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Found 5 results

  1. I took out a 10year secured loan from Ge money ten years ago this was transferred to prestige finance in November 2015 . The loan is at an end but I still owe 3800 . There are charges and interest on charges on this account approx 2000 without any interest etc . Can I claim these back I believe if I could it would clear the balance left . Also I've got to still pay this and cannot pay the whole amount . Do I offer to pay the same amount as I have been 600 per month ? Will they charge me more interest ? Also if I can claim who do I claim off Ge or prestige ?
  2. Today I received a large pile of documents from Prestige Finance, with whom I have a second mortgage. I have identified 10 unlawful charges of £35 each. But this account was previously held by lenders GE Money. Either they went into administration and "became" Prestige Finance, or GE Money simply sold my account to Prestige Finance. I have identified seven unlawful "administration charges" of £40 each while the account was with GE Money, before I found my account being handled by Prestige Finance. So my question is in two parts. 1. Am I entitled to recover the £280 unlawfully charged to me by GE Money before Prestige Finance aquired the account (and if so, who do I get the money from? Prestige? Or GE, who may no longer exist?) I had always assumed that if a going concern such as a lender was aquired by another going concern then the buyer going concern would also be buying the seller's liabilities as well as its assets (in which case Prestige would be liable to refund me the money that GE had stolen from me). But I may be wrong in this case. 2. How do I get my money back from Prestige Finance? Do I just ask for it back or do I need to take them to court? Can I charge interest at the statutory 8% and how can I calculate that? Can I add on anything else such as the time it has cost me and also the stress? Thanks in advance.
  3. NRAM - have repossessed my property - My mortgage is 150k, prestige finance original loan was 22k. During that time I paid 10k, but due to arrears and charges they are saying I owe in excess of 30k at 2011. To date, I'm sure the figure is more. How do I stop that figure ever increasing. It seems to be a trait, I understand they are not regulated with the FSA, but there must be something I can do to stop them taking the whole amount, even more out of the property?
  4. Trying to help my brother and his partner sort their affairs as he has been diagnosed with Secondary Progressive MS after being wrongly diagnosed for many years with Vertigo - he is a self employed Heating Engineer and is now unable to work as he has no balance and very little feeling in his hands. He and his wife took out a Secured loan with Prestige Finance in March 2007. They are really struggling to make these payments along with Mortgage and other Household bills - they are not entitled to any benefits as his wife works full time. I have written to Prestige on their behalf asking if they would take a full and final settlement offer on this loan but they refused. He also took out PPI on the loan but they state he can not claim on this ! They feel that their only way out of this is to sell their home but after paying for the loan they will not have enough money to buy another property and they would not get a mortgage. My query is that the Consumer Credit Licence No on their paperwork is not registered in the name of Prestige Finance Ltd - what are the implications of this.
  5. Nannyjen

    Comet complaint

    Hi, I've just joined but have seen that there are lots of threads about Comet. I came across these by searching the internet for "problems with Prestige fridge freezer" I won't go into all of it here but what I want to do is write a letter of complaint and ask for a free repair and I wondered if there is a name I can write to? I've seen that Hugh Harvey is named as managing director, but I'm not sure if that's up to date information. My main concern is that I've left it too long - this freezer's had a problem for a while and we went into Comet when it was 2 and a half years old, to be told we'd have to pay for a callout etc etc. We decided not to go ahead, used our old freezer (20 years old and still working), and didn't get round to doing anything. It's now just over 3 years old but I still feel this is not good enough for a freezer that cost £400! I now have built up a lot of resentment at the situation and have decided to have a go at them, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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