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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Tricky situation, but I'm hoping for some guidance, found a few bits of info on here. Unfortunately my father passed away last summer. I am joint executor (with my sister who lives overseas). Here's the background but unfortunately I don't have much paperwork - He had a small bungalow worth £225k but also a £162,500 mortgage. This was sold by GE money to him, aged 70, for 14 years (In 2004) - interest only. He wasn't great with money(his whole life tbh) and soon fell into arrears. In 2006 it was sold on to Engage Credit. We are about to finally complete on the sale, and once all his other debts are cleared there's not going to be much left. We have managed to get Engage to refund £320 in fees. We're trying to establish when GE sold it on. Engage say most of the fees were GE money. There are £3554.30 in fees, plus £2703.72 in arrears. I do have comprehensive list of the fees/arrears dating back to 2006, but its hard to see who charged what, and when it was transferred. I'm so angry with companies like these who mis sell to elderly people who clearly can't afford the repayments, and my Dad was v clever hiding the full extent of the debt from us. My questions are: 1 - Can I do anything as an Executor as the whole thing is so unfair? 2 - Why the mortgage for such a large amount was sold to a 70Yr old - as the house can't have been worth anywhere near that in 2004 - I think it must have been mis sold (He only had a state pension) 3 - How can I trace who sold the mortgage? Can I report them to the FCA?[/left] 4 - Can I claim back fees retrospectively from GE Money (I've read the 2010 ruling on here) or doesn't it apply if the mortgage holder is no longer alive? With many thanks and best wishes, Caroline
  2. I have just sold my house. The redemption figure inclued £6284 of additional charges. Originally this was a Ge Money mortgage taken out in 2002. Every month in the detailed summary I received there was a £40 Administration fee until February 2015 when it stopped completely in Addition a monthly Reactive fee due (LRO) of around £23 What is a reactive payment due? This was charged up until february 2015 and then stopped and replaced with Fees payable of around £20 a month Also additional interest of around £30? Are all these charges legitimate?
  3. I own a pub last year got hammered with rate rises which has had a pretty rough impact on the business.... even though they aren't yet at the peak of the new ones the amount on rent and rates leaves cashflow very tight. I've had Engage services contact me for a debt of just over a grand they've refused any payment plan saying they intend to disconnect. The account is a business account, however the pub is downstairs and we live above it with 2 young children there too. I know residential addresses cannot be cutoff but business can be but we only have one source of water into the building which serves both upstairs and downstairs so not sure where I stand on the disconnect issue. Any help appreciated here. thanks.
  4. Hi all, In need of some advice / help and lots of reassurance. My mortgage was with GE Money and was transferred to engage credit last year. During last year I suffered an attack and since then have had mental health issues PTSD etc. Subsequently I took redundancy in July 2015. Redundancy maintained payments up until the end of the year, by which time I had applied for ESA and PIP.. I am now in the ESA support group and receiving PIP. All the time I have maintained contact with engage. GE had a suspended possession order as of Dec 2010 and that was maintained and subsequently they added the arrears to the outstanding balance. With engage I have made 2 offers and both were rejected, one as could not afford and the other as not high enough. During this time I have sought advice from CAB and subsequently to that am now in process of arranging an IVA Engage have sent a solicitors letter giving 7 days to bring the account up to date or they would apply for a warrant of eviction. Yesterday from the court I received an order relating to changing the name on the suspended possession order from GE to Engage. This gave me 7 days from service to apply to object to the new order. Today by hand the notice of eviction has been delivered, 6th September. Also I have had a field agent call at the house to arrange a visit, planned for Tuesday. I know main focus needs to be to stop eviction and file N244 which I will do next week, the IVA proposal includes I.E. and includes the mortgage + £64 monthly towards the arrears. This proves I can afford going forward on the benefits I receive. Just need reassurance that we will be able to get the eviction suspended also why are they now sending a field agent round. Also were they right to apply for warrant even though the name change order has only been completed and I an still raise objection. Engage were fully aware I was seeking financial advice and also that I have applied for a hardship grant from a charity, still in progress. Mortgage is in joint names and no children in the property. Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  5. hi all, apologies in advance if posted in wrong place or incorrectly. I had a secure loan with future mortgages and that in turn was sold to engage credit which has been sold to Skye loans. Are they allowed to do this ? and is Skye loans a mortgage company? I cant find much info on them at all. Also I had PPI with Future and want to reclaim but not too sure how to or who to at the moment. Any assistance would be welcome. thanks Highjinks.
  6. I received a suspended repo on my home last March and have since kept totally up to date with both the mortgage payments and the arrears (the arrears are paid separately). Yesterday, however, my DD bounced for the mortgage (the arrears element was paid last Friday) and I'm worried about what will happen. Will they simply re-apply for the DD and impose charges or will they go straight for re-possession? Some advice would be appreciated. Also, a few months ago, they asked if I wanted to capitalise my arrears because my payments had been so good, will that be something they take into consideration? To summarise, I'm not behind with my arrears payments but the DD for the mortgage has bounced and I won't have the money until next week to pay it. This is the first time since March 2009 that it has happened. Thanks
  7. Well, not quite yet but the emdrive or Qdrive http://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/emdrive-news-rumors/ Those interested in the field may remember Eric Laithwaite, the inventor of the linear induction motor (maglev). and his inertial propulsion theory See him in BBC's Heretic series and http://richannel.org/christmas-lectures/1974/1974-eric-laithwaite
  8. Hi Last year we were in mortgage arrears and were told we would be taken to court, they were after a possession order. Stupidly I didn't get legal advice due to cost and my local CAB being unavailable pretty much all the time. The Mortgage company said if I arranged an amount per month with them in additional to my payments they would just get a suspended possession order and I needn't attend court (bad advice it seems but I was naive). so they got their suspended order and we started paying it, but then had some work difficulties and went through a period of not being able to pay the full amounts. Now they are saying they are going for an eviction though no date is through yet. There want a large lump sum, I don't have one. Help! I have filled in an income and expenditure which proves I can now afford the regular monthly payment, the spo amount and a small additional amount towards the arrears but it sounds as if they won't agree and just want possession now. Will they get it? There are a few hundred £'s of insurance payments on there which they say they will remove due to me already having buildings insurance elsewhere. They have bought this mortgage off another company which were charging me arrears charges of around £55 a month too. Can anything be done about that? Because if all of those things came off we would be a bit nearer to making a dent in the arrears? Basically help! I have three kids and am worried sick!
  9. Hi again everyone. I have just received an appointment for my Work Programme (Sarina Russo) Engage Phase which is on Friday with a completely different adviser. Not looking forward to this as I don't really know what to expect. As some of you may or may nor remember - I am moving to York soon (no date yet though but hopefully within a few weeks to a month) and I really do not want a job where I currently live as I want and need to move away for a clean and fresh break - coupled with the fact that I could accept full and part time work if I moved - upping my chances of finding work, if I stayed, full time in the only option. Anyway, can anyone give me any pointers as to whats in store for me? Also, would I get into trouble if I told them truth, that I do not want to work round here but am looking for employment in York and would attend any interview I may get? I don't want to land myself some kind of sanction if not wanting to work in my area is not allowed. Cheers!
  10. Hello, i got a brand new mortage in 2007 and a couple of years later i fell into arrears after being made redundant from my job. I was with Adantage mortages and in all honesty even after running up £8500 of arrears, they never went for a reposession as i paid as much as i could and remained in constant contact with them throughout. From early 2010 we switched to an interest only mortgage and had got the arrears down to around £6200 by september 2012. The only thing advantage did was to put lots of "fees" on our mortgage in terms of £55pm arrears fees and a couple of "councellor call outs" etc etc. Our payments up to August 2012 on interest only were £316pm and we paid a total (to reduce arrears) of £450pm. However, late October the interest rate fell and subsequently our normal payments dropped to £261pm interest only but we have still continued to pay the £450pm. We then got a letter from Advantage stating our mortgage was to be moved to Engage Credit and we were given contact details, change dates, contact numbers etc etc. we had been in an agreement with Advantage and they only ever requested an income/expenditure form, whereas Engage want the form filling in and they want to see 3 months bank statements (we are paperless and i do not have a printer) and 3 months of my wifes pay-slips (which she refuses to give). Engage have become very very pushy and although we have not missed the £450pm for going on 2 years now, they said if they do not get the information they require, they will start charging us £35pm fee? I am already fed up of these muppets as our circumstances have not changed at all. We then had an Annual account statement and in the month or so of being with engage, on 30/11/2012 our arrears were £5,853.82 yet on 01/12/2012 there is an "interest charge" of £251.71 then "additional interest charge" of £25.42 stating...Interest charged instalment due £261.92 ending our arrears closing balance at £6,115.74? So, even though we are paying £188.08 off our arrears or £2256.96 per year off our areears, they are adding more interest and charges and i do not know why? If i wanted to claim any charges back, would i claim from Advantage of from Engage? At the end of the letter it says "fees balance" £2,912.11? Thanks all, in advance x
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