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  1. ok thanks been dealing with them for a while now have already sent email in to oft along with all the others i have off them have payed £360 on a £400 loan so only another £100 or so till im done
  2. hi was just wondering if anyone else has had this email from mh its a new one to me and just wanted to know if its a new automated one.... You need to start making payments as a matter of urgency. It is quite simple. The more you pay and the more quickly you make payments the more we will be able to drop the fees that have been added to your file. You currently owe including all fees 2941. This will CONTINUE TO RISE as it goes to your Local County Court via Marshall Hoares Baliffs. We would prefer to come to an amicable arrangement so we suggest that you INFORM US TODA
  3. hi sorry for not replying been a busy week.. no money got taken out thankfully have written to the bank to stop all cpa attempts so fingers crossed. have had e mails this morning to say they are going to take money at midnight tonight and a voice mail left saying if i dont pay or contact them they going to send my file to solicitors and will then apply for attachments to my earnings remove items from my house get ccj and so forth....one question can they get a attachment on my earnings as most my earnings have to pay higher priority bills??? thanks all for the help and advice
  4. good morning have been reading on here for a while as i have an outstanding loan with speedcredit.. so most emails that i get from them dont bother me i just keep sending in my request for payment plan but this morning i got a totally different email from them which has thrown me now...this is it This is a reminder that you committed to pay back your Speed Credit Loan*** debt. This debt is now very overdue. We have allowed you to extend the loan as a goodwill gesture. As part of settling this debt you are committed to paying GBP 2461 by 13.12.2012. In accordance with th
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