list their product for sale, but there are assurances -if the product doesn't arrive or is not what you purchased you are protected by the platform. so very similar to Ebay. It works similar to Escrow, where you have a time period to claim within - but the claim was with Barclays at this time, as well as the seller had changed the tracking number. Essentially my claim period ran out as Barclays were not getting back to me. I'm now being told to go back to TNT even th
  2. Hi guys, I hope someone can point me in the right direction or help with a Barclays / Alibaba issue I made a first time purchase through Alibaba 3 months ago - checked with Alibaba if my purchase is covered by their trust assurance guarantee ( and was assured it was covered ) Because it was my first time using Alibaba - I used my Barclays credit card hoping that if anything went wrong I would be covered. I paid for the machine (3k) and received a tracking number - a week later I was contacted by the seller saying TNT had change the tracking number - they then gave me a new n
  3. Hi Jam_Buttie We still have not had a response from them - its be a week over the the 14 days since my last letter - We have received another letter from BCW - urging the other half to call them urgently ( no date on the letter or anything) on teh advice of the above posters we haven't called either only in writing ( we're leaning lol) I'm getting ready to send them a letter before action - just doing some more research as to what to put in it. but literally not a peep from provident hope this helps
  4. Thank you Brig In the letter I send them do we tell them to remove the default ? -
  5. Hello again so the original "credit agreement " came through today - and has some interesting information - 1. the address on the credit agreement does not match the address on the default on the Credit report - 2. and the date the agreement was signed was in 2007 so a year before- the provident debt on the Credit report - 3. the debt on the agreement is also for £350 and according to exeprian the debt amount was for £950. So we are very confused ?- the only thing I can think of somehow my partners report must have got mixed up with someone else's ? does this happen ?
  6. Ok... so we are sending a CCA request to both Provident and BCW - with the £1 fee and waiting 14 days for a response? if no response after 14 days - send a Letter before action with another 14 days ?
  7. Actually just noticed that BCW did not add the default it was provident as it was sold on in 2012 and default added in 2009 - so what would the next step be ?
  8. Hi Again Every one - still have not received any credit agreement from BCW - my partner called this morning to ask them where it is and apparently the account is on hold whilst they get information from provident. We then called provident to find out what the original date of this debt was - and the woman told me that there is literally no info regarding this debt on their systems - she could put a request in for the paper work but likely hood of this coming through is slim as it was all paper back then ? ( no sure what this means ) - she did tell us th
  9. Brilliant guys - thank you, I will report back when agreement has been received Buma xo
  10. HI Guys Hope you can help - my partner just had a look at there CR and has an ok rating apart from a few credit cards and searches and 1 default - thing is the default is with BCW - for an apparent provident debt She called Experiean to find out what the debt was for - who directed her to call BCW - where she spoke to an absolute cretin of a man who by the way was incredibly aggressive, and totally unhelpful. The debt was apparently taken out in 2008 and defaulted in 2009 - however My partner is foreign - and has only lived in the UK since Aug 2010 She ha
  11. Hi Guys I know this is a bit of a long shot - but I'm trying to get my debt and finances in order - so figured every little helps right ? - I wanted to know if it would be possible to claim back bank charges from an account that has now been closed for some time. I have had an active account with halifax - in 2008 when I tried to claim back my charges I sent them a letter ( template that I found somewhere ) asking to be refunded , I then got a response from them saying I do not qualify for a refund - I know I should have contested this but didn't and left it as is -
  12. Thank you dx100uk I have sent off for a SAR to shop direct just waiting now , also should I send off a SAR to NDR , they seem to be based in Bolton ? Regarding the added interest - surely they cant do this - if NDR is support to be a debt recovery part of shop direct , should I not have agreed the interest being charged or something - it just seems ridiculous and quite unfair that by paying them 100 per month I'm actually only paying half of the debt off ? in double the time when interest keeps getting added Thank you again in advanced
  13. Hello everyone - I hope you can help, I’ve been reading through the forum but couldn’t find answer, I have a catalogue account with very opened 2011 - I went into arrears at the end of 2012 - I’m not to sure what my balance was including interest but I know it was over £2000 - I did the usual thing burying head in the sand act - then I received a few letters from NDR and I set up a payment plan Feb 2013 to pay them £105 per month. This was on the premise that they (NDR) will be freezing interest on my account and I would be making regular payments - I ha
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